27 Sep 2017

Flanders Today: Ethics Committee Rules Against Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation - Soft Name Circumcision

After three years, the government’s Committee for Bio-Ethics has ruled that a child’s right to bodily integrity is more important than its parents’ religious faith. As circumcision is irreversible and therefore a radical operation, we find the physical integrity of the child takes precedence over the belief system of the parents,” the committee chair Marie-Geneviève Pinsart pronounced.
By Alan Hope: The federal government’s Committee for Bio-Ethics has ruled against the circumcision of infant boys for reasons other than medical necessity. Its ruling states that bodily integrity is more important than religious faith.
The committee was ruling on a question posed in 2014 by Brussels doctors, who asked whether carrying out ritual circumcision of infant boys was ethically correct. The process is irreversible, has no medical justification in most cases, and is performed on minors unable to give their own permission.

Justin Trudeau Wants All Men To Be Feminist

Barbara4u2c: "The lost truths" is a new series of videos that will be out every week, covering the events that sparked my interest but were swept under the rug of major media so this is a way they get heard and known. The symbol of this series is a Phoenix that represents what I believe in and this Youtube era we live in - just like a phoenix, so do we rise from the ashes numerous times and continue what we're doing no matter how many times we get burned.

Miko Peled At Fringe Labour Conference - "Holocaust Yes Or No"?

'Unfortunately, Miko Peled, AZZs and Zionists share the same attitude towards elementary liberties. They see it as a set of limitations, a  Jerusalemite realm of correctness, an extension of the 10 commandments. How sad...'
By Gilad Atzmon: The Mirror reports today that the Labour party faces a fresh anti-Semitism row after a speaker at a party conference fringe event called for “free speech to extend to holocaust denial.”
Let me assure you, this is not what Anti Zionist Zionist  Naomi Wimborne-idrissi had in mind when she invited Miko Peled to speak at the Free Speech on Israel Labour fringe event.
What the Labour Jews mean by freedom of speech on Israel has little to do with freedom, speech or freedom of speech. What they mean is that a few Labour Jews should be the ones who define the boundaries of freedom to criticise Israel in accordance with their understanding of Jewish interests. Wimborne Idrissi calls it ‘giving a kosher stamp.’

Marriage Is Mathematically Offensive

"Don't worry, social justice nonsense and political correctness is confined to the humanities, the hard sciences are fine, STEM fields are safe, or are they?" Said Independent Man.

JPMorgan Banksters Ordered To Pay Over $4 Billion To Widow And Family

"Surviving stage 4 lymphoma cancer was easier than dealing with this bank and its estate administration"
By Tyler Durden: A Dallas jury ordered JPMorgan Chase to pay more than $4 billion in damages for mishandling the estate of a former American Airlines executive.
Jo Hopper and two stepchildren won a probate court verdict over claims that JPMorgan mismanaged the administration of the estate of Max Hopper, who was described as an airline technology innovator by the family’s law firm. The bank, which was hired by the family in 2010 to independently administer the estate of Hopper, was found in breach of its fiduciary duties and contract. In total, JP Morgan Chase was ordered to pay at least $4 billion in punitive damages, approximately $4.7 million in actual damages, and $5 million in attorney fees.
The six-person jury, which deliberated a little more than four hours starting Monday night and returned its verdict at approximately 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, found that the bank committed fraud, breached its fiduciary duty and broke a fee agreement, according to court papers.
"The nation's largest bank horribly mistreated me and this verdict provides protection to others from being mistreated by banks that think they're too powerful to be held accountable," said Hopper in a statement.

Was Facebook Pressured Into Finding ‘Something’ To Implicate Russia?

By Michael Krieger: Robert Parry of Consortium News just published an extremely important article picking apart The Washington Post’s latest attempt to convince readers that Russia influenced the 2016 U.S. election. In this case, by purchasing a measly $100,000 of Facebook ads.
The Washington Post, which has a history of falsely claiming certain alternative media websites work for the Kremlin, is owned by Slaver family billionaire Jew Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, which has a $600 million contract with the CIA. When it comes to Russia hysteria, the paper is in a class of its own.
What follows are some key excerpts from Parry’s piece, WPost Pushes More Dubious Russia-bashing. You should read the entire thing and share. 
Some people are calling the anti-Russian hysteria being whipped up across the U.S. mainstream news media a new “golden age of American journalism,” although it looks to me more like a new age of yellow journalism, prepping the people for more military spending, more “information warfare” and more actual war.

Aw, Women Who Think They're Better Than Men Can't Find Love

6oodfella: The reason women end up alone, childless, and bitter, is because they're better than you. If you were as smart as them, you'd already know that.

Credit Freeze

Max & Stacy ask what happens when a nation of consumers goes into cold state credit freeze? And is Warren Buffett’s Dow 1,000,000 possible in such a state? Max interviews Charles ‘Chuck’ Johnson of GotNews.com about how his operation managed to take down the billions-of-dollars establishment candidates and media empires in this latest US election series. He also reveals who his deep political sources claim is the source of funding for the Steele dossier.