11 Oct 2017

Evidence That The Israel Lobby Is A Larger Threat To The West Than Muslim Terrorists

An Al Jazeera Reporter Went Undercover with the Pro-Israel Lobby In Washington
and Britain’s broadcasting regulator on Monday concluded that Al Jazeera did not violate any rules in its controversial undercover investigation exposing the Israeli embassy’s campaign to target British citizens critical of Israel, a campaign that included attempts to destroy the careers of pro-Palestinian British politicians.
The move by the communications regulator, known as Ofcom, clears the way for a follow-up documentary focused on Israeli influence in the U.S., the existence of which has previously been suspected but had yet to be made public. Clayton Swisher, director of investigative journalism for Al Jazeera Media Network, confirmed it to The Intercept on Monday. The goal of the British complaint may partly have been to delay publication of the follow-up American version, he said. “At the very same time [as the London investigation] — and we can safely reveal this now — we had an undercover operative working in tandem in Washington, D.C. With this U.K. verdict and vindication past us, we can soon reveal how the Israel lobby in America works through the eyes of an undercover reporter,” he said.
The four-part series, “The Lobby,” 

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood And Hypocrisy

By Paul Elam: Hollywood and the media obsession that follows it, often gives us object lessons on the current state of sexual politics. Sometimes the lessons are hard. Robin Williams was a tragic example of that. So is Bill Cosby. The disgusting saga of Francis Shivers and his years long struggles with professional liar and restraining order terrorist Pauley Perrette, is yet another. I’ve offered commentary on all these cases in the past.
The value in these stories is that they highlight what is happening to scores of men across our culture. And unfortunately, it also shines a light on the fact that when this stuff happens outside the city limits of Tinseltown, nobody gives a damn. Frequently, not even the male victims.

Empire Destroying Wars Are Coming To America Under Trump - Part 1

By Michael Krieger: There are a variety of reasons Trump supporters voted the way they did in November, but one clear message many found attractive was the idea his administration would be driven by an “America First” doctrine. America first meant a lot of things to a lot of different people, running the gamut from economic populism and immigration, to an avoidance of barbaric and costly overseas wars. The economic populism part was the biggest ruse from day one, a betrayal which (as we had seen under Obama) became undeniable as soon as he started appointing lifelong swamp-dwelling billionaires and Goldman Sachs partners to run his administration. Irrespective of who you elect, Wall Street runs the empire, as Trump proved once again.
The coming massive pivot when it comes to destructive wars abroad will take a little longer, but the writing’s been on the wall for months. I’ve published several posts on the topic, with the most popular one titled, Prepare for Impact – This is the Beginning of the End for U.S. Empire.

UK Thought Police: 6oodfella Was Arrested For A Hate Crime

6oodfella: Scotland seems to be trying its hardest to become the most embarrassing laughing stock of a country in the world.

Decline Of US

Max and Stacy discuss the collective hysteria of a declining empire. In the second half, Max interviews entrepreneur Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com, about his new blockchain equities trading platform.

Pro-Putin Graffiti In Catalonia, Barcelona, Berlin And Paris

By Mark Boden: And it's not just these countries - in China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Venezuela, and many, many more - by far the majority of the world's population - most of the 3rd world - he is a massive hero.
Above in Barcelona (Catalonia). Below in Berlin.

Theresa May Is Now The EU's Stepford Wife: Subservient And Submissive To Their Every Whim

Nigel Farage: "This Is The Clearest Proof Yet That The Great Brexit Betrayal Is Under Way"
So there we have it. Theresa May does not believe in Brexit. In an interview with Iain Dale on LBC, she completely collapsed, proving incapable of answering the question of how would she vote if there was a referendum now. She simply would not answer if she would support Leave.
Everyone listening to that interview knows that the reality is that May is still a Remainer. I don’t believe it’s possible to carry out this great, historic change against a huge amount of international criticism unless you truly believe in it. Nor, as it happens, does May: in a speech on June 1 she herself said: “To deliver Brexit you have to believe it”. This is the clearest proof yet that the Great Brexit Betrayal is under way.
It is only the latest piece of evidence in a whole procession. On Monday we also found out that Boris Johnson – supposedly Brexit's loudest cheerleader in the Cabinet – has bottled it. Last month the Foreign Secretary stated in print his demand that the UK must leave the wretched European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Day One of our exit from the EU in March 2019. But then folded like a cheap suit by backing to the hilt Theresa May’s House of Commons Brexit statement – a speech which was itself further confirmation of the great betrayal.

HYPOCRISY - William Banzai7/Colonel Flick

J4MB Protest Against Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation At The UK Conservative Party Conference 2017

TheLondonGroup: A video of the incredibly cool Justice for Men and Boys protest against MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation, soft name 'Circumcision', at the Conservative party Conference 2017.

The Unholy Kosher Trinity: Michael Lesher’s Quantum Leap

By Gilad Atzmon: In my recent piece, I explored the quantum nature of the Kosher Trinity - - I contend that contemporary Jewish identity is shaped like a tri-polar magnetic field in which one pole is religion, one is race and the third is politics and culture. When Jewish politics and culture are criticised (Israel, Zionism, the Lobby, banking, media etc.) some Jews claim to be ‘racially offended’ despite the fact that race, biology, blood or ethnicity was never mentioned. When Jewish racism is subject to criticism (choseness, Israeli race laws, etc.) some Jews are affronted by a perceived attack on their religion.  When some obscene Jewish religious teaching is disparaged, many Jews are quick to assert that opposition to their religion is a crude form of racial intolerance.
Jewish Identity politics operates as a quantum leap--an evasive identity that is morphing constantly. It moves rapidly within this Kosher Trinity field, it is everywhere and nowhere. The Kosher Trinity makes it very difficult, or even impossible to criticise Jewish politics, culture, ideology or religion. The Kosher Trinity allows Jews to boast about their cultural symptoms and great achievements while claiming offense when any of these symptoms are discussed by others. This quantum model is set to suppress any possible dissent to Jewish politics and culture but it also denies to the Jews themselves the necessary ability to self reflect, for Jewish self-identity is also blind to itself.