20 Oct 2017

Is This Our World?

The sad reality of the world?
Animated by Steve Cutts

Real Woman Shredding A Man's World

Gary Orsum:
Nita Strauss knows how to compete with the men.

Ron Paul, North Korea & Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

Jesse Ventura and Former Republican Congressman Ron Paul discuss why war is a racket. The Governor and Brigida Santos talk about North Korea and why it’s time for global nuclear disarmament.

'We Gave You Uranium, You Repaid Us By Bombing Belgrade': Putin Slams US Over Nuclear Treaties

RT: Vladimir Putin has criticized the US for failing to keep their end of the bargain in a host of international disarmament agreements. He says Moscow will not exit any existing treaties, but promised an “instant, symmetrical response” if Washington decides to quit first.
US decided to do away
with international law
Speaking during a Q & A session at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, an annual meeting with international journalists and Russia experts, Putin began by recalling the Megatons to Megawatts program, which ran between 1993 and 2013, and saw Russia downblend enriched uranium from the equivalent of about 20,000 of its nuclear warheads into low-enriched uranium to be used as fuel by US power stations.
Putin said that as part of what he called “one of the most effective disarmament efforts in history,” US officials made 170 visits to top secret Russian facilities, and “set up permanent workplaces in them adorned with American flags.”
“From the Russian side unprecedented openness and trust were demonstrated,” said Putin, saying that through the 1990s, about 100 US officials were entitled to carry out surprise inspections of Russian nuclear facilities, as part of Gorbachev and Yeltsin-era agreements.
“What we got in return is well-known – a complete disregard for our national interests, support for separatism in the Caucasus, a circumvention of the UN Security Council, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, and so on. The US must have seen the state of our nuclear weapons and economy and decided to do away with international law.”

MEETING THE ENEMY A Feminist Comes To Terms With The Men's Rights Movement

TEDx Talks: By facing long-held assumptions, one woman, Cassie Jaye, reevaluates her own gender biases. Documentary Filmmaker, The Red Pill This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Is Texas An Israeli Occupied Territory?

Gilad Atzmon: You decide! ...In order to receive Hurricane Harvey assistance in the city of Dickinson, Texas one has to agree not to boycott Israel...

How They Pull Our Strings

"The Lobby" British Style
An undercover reporter secretly records how the Israeli Embassy directs local groups
: One month ago, I initiated here at Unz.com a discussion of the role of American Jews in the crafting of United States foreign policy. I observed that a politically powerful and well-funded cabal consisting of both Jewish individuals and organizations has been effective at engaging the U.S. in a series of wars in the Middle East and North Africa that benefit only Israel and are, in fact, damaging to actual American interests. This misdirection of policy has not taken place because of some misguided belief that Israeli and U.S. national security interests are identical, which is a canard that is frequently floated in the mainstream media. It is instead a deliberate program that studiously misrepresents facts-on-the ground relating to Israel and its neighbors and creates casus belli involving the United States even when no threat to American vital interests exists. It punishes critics by damaging both their careers and reputations while its cynical manipulation of the media and gross corruption of the national political process has already produced the disastrous war against Iraq, the destruction of Libya and the ongoing chaos in Syria. It now threatens to initiate a catastrophic war with Iran.

Overweight Women Not Attracted To Plus-Sized Men

Raging Golden Eagle: Despite telling us fit guys that we need to be attracted to butter golems, it appears many overweight women are admitting to not returning the favor!

Dear Females...

CAFE Edmonton & ECMAS Present

karen straughan: CAFE Edmonton and ECMAS will be hosting a She for He panel discussion on the 29th of October. It will be moderated by popular local radio psychologist Ganz Ferrance. I will be there, along with Alice Herculson from ECMAS, 16 year old Nikki Matty, and Monique Dietvorst of CAFE.