29 Sep 2017

What Really Happens To Men After Divorce MGTOW

Generations Of Uncertainty

The Electronic Intifada: Ahmad, a young merchant living in the Egyptian city of El-Arish, was nursing a recent heartbreak.
Stateless Palestinian refugees in Egypt are banned from studying and working in several professions. Pan Chaoyue Xinhua
Less than a month ago, he asked for an Egyptian woman’s hand in marriage. He was rejected, he said, because he is a Palestinian carrying a refugee travel document.
Yet his family have resided in Egypt for the better part of a century.
Ahmad’s family is originally from al-Maghar in central Palestine. They were forced out when the village was ethnically cleansed by Jewish Zionist forces in May 1948, the month the state of Israel was declared.
The family were among the estimated 11,600 Palestinians who fled to Egypt that year. There the authorities issued them refugee travel documents but not citizenship.
Unlike refugees who ended up in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, Palestinians who fled to Egypt did not have access to relief services from UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees, as Egypt prevented it from operating in the country.

Don’t Become A Right-Wing Snowflake

But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg…Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error. Give a loose rein to them, they will support the true religion by bringing every false one to their tribunal, to the test of their investigation. - Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia
By Michael Krieger: Here’s a prediction. Right-wing snowflake culture will expand exponentially in the coming years, and its rise will be cynically and intentionally fueled by Donald Trump himself. Having proved himself a fake populist on most issues that actually matter, Trump has no choice but to move more enthusiastically into the culture war to deflect away from his obvious betrayal on economic populism and keep his diehard supporters in heat.

Men Are Rejecting Western Women

MGTOW 101: Men Are Rejecting Western Women. A BRITISH dating expert has delivered a scathing critique of English women – and strongly recommended that blokes date Eastern European girls instead. Richard La Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has been named “one of the country’s top pick-up artists” in the past.

"The Challenge Of Jewish-Zionist Power"

"One person who has spoken candidly about the real reason for the United States support for Israel is bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa who was awarded the 1984 Nobel peace prize. Addressing an audience in Boston he said. "But you know as well as I do that somehow the Israeli government is placed on a pedestal in the United States and to criticise it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic. People are scared in this country to say wrong is wrong, because the Jewish lobby is powerful, very powerful." Bishop Desmond Tutu spoke the truth." Said historian, publisher, activist and organiser Mark Weber.

Jewish Zuckerberg's Facebook Blocks SyrianGirl's Account After Criticism Of Kurds.

RI: SYRIANGIRL, the Australian activist Youtuber and social media powerhouse tweeted on Thursday evening (EST) that her Facebook account has been blocked for her exposure of fraud during the Kurdistan referendum.

She had recently been saying that the Kurds were intimidating voters to support the referendum, and that it wasn't a fair vote.

The US Military Is Quietly Building SkyNet

By Tyler Durden: Maybe Elon Musk had a point…
The US’s military leaders have agreed on a strategy to guarantee the US military retains its global dominance during the twenty-first century: Connect everything with everything, as DefenseOne describes it. The result? An unimaginably large cephapoloidal nervous system armed with the world’s most advanced weaponry, and in control of all military equipment belonging to the world’s most powerful army.
Sound familiar? It should...
A networked military – an extreme take on the “internet of things” - would connect everything from F-35 jets to the Navy’s destroyers to the armor of the tanks crawling over the land to the devices carried by soldiers – every weapon would be connected.  Every weapon, vehicle, and device connected, sharing data, constantly aware of the presence and state of every other node in a truly global network.

AVfM A Voice For Men Radio - Austraila's International Men's Day Takeover By Feminists

Paul Elam and Tom Golden discuss events surrounding the movement of the Australian Women's Network to co-opt International Men's Day into a feminist agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn Will Stop Brexit And "Build New And Progressive [Feminist/SJW] Relationship With Europe"

Corbyn vowed that Labour would not give a “green light to a reckless Tory Brexit agenda that would plunge Britain into a Trump-style race-to-the-bottom”. 

ICH: Transcript - Conference, thank you for that.  We meet here this week as a united Party,  advancing in every part of Britain, winning the confidence of millions of our fellow citizens, setting out our ideas and plans for our country’s future, that have already inspired people of all ages and backgrounds.