13 Oct 2017

How Feminism Impacted My Relationships

Wikileaks Allies Have Been Systematically Targeted, Defamed

Wikileaks has a long history of battling against misrepresentation in the public eye, in terms of incorrect statements in regards to its publications, as well as personal attacks against its founder and supporters. The viciousness with which allies, associates and independent media have been targeted after gaining public traction in support of Wikileaks indicates the degree to which establishment interests appear threatened by the publisher. Systemic smears against Wikileaks supporters appear intended to discredit Wikileaks by association, and has a number of significant secondary effects.
It is especially disastrous because, insidiously, the type of attacks used against these individuals do not effectively undermine the content of their work. Instead, they are rendered socially radioactive without evidence.
Character assassination aimed at Wikileaks’ supporters have two major effects. First, it denies Wikileaks a public voice, as those who provide Assange a platform are silenced. It also cuts Assange off from people, compounding the isolation of his ongoing, long term detention in the Ecuadorian embassy. On a practical level it prevents functionality when those working with Wikileaks are targeted.

Empire Destroying Wars Are Coming To America Under Trump - Part 3

By Michael Krieger: The first two parts of this series focused on how Trump-specific factors could lead the American empire into another series of foolish and highly destructive wars. Part 1 discussed my concerns regarding Iran deal certification, as well as Trump’s increased coziness with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who appears to get turned on by the use of violent force. Part 2 considered how Trump might sell his wars by promoting an environment of slobbering, superficial patriotism, and also speculated that corporate media might rally behind Trump if the target of his aggression happens to be Iran.
Today’s piece will be slightly different. The prior posts focused on Trump-specific angles with regard to how America’s forthcoming military mistake might play out, but I want to make one thing clear. While Trump carries his own unique risks when it comes to militarism overseas, this is all much bigger than Trump.

Two Bouncers, One Protester: Minister For Men Campaign Kicks Off

Bouncers are not normally required for gatherings in the Open House Centre at the Manvers Street Baptist church in Bath.
But two door supervisors were deemed necessary on Wednesday evening to stop anyone entering the Pulteney Room who was not sympathetic to the views of the fledgling Society to Establish a Minister for Men.
Founder and organiser Swayne O’Pie, who bills himself as a campaigner against inequalities experienced by men and boys, explained that he felt security was needed as there had been a minor local storm in the buildup to this inaugural meeting.
Posters had been torn down and defaced. What was scheduled to be the first meeting up the M5 at a pub in Cheltenham earlier this week was cancelled after – according to O’Pie – the landlord was warned there would be repercussions.
“We thought we had better be safe rather than sorry,” he told the Guardian. “We don’t want people to be frightened by feminist people shouting with banners. I’ve had that before, it’s ridiculous.” But he added: “I’m being totally paranoid because nobody has turned up.”

Jewish Israel Turns Bus Into Torture Chamber

By Sharazad Odeh: Jerusalem’s al-Asqa mosque – one of Islam’s holiest sites – received much attention during the summer when Israel blocked Palestinian worshippers from entering it.
Some incidents of Israeli brutality around that period nonetheless went unreported by international media.
Israeli occupation forces arrest a Palestinian worshipper at al-Aqsa mosque on 27 July. ActiveStills
Through my work as a lawyer with the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, I gathered testimony from victims of one such incident.
On 27 July, Israeli police raided the al-Aqsa compound at around 10pm. That was shortly after Israeli authorities had removed the metal detectors and cameras they had placed at the entrance to the compound.
The raid, not the first at al-Aqsa that day, was perceived as police exacting revenge on Palestinians who had successfully resisted the restrictions on access to the mosque with two weeks of civil disobedience.
Moments after calling on everyone to evacuate the mosque, police officers fired rubber bullets at the unarmed worshippers, injuring several. About 120 Palestinians were rounded up, none of whom resisted arrest.
A Palestinian medical team had been providing aid to a worshipper in the mosque before the raid occurred. Members of the team found themselves helping the raid’s victims, including a man who was injured by a sponge-tipped bullet.

Tinder's Menprovement Initiative

"So the women of Tinder have graciously taken up the task of trying to improve men with what they're calling 'the menprovement initiative'. Yeah, that really roles off the tongue. Of course men haven't been requesting this, women have just decided that men need improving, but not for the benefit of men of course, no it's for their own benefit." Said Independent Man.

What The Lame-Stream Media Won’t Tell You About Syria’s Christians

Russian Orthodoxy originated on the territory of Ancient Syria/Eastern Roman Empire thus Russia has a cultural interest in saving fellow Syrian Orthodox Christians. It is part of Russia's foundation.
By Fr. Benedict Kiely: Accurate reporting about what is really happening in Syria is hard to come by — the “fake news” phenomenon could almost have been invented for the way much of the Western media reports conflict in the Middle East.
At an event in the British parliament last November, the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Damascus told assembled parliamentarians they should not believe most media reports about the war in his country. He documented how in the previous week the media had not even mentioned the death of several children in Western Aleppo, as that news did not fit the narrative of the “rebels” as freedom fighters — not child killers.

Gilad And All That Jazz - Film By Golriz Kolahi

"I realised for the first time that I was the Nazi and they [Palestinians] were the Jews, ...I realised I didn't want anything to do with the Zionist War Machine." Said Gilad Atzmon.
Finally, the 2012 documentary Gilad and all that Jazz made it to youtube. You can now enjoy this great film by Golriz Kolahi. You can meet Gilad's bitterest  adversaries and judge for yourself whether they have something to offer. You can listen to Gilad's music, meet the OHE, the Blockheads, Robert Wyatt and learn about Gilad's thoughts. 
Golriz Kolahi: "Gilad Atzmon is one of modern music's best saxophonists, and one of the most controversial public opponents of Israel. A gentle giant, warm, charismatic and somewhat shy, Gilad is a complex character.