14 Oct 2017

Universal Suffrage In The UK - The Videos

A private soldier’s registration to vote following the passing of the 1918 Representation of the People Act
By MRA-UK: This is a shameless bit of advertising. I have made my first – and possibly last – foray onto YouTube.
The epochal 1918 Representation of the People Act will have its centenary in February 2018. This Act gave the vote to the majority of women for the first time in the UK. It also gave the vote to a far larger number of men than any other kindred Act. It is right that it should be celebrated. But it should be celebrated as a triumph for the principle of democracy – that the Parliamentary vote is a matter of right, not a matter of wealth.
My concern is that it may be celebrated for the wrong reasons. So my videos are a pre-emptive strike.
Most obviously, nearly half of men did not have the vote prior to 1918. So, whilst it is valid to celebrate the Act because it gave the vote to women, it would be inappropriate to celebrate only that aspect of it.
I suspect it will no longer be possible to hide the fact that most men/boys who died, or were maimed, in World War 1 did not have the vote. But it may still be possible to misrepresent, or downplay, the true motivations for Parliament passing the Act.
I argue in the videos that the wholesale deaths of men in the World War1 trenches was the impetus behind the passing of the Act, due to a wave of egalitarian feeling arising from this slaughter. This is a truth which has been buried.

Concentrate 'Learning Don't Stop'


Cam Newton, PC And The Goolag

"The stranglehold that the politically
correct have on people's words." Said Tom Golden. 
A conversation with Tom Golden and Paul Elam

Jewish Lobby Wants Washington To Starve 60,000 Syrians Washington Has Trapped In A Refugee Camp

By Stephen Lendman: On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said 92% of Syrian territory was freed from (US-supported Jewish Israeli Mossad run) ISIS control.
High-ranking ISIS leader Jewish Ephraim Benjamin, a known Mossad operative arrested in Benghazi.
In the past week alone, Russian airpower conducted 517 sorties, destroying over 1,260 facilities controlled by terrorists. Its operations along with Syria’s continue smashing US-supported terrorists, defeating Washington’s imperial aims in the country.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained Russian, Syrian and allied forces continue smashing ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor.
Much of its Al-Mayadeen stronghold was liberated, including the strategic Al-Rashadeh District and nearby Taybeh Farms, cutting a vital ISIS supply line.
Deescalation zones’ ceasefire violations were “substantially reduced.” Thousands of US-supported al-Nusra terrorists continue “trying to wreck the effort to normalize the situation and establish durable peace in Syria,” Zakharova explained.
Terrorists in southern Syria remain “a source of concern.” They continue receiving foreign support – from orchestrator Israel and their poodles America, NATO, Turkey and other regional rogue states.

The Sexual Nature Of The Foreskin: A Young Man's Experience

Bonobo3D: Russell Thomas describes his realization that some of his friends had been cut, and his growing awareness, by speaking openly about sexual experience, of what they were missing. Russell's description of his own experience of sexual pleasure from his foreskin, adds to those of other intact men who are speaking out and helping us all understand the sexual nature of the foreskin. Interview filmed at the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends protest of the AAP Conference in Chicago. (2017)

Tales In Equality: STEM Edition + Julie Bishop's Overt Sexism

Independent Man said. "A tour de force in false assumptions that lead to erroneous conclusions."

Retired Green Beret Says North Korea On “Death Ground” With No Recourse But To Fight Or Die!

By Jeremiah Johnson: Fox News reported this on October 11, 2017, in the article North Korea says Trump ‘Lit the Wick of War,’ vows a hail of fire:

On Wednesday, the U.S. and South Korea flew two strategic bombers over the Korean peninsula in a joint military exercise — another show of force against Pyongyang amid the mounting tensions. The bombers also conducted firing exercises over the East Sea and Yellow Sea, according to the BBC. Japan’s air force also joined the drill.  This is the second time since Trump’s fiery U.N. General Assembly speech that North Korea vocally accused the U.S. of declaring war on its country. Trump lambasted “little rocket man” Kim Jong Un for going on a “suicide mission for himself and his regime” in the speech last month. He vowed to “totally destroy” the country if it did not halt its nuclear program.”
Additionally, this information was released in the article North Korea Hackers Reportedly Stole US, South Korea War Plans, by Fox News on October 10, 2017:
“A plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un and preparations for a potential nuclear showdown with North Korea were among the trove of South Korean military documents reportedly stolen by Hermit Kingdom hackers.

Bristol's 'Money Free Party' Jodian Rodgers Interview

Jason Liosatos: My talk with Jodian Rodgers candidate for the Money Free Party, talking about our money system, and what the world and humanity might be like without it.