3 Oct 2017

Australian Police Launch Female Only Recruitment Drive!

Fighting discrimination with discrimination!
Regards, Bearing.

Are You Ready To Die?

'The United States no longer has a media. It has a propaganda ministry for the military/security complex, the neoconservatives, and the Israel Lobby. And the idiot Americans sit in front of the TV and absorb the propaganda, and they read the New York Times and think that they are sophisticated and in the know.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept exposes the fake news put out by the US Department of Homeland Security (an euphemistic name for a Big Brother operation that spies on US citizens) that Russia hacked 21 US state elections, news that was instantly spread around the world by the presstitute media. The propagandists running Homeland Security were contradicted by the state governments, forcing Homeland Security to retract its fake news claims.
The unasked/unanswered question is why did Homeland Security put out a FAKE NEWS story?
Greenwald explains that the US media is so conditioned by the National Security State to see Russian President Putin lurking behind and masterminding attacks on America that it is “now religious dogma”—a requirement—to find Russian perfidy everywhere.

Palestine In Pictures: September 2017

What Did Washington Achieve In Its Six Year War On Syria?

"Now that the defeat of [Jewish State Mossad run] ISIS in Syria appears imminent with the Syrian army clearing out some of the last ISIS strongholds in the East, Washington's interventionists are searching for new excuses to maintain their illegal US military presence in the country. Their original rational for intervention has long been exposed as another lie." Said Ron Paul.

Russia Provides New Internet Connection to North Korea as US Attacks Its Cyber Infrastructure

North Korea now has a backup for their internet connection through China through Russia
By Martyn Williams: A major Russian telecommunications company appears to have begun providing an Internet connection to North Korea. The new link supplements one from China and will provide back-up to Pyongyang at a time the US government is reportedly attacking its Internet infrastructure and pressuring China to end all business with North Korea.

The connection, from TransTeleCom, began appearing in Internet routing databases at 09:08 UTC on Sunday, or around 17:38 Pyongyang time on Sunday evening. Internet routing databases map the thousands of connections between telecom providers and enable computers to figure out the best route to a destination.
Until now, Internet users in North Korea and those outside accessing North Korean websites were all funneled along the same route connecting North Korean ISP Star JV and the global Internet: A China Unicom link that has been in operation since 2010.

The Gynocentrism Of Jordan Peterson

By : Most by now will have heard the name Jordan Peterson, who has become quite the internet sensation as he tackles the excesses of postmodern philosophy and it’s negative impact on society. His fight against the deconstruction of traditional cultural forms, along with the existential vertigo and nihilism that inevitably follow it are commendable. However there is a question mark over what Peterson deems to replace that postmodernism with, which I’ll get to in a moment.
Peterson works largely, though not exclusively, with Jungian terminology – especially with what Jungians term the ‘archetypal patters’ of human behaviour. Carl Jung was among the first to document universal patterns of behavior among humans which he called archetypal patterns, which he later gave discreet titles such as the child archetype, father archetype, mother archetype, and so on. Jung identified literally hundreds of such archetypes and discovered that classical mythologies also tended to record these archetypal themes in story form.
Jung believed that all people perceive the world through archetypal filters of one kind or another, and are often unconscious of the fact they are perceiving the world through a limited archetypal lens.
With that brief description of archetypes I come back to the question of what Jordan Peterson wants to replace postmodernism with.

Professor Peterson, Cultural Marxism Is Not The Problem?

Cloudflare's Virtue Signaling Has The Expected Consequences

Raging Golden Eagle: Turns out if you "kick someone off the internet" simply for having an opinion you find offensive, people with legitimate complaints may take notice and wonder why you leave up terrorist or pirate sites. Who could have guessed this would happen, huh?

News: Masculinity Is Bigotry

"They're trying to make masculinity a hate crime! ...Men's studies is just feminist studies told buy a cuck if you're lucky. It's probably taught by a female feminist trying to indoctrinate you to wear glitter and take a dick in your mouth or the arse."