6 Oct 2017

The Rising Of Britain's 'New [Misandrist PC] Politics'?

'A [Man Hating] Corbyn government will "immediately recognise the state of Palestine"'
By John Pilger: Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance.  The world's third biggest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, supplier to Saudi Arabia, was promoting its guns, bombs, missiles, naval ships and fighter aircraft.
It seemed a perfidious symbol of a party in which millions of Britons now invest their political hopes. Once the preserve of Tony Blair, it is now led by Jeremy Corbyn, whose career has been very different and is rare in British establishment politics.

Man Loses Damages Claim Against IVF Clinic Over Forged Consent

Via David, J4MB: This, extracts: 

A wealthy businessman has failed in his attempt to recover damages from a private IVF clinic, despite a court ruling that his former partner forged his signature to conceive their daughter by the procedure.
In a potentially far-reaching judgment at the high court in London on Friday, Mr Justice Jay ruled that IVF Hammersmith had failed in its obligation to ensure consent from both parties, but crucially found the clinic was not negligent and did not have to meet the costs of caring for the man’s daughter. But the man had been morally vindicated, said the judge.
Jay said the claim had failed due to public policy, which currently stipulates that parents could not be compensated for the birth of a healthy child…

Being In Time In Seattle

Gilad Atzmon: How did America manage to dismiss the prophecy of Henry Ford and Richard Herrnstein? In this talk Gilad Atzmon attempts to identify the core elements that led to the current dystopia: ID Politics, tyranny of correctness, New Left's biologism, Cultural Marxism and more. This event had to be relocated at the last minute because an anonymous caller –we are told- cited ADL links that attack Gilad Atzmon. Filmed by Ed Mays

My Anti-Feminist Agenda

'What the feminists really seem to have
forgotten is that men are equal to us.'
By Belinda Brown: The BBC, the most potent weapon in the hands of the femocracy, is at it again with 100 Women. We hear the drone of predictable platitudes about how women can change the world in a month or a week or whatever it takes.
And indeed they are changing the world. They are destroying our families, our ways of political representation, they are robbing us of our health, happiness and children and they are making things much, much worse.
Feminism is rotting the warp and weft of society and feminism must be fought.
I could just do battle with the slogans.
No, diversity is not necessarily a blessing in the workplace – actually it can be a bit of a curse. And when it does help, this is the diversity of different perspectives, and different abilities; not a difference of sex.

Insights From Nature

Independent Man: "To point out the plethora of scientific evidence on sex differences is to invite the denials from the gender ideologues who insist differences are socialized. We are victims of gender stereotypes, internalized misogyny and the dreaded patriarchy."

Is Economy Recovering?

Max and Stacy discuss housing bubbles and surging economic activity. Despite the doomsayers, is the economy recovering? In the second half, Stacy interviews Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt, about the state-owned bank proposal for Los Angeles. They also discuss the newly discovered $14 trillion in debt previously hidden in the global derivatives market and whether or not that could happen in a blockchain-based financial world.

The Marriage Mandate - Pussy Cast

karen straughan: We have it on good authority that modern young men are absolute cads for failing to live up to older generations' expectations that they will settle down with some nice young woman and get her started popping out babies. Join the Pussycat cast as we explain why that's bullshit.

Las Vegas - Conspiracy or Lone Nut? + USA LIBERTY Act - Making Spying On You Permanent

Ron Paul said. "The obsession with interest in the motive, ...it's a question they should always ask, but it's a question they never ask when terrorists come into our country or kill Americans overseas, they never ask what really is the motive behind those individuals who want to kill Americans. ...so everyone is supposed to spy on their neighbours to solve this thing!"
The recent tragedy in Las Vegas has left us with many questions. Today Ron Paul discusses the knee-jerk reactions versus alternative ways of coming up with solutions that can improve safety in America.

Mutilator Of Baby Boy's Penises Soft Name 'Circumciser' Has Circular Excuses For Cutting Little Children's Genitals

Bonobo3D: 'Pediatrician' Edward "Eddie The Kiddie Mutilator" Hamilton (Nashville, Tennessee, USA) stopped to talk with protesters at the AAP Conference in Chicago recently. He spent a lot of time running the conversation in circles. Intactivists Googled "Edward Hamilton paediatrician" and found he pleaded guilty to health care fraud and was ordered to pay $1.6 million in restitution and damages. He is excluded from participation in all federal health care programs for 20 years.