18 Oct 2017

Jew Soros’ $18 Billions Investment In War Against The U.S. And Russia

George Soros' move to shelter his money in Open Society Foundation means the war for global control just escalated.
By Tom Luongo: If you didn’t think there was a war on for both your soul and the control of global capital then yesterday’s article at the Wall St. Journal should convince you.  Billionaire ‘philanthropist’ George Soros just transferred $18 billion of his personal wealth to his leading organization, Open Society Foundation.
That’s right folks, $18 billion.  Cue the Dr. Evil close-up.
It also tells me that Soros himself is exiting the stage and turning it all over to his sons, who have been properly indoctrinated in the kind of corrosive interventionism and narcissism the elder Soros wears proudly.
Open Society Foundation is simply a regime change organization masquerading as a charity.  This wealth transfer is a signal that the push is on to finish The World that George Made (with apologies to Philip K. Dick).
The main question surrounding this is, “Why Now?” Why this move at this particular moment in time.  Because Rule #1, there are no coincidences in politics.
'Just remember that some pigs are more equal than others.'
Of course, something like this had to be in preparation for months, one does not simply cut a check for $18 billion dollars.  Not even Dr. Evil.

If Catalonia Fails, We All Fail

By Michael Krieger: While I’ve touched on the Catalan independence movement in several recent posts, I want to make one thing clear from the start. I don’t have a strong opinion on whether or not independence is the right move for the region and its people. It would be completely inappropriate for me, a U.S. citizen living in Colorado, to lecture people 5,000 miles away on how they should organize their political lives.
While I don’t have an opinion on how Catalans should vote, I unwaveringly support their right to decide the issue for themselves. When it comes to the issue of voting and referendums, we’ve entered a topic far bigger than Catalonia, Spain, or even Europe itself. When it comes to the issue of political self-determination, we’re talking about an essential human right which should be seen as inherent to all of us, everywhere.
The Catalan push for a right for vote on independence should be seen as part of a much larger push toward greater self-determination that humans will demand in increasingly large numbers in the years ahead.

The Crime Of Wolf-Whistling

" It's all about the feelz."

Swamp Drainer - William Banzai7

Hillary Has Double Standards About Weinstein And Bill

MGTOW 101: Hillary Has Double Standards About Weinstein And Bill. Ben Shapiro Show.

Man Hides For 10 Years From A Bad Relationship MGTOW

MGTOW 101: Man Hides For 10 Years From A Bad Relationship Malcolm Applegate, 62, went to extreme measures to get out of what he describes as a “controlling” relationship. Applegate left his wife for the woods one day without telling anyone and lived there for five years, staying hidden for a total of 10.

Male Contraception Initiative

By MRA-UK: This post is to draw your attention to the Male Contraception Initiative.
If you had to point to just one thing which has, more than anything else, been responsible for the huge social changes over the last 50 years, it would have to be The Pill. The female contraceptive pill gave women a degree of control over their fertility which they had not previously enjoyed. The door was then open for women to take part fully in the world of work and other non-domestic activities, freed from the threat of a string of unwanted pregnancies.
Men do not have a comparable, convenient, contraceptive. Men have only the condom, which is both inconvenient and disliked. There are, of course, significant health benefits to using a condom if engaging in casual sex. However, my concern here is primarily with contraception methods to be used by people in long standing committed relationships. 85% of men and 90% of women surveyed in the USA believe that men and women should bear equal responsibility for contraception. However, the technology available for the two sexes is not equal and this often leads to the woman taking the primary responsibility for contraception in practice, via the Pill.
Men are disadvantaged in not having the same control of their fertility as women. On the other hand, women are disadvantaged by being unfairly burdened with the side-effects of the hormone-based Pill.
This situation is crazy. The barrier to the availability of a convenient male contraceptve is not primarily technological. A large range of potential options exist as I reviewed here. Moreover, with testicles conveniently hanging outside the body, it would not be necessary to use hormone-based methods for men.

ADL's Hate Symbols In Reverse

"Only blood pure Jews can be full citizens of the Jewish state that the ADL promotes with Israeli national rights above and beyond civil rights, but Palestinians who's land was stolen by the Jews are shut out!" Said ex-Jew Brother Nathanael.