8 Oct 2017

Fighting To Keep The Message Alive + Why You Should Not Breed with BPD Women

By : As many of you know, for the past couple of years I have dedicated most of my writing to video scripts for my YouTube channel, An Ear for Men. Producing an average of two videos per week, I have focused my efforts on providing material for men of an interpersonal nature that enhances their well-being and supports a red pill lifestyle. The channel has been successful, growing to over 40,000 subscribers, many of them men who contact me to say that the channel’s message has been helpful, and in some cases life-saving.
Unsurprisingly, it did not take long to encounter problems with internet thug Google in monetizing the videos. Recently, I opened my channel page to find that large groups of videos were demonetized as being advertiser unfriendly. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the videos that were targeted. They even demonetized a video I did on the therapeutic benefits of dogs.

Judge Forces Young Man To Get Married

MGTOW 101:

Schäuble: Another Financial Crisis Is Coming Due To Spiraling Global Debt, "New Bubbles"

By Tyler Durden: Following the disappointing for Angela Merkel and her CDU German election results, which propelled the populist AfD into Germany's political establishment with 92 members of parliament, the first casualty was Germany's finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, who in a few days will relinquish his long-held post and move on to the ceremonial role of Bundestag president. As part of his farewell tour, Schäuble - like so many other former members of the establishment- took a parting shot at the system he helped create and warned that "spiraling levels of global debt and liquidity", as well as "new bubbles" present a major risk to the world economy.
Speaking to the FT, the Europhile beloved in Germany for successfully steering one of the world’s largest economies for the past eight years, and who nearly led to Grexit in the summer of 2005, said there was a danger of “new bubbles” forming due to the trillions of dollars that central banks have pumped into markets. Confirming another fear widely propagated by the Putin propaganda alternative media, Schäuble also warned of risks to stability in the eurozone, particularly those posed by bank balance sheets burdened by the post-crisis legacy of non-performing loans, something we have warned about since 2012, and an issue which remains largely unresolved.

That ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy? History Has Proved Us Right

By Stephen M. Walt: Ten years ago, John Mearsheimer and I published a controversial article and subsequent book examining the impact of the “Israel lobby” — that is, a loose coalition of pro-Israel individuals and organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Christians United for Israel, just to name a few. We argued that decades of unconditional U.S. support for Israel — the so-called “special relationship” — is not explained by U.S. strategic interests or by shared values, as is often claimed, but is due primarily to the political efforts and activities of the lobby.

The result, we also argued, does more harm than good to both the United States and Israel. For the United States, the “special relationship” undermines America’s standing in the Arab and Islamic worlds, has encouraged a more confrontational approach with Iran and Syria, and contributes significantly both to America’s terrorism problem and to needless and costly debacles like the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Has Palestinian Unity Finally Arrived?

By Omar Karmi: You sit around for ages, the old joke goes, waiting for a bus, and then three come along at the same time.
Something like this seems to be happening right now on the internal Palestinian political front. Until June, Palestinian politics seemed deadlocked, with no prospect of unity, no progress with Israel and no hope for Gaza. Then, two initiatives, both involving Hamas, and the latest promising a breakthrough on reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, came along right after each other.
For all the apparent optimism, however, fundamental obstacles remain, mitigating against a deal.

Hopes are raised

At the end of last year, polls showed widespread pessimism over chances for unity, partly because positions seemed so entrenched. Nothing that happened in the first half of 2017 dispelled this feeling.
In March, Hamas announced the creation of an administrative committee to govern Gaza, ignoring outrage from Ramallah where the West Bank Palestinian Authority said the move undermined unity efforts.

Multiple Scam Victim Boris Becker Bankrupt After Losing Millions To Classic Divorce Court Scam & Nigerian Scammers

By Tyler Durden: It has already been one of the most remarkable rags to riches and then back to rags - with a bankruptcy on top - stories ever, and it is getting more bizarre by the day.
Three months ago, we reported that while Boris Becker was a legend on the tennis court, when it comes to investing, he appears to have shared an adviser with Johnny Depp
Becker shot to fame when he won Wimbledon aged just 17 and went on to win a total of six Grand Slam titles, including a further two Wimbledon titles, two Australian Opens, and a US Open crown, before retiring in 1999 aged just 31 and moving into business. Alas, here the fairy tale ends, and according to claims in the German lame-stream media, Boris Becker may have lost a substantial portion of his roughly €50 million fortune in part because of questionable investments in the Nigerian oil industry.
Yes, not only did Becker fall pray to the infamous marriage scam, but also to the notorious Nigerian scam!

News: Feminists Worshiping Their Genitals

Can she take the entire Washington Monument?

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Norway Men’s National Football Team ‘The Manginas’ Takes Wage Cut So Players Paid Same As Women’s Side

By Samuel Lovett: Players from Norway’s national ladies team are to be paid the same amount as their male counterparts after the Norwegian Football Association outlined a new financial package that will be introduced at the start of 2018.
The men notably agreed to take a pay cut to aid with the wage restructuring, with both teams each set to earn a collective 6 million kroner (£573,635).
Prior to the new financial agreement, the women collectively earned 3.1 million kroner compared to the men’s 6.55 million – despite the fact the ladies have consistently achieved better results on the international stage.
Norway captain Stefan Johansen welcomed the new set-up.