15 Oct 2017

The Crisis In Men's Mental Health - Dr. Benjamin Rosen

Canadian Association for Equality: Mental health problems are Common Costly and Treatable. However, there are many barriers that prevent men from getting the help that they need. What follows is a brief presentation by Dr. Benjamin Rosen, followed by a long and lively Discussion.

"We Microchip Dogs, So Why Not Athletes" - Olympics Suggest Implants To Prevent Doping

By Tyler Durden: Companies in Scandinavia and the US have already embraced microchipping as a way to make the office experience more seamless by allowing employees to easily unlock doors or pay for food in the cafeteria.
Of course, while workers say they've welcomed the technology (one Russian hobbyist has reported self-implanted six microchips), and companies not to abuse the technology, the temptation to do so should make people nervous.
But the use of microchips in the workplace likely won’t be limited to corporate environments. Pretty soon, microchipping might become a common tool for monitoring professional and amateur athletes as sports leagues try to eradicate the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs.
At least that’s what recent remarks from Mike Miller, chief executive of the World Olympians Association, appeared to suggest. Speaking Tuesday to anti-doping leaders at a Westminster forum on integrity in sport, Miller said the Olympic Games should begin microchipping athletes to try and prevent the type of state-sponsored evasion of anti-doping rules purportedly organized by the Russian government ahead of the winter games in Sochi, the Guardian reported.
Because cheating is so widespread, Miller said such a radical approach is justified to help protect the integrity of the games. However, in what appears to be an ill-conceived attempt to preempt criticism, Miller clumsily compare human athletes to animals, saying that, since microchips are now being used to monitor pets, using them on humans wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

Free Passage Deal For ISIS In Raqqa - U.S. Denies Involvement - Video Proves It Lies

By Moon of Alabama: After free passage negotiations with the U.S. and its Kurdish proxy forces, ISIS is moving its fighters out of Raqqa city. When the Syrian government reached similar agreements the U.S. childishly criticized it. The U.S. coalition claims that it was "not involved in the discussions" that led to the Raqqa free passage agreement. A BBC News report shows that the opposite is true.
Over the last two years the U.S. and its Kurdish proxy force in Syria made several deals with the Islamic State. In 2016, for example, they negotiated a deal with Islamic State fighters to move from Manbij to the Turkish border to avoid further casualties in the fight about the city.
But when in August 2017 Hizbullah and the Lebanese and Syrian government negotiated a deal with some 300 besieged ISIS fighters and their families at the Lebanese-Syria border, the U.S. loudly protested.

Pediatric Neonatologist Supports Intactivist Protest of AAP + Pediatrician Praises Intactivist Protest of AAP

Bonobo3D: International delegate Miguel Pezzotti, M.D. (Pediatric Neonatologist, Mexico City) expresses support for the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics Convention (Chicago 2017.)

War with Iran Was Planned Decades Ago

Michael Krieger: Last night, as I reflected on my recent three-part series filled with bold predictions, I began to question whether or not I was being too negative. Upon hearing Trump’s Iran speech today, I became convinced that everything I wrote had merit.
The speech was downright terrifying, serving to confirm all my worst fears about what he’s up to in the Middle East. There’s no way you can listen to that disingenuous rant and not recognize that he’s already made up his mind about war with Iran. What comes next will be a series of U.S. imposed redlines and demands, which Iran will eventually be said to violate, at which point the U.S. will escalate bigly.

Was The Character Of Stu Beggs Inspired By Harvey Weinstein?

Red Pill Germany: I was reminded of the character Stu Beggs from the TV show Californication, when I heard about the allegations against a certain Harvey Weinstein. In this video I want to give my 2 cents and also muse a little further about career choices and professionalism in academia, for example.

Girdle Of Venus For Architrenius: The Cuckold In Castration Culture

About two millennia after Homer described the girdle of Venus, the all-powerful mother, Mother Nature, advised the weeping young man Architrenius to marry. Mother Nature promised that the man’s bride would present him with the girdle of Venus. The yes-dearing cuckold Vulcan had made that girdle for his adulterous wife Venus. The girdle depicted the oppression of men’s sexuality, including Democritus castrating himself. The medieval Latin satire Architrenius thus associated mother-prompted marriage with castration culture.
Suffering terribly from internalized misandry, Architrenius sought aid from Mother Nature. He imagined:

A Father’s Lament

By A clamor is rising in America over the issue of “Men’s Rights.” Some scoff, considering it offensively outré to suggest that men might be the victims of structural sexism or reverse discrimination. A dawning consensus, however, acknowledges systematic injustices — particularly against fathers, and particularly in the legal realm. Documentaries like “The Red Pill,” and a recent Supreme Court verdict (which struck down some aspects of maternal legal priority) add to a groundswell of recognition that this generation must right wrongs on both sides of the gender equation. At the very least, the blatantly unequal treatment of fathers under the law gives the modern rallying cry to “dismantle the patriarchy” a rather ironic twist— it is fatherhood, not male dominion, which is being systematically dismantled. 
In divorce and custody arbitration, something rotten is buried within the legal code—reflexive favoritism toward mothers and insufficient attention to due process is disproportionately harming men, and this harm has devastating consequences for children and families. This problem is especially magnified amongst the working poor, where relatively “minor” financial iniquities (in the minds of courts) can have outsized effects.
I freely admit, I was one of the scoffers. I thought rumors of unequal legal treatment were overblown. Until it happened to me.
Here’s my story: