25 Oct 2017

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Healthy Moods - The Gut-Brain Connection

By : In this article I’ll explain why fermented foods are beneficial for preventing and alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety. I’ll also explain what kinds of fermented foods you should eat, how much to eat, and how you can incorporate fermented foods into meals.
At the end, I’ll include easy instructions to make your own real fermented sauerkraut. It’s makes a great activity for dads and kids!
If you don’t already know, I became a Nutrition Therapist focused on men’s mental health after my own experience with bipolar disorder. After years of suicidal psychiatric hell, I finally recovered when I discovered there were two primary causes of my suicidal depression:

  1. A junk food diet was contributing to the mood fluctuations I was experiencing, driving the soaring highs to crushing lows
  2. Feminist misandry had convinced me that as a man I was a hopeless blight on the planet and the whole world would be better off if I was dead
After recovering from bipolar depression, thanks to both holistic nutrition and unlearning the misandrous bullshit that had plagued me for years, I decided to repurpose my life to helping other men who struggle with depression and anxiety. I’m especially interested in helping men of the MRM, as they (you) are warriors for a cause I feel so strongly about!

Can Switzerland Save The World?

Switzerland: Far from Flawless, but still a Unique Country – An Interview with Claudio Grass
Our friend Claudio Grass has discussed Switzerland in these pages before, and on one of these occasions we added some background information on country’s truly unique political system (see “The People Against the Establishment” for  the details). People are generally aware that direct democracy in the form of frequent  referendums is a major characteristic of the Swiss system, but how many people know that the country’s executive is essentially modeled after the system established in the city states of ancient Greece?
Claudio was recently interviewed by Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute on what we can learn from Switzerland, which despite its undeniable flaws, continues to stand out among European nations states as a beacon of liberty. As the introduction at the Mises Institute notes, political life in Switzerland differentiates itself by its strongly pronounced degree of subsidiarity and the major limitations it places on central political power structures at the federal level:
Switzerland is no libertarian paradise. It has bureaucrats and a wayward central bank. But it remains an astonishing modern example of the principles of federalism and subsidiarity in action.

Putin To Western Elites: You Flunked!

Putin: "Instead of working together to deal a real blow to terrorism ... some of our colleagues are doing everything they can to make the chaos permanent."
By Dmitry Orlov: By far the most popular article I ever published on this blog was titled Putin to Western Elites: Play-time is Over.
It came out almost exactly three years ago, after that year’s Valdai Club conference, and was based on the speech Putin gave at that conference.
It garnered close to 200,000 page hits—more than twice more than the next most popular one—because it pointed out something very significant: a sea change in international relations had occurred, heralding the end of America’s unipolar moment when it could dictate terms to the entire world.
Essentially, in that speech Putin signaled to Western elites that they were no longer qualified to play the game of international relations of today and had to go back to school for retraining. And now, three years later, Putin has issued them a final report card, giving them an F in every category: they have learned nothing.
The following excerpt from my article of three years ago details how the rules had changed:

Have We Turned A Blind Eye To Sexual Harassment?

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to ctguitarguy, for comments he’s posted in response to the video on our YouTube channel of my Sunday Morning Live appearance:
I don’t believe a land whale like Dawn Foster, who has to be one of the most unattractive creatures I have ever seen has been “sexually harassed”. She wishes.
Love your work Mike. Thought I would add to the discussion because the data shows it’s even worse for males than even you stated. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control added a new category of to its definition of sexual assault and called it “being made to penetrate.”

50/50 Podcast With Matt Orchard

karen straughan: The format of this interview is 15 minutes of softball and 15 minutes of hardball. Hope you guys enjoy. I'll be chatting with Matt again in the next few days, and will upload the results with his permission again.

Athens And Jerusalem - Gilad Atzmon At Reading International Festival - With Reading Friends Of Palestine

Gilad Atzmon: In this talk (22.10.2017), Gilad Atzmon delves into the crucial dichotomy between Athens and Jerusalem. Atzmon argues that the dystopia in which we live is the direct outcome of a Jerusalemite set of 'correct ideas' over the Athenian search for reason, essence and logos. Tyranny of correctness, Identitarian divisiveness, the battle against historicity are symptoms of Jerusalemite thinking, they did little but derail the Western ethos. To rescue ourselves and what we believe to be our civilisation, Athens must be reinstated.
Despite some relentless Zionist institutional efforts to cancel the talk (CAA, BOD, JC, local rabbi etc) both RISC and the Local Council stood firm and made sure freedom and tolerance were sustained.

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