30 Sep 2017


Amy True

The Fourth International Conference On Men And Boy’s Issues Will Be Held In Birmingham, UK, 13-15 July 2018

Note from Paul Elam: After the rousing successes of the first three ICMIs, we push forward again with the next conference being held in Birmingham, UK. ICMI has quickly become an institution of an event for the human rights of men and boys, as well as an annual oasis for the red pill adherents of the world. The event is social, political, cultural and a hell of a lot of fun for attendees and speakers. I hope you will be able to put this on your calendar and secure your place at the event right away. By doing so you will be joining hundreds of other past and present attendees who were glad they did. I look forward to seeing you there! 
By IMPORTANT: Please do not book travel or accommodation until we’ve officially stated (on this website) that the conference is definitely going ahead.

JSIL Jewish State Of Israel In The Levant’s Machinations - The Barzani Clan And Kurdish "Independence"

By Moon of Alabama: The Kurdish region in Iraq held a "referendum" about splitting off from Iraq to form an independent state. The referendum was highly irregular and the outcome was assured. That such a referendum was held now had more to do with the beleaguered situation of the illegitimate regional president Barzani than with a genuine opportunity to achieve independence. The referendum was non-binding. It is now onto Barzani to declare independence or to set the issue aside in exchange for, essentially, more money.
We first wrote about the Kurdish problem and Kurdish ambitions in Iraqi back in December 2005(!). The problems of an independent Kurdish region we then pointed out are still the same:

A landlocked Kurdish state of some kind could produce a lot of oil, but how would this oil reach the markets, especially Israel? The neighbors Turkey, Iran and Syria all have Kurdish minorities and have no reason to help a Kurdish state to enrich itself and see that money funneled to their unruly minorities.

Teaching Kids Left Wing Propaganda

"Apparently Dr. Seuss is racist!"
Barbara4u2c: I went a bit internet mad.

North Korea Seen Moving Missiles As US Admits For First Time It Is In "Direct Contact" With Pyongyang

By Tyler Durden: North Korea has again been observed moving several missiles from a rocket facility in the capital Pyongyang, according to a report late on Friday by South Korea’s Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) rising speculation that the North is preparing to take more provocative actions. The last time a similar report emerged was at the start of September, which was followed just days later by a ballistic missile launch which flew over Japan.
Officials did not say where the missiles were being moved, nor the make: according to Reuters, the missiles could be either intermediate range Hwasong-12 or intercontinental ballistic Hwasong-14 missiles, according to the report, though the missile facility at Sanum-dong has been dedicated to the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
As previously reported, South Korean official have speculated that the North could launch another nuclear or missile test to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of its communist party on Oct. 10, or possibly when China holds its Communist Party Congress on Oct. 18.

Young Kings

Strizzy Strauss Ft. Stanza Divan

Germany And Russia's Bond Of War & Peace

'Europe has paid a heavy price for its
transatlantic thrall to Washington.'
By Finian Cunningham: No other countries on the Eurasian continent suffered so much from war than Germany and Russia. But perhaps out of this mutually painful experience of horror and loss, the two powerhouses can in partnership forge a new geopolitical direction.
A new direction that would turn simmering conflict and saber-rattling into plowshares in order to cultivate international peace and prosperity.
Nazi Germany's aggression towards the Soviet Union inflicted at least 27 million deaths during the 1941-45 war; Germany was likewise laid to ruins, with up to six million of its military personnel — some 90 percent of its total war losses — killed by the resurgent Soviet forces.
Death, disease, destitution and mass starvation scarred both nations. More than any other country, Russia and Germany know the full horror and suffering of war. Therefore, it is incumbent on both to do everything to ensure that such violence should never be repeated.
This week, Germany's ambassador to Russia, Rudiger von Fritsch renewed the bond of friendship between the two nations.

My [Zionist Jew Run] Facebook Was Deleted After Exposing Election Fraud In #KurdistanReferendum - Update 3rd October: YouTube Joins In The Whitewash

Angelo Agathangelou: We are disgusted by the treatment that Syrian Girl has received at the hands of the Jewish Zionist controlled Facebook and now also YouTube. It seems that all Syrian Girl's excellent content that we have posted over the years often offering insider video views of conflicts and pointing out with first rate interviews often with the subjects concerned the propaganda we in the West are constantly subjected to in order to smooth the passage of perpetual wars in the Middle East, all that great content has been taken down, whitewashed or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it Jew-washed. Disgraceful! We have posted below all the content we could find that remains on Syrian Girl's site and we are leaving up the covers of the removed video's that were of much interest to us and that we posted here, as a stark reminder that the no longer 'soft fascist powers that be' are now waging full on propaganda war against alternative media, a full on war to sensor the content they don't want us to see. Fuck the Jewish controlled lame-stream media.

US Scientists Are Developing A Technique To Control The Weather With Frickin Laser-Beams

By Tyler Durden: In a breakthrough that could permanently ameliorate the threat of thinning water supplies in California and much of the western US, a team of scientists says it will soon be able to induce rainfall and lightning storms by firing high-energy laser beams into the heavens.
Express reports that the breakthrough involves manipulating the static electricity present in clouds – which, after all, are just balls of condensation, triggering rainfall, according to experts at the University of Central Florida and the University of Arizona.
A six year drought in California was finally declared over this year but the threat for the south-western state as well as other locations in the world remains the same.
But scientists may now be able to induce rain and lightning storms using high energy lasers in a breakthrough that could potentially eradicate droughts throughout the globe.
The possibility of condensation, lightning and storms are ever present in the clouds and are containED through high amounts of static electricity.
Experts from the University of Central Florida and the University of Arizona believe that by firing a series of laser beams, they can activate the static electricity and induce rain and storms.