5 Nov 2017

Jeremy Lefroy MP And Philip Davies MP Bid For Third Debate On Men's Issues

Mike Buchanan: This bid proved successful, so the third consecutive debate on men's issues in recognition of International Men's Day will go ahead (09:30 - 11:00, Westminster Hall, Tuesday 14 November). We plan to be there to witness it. The bid was made to the Backbench Business Committee, the same committee to which Philip Davies made a similar application for a debate in October 2015. Infamously, the odious Jess Phillips MP, a member of the committee, sought to deny Davies the opportunity to hold the debate...

International Men’s Day

By International Women’s Day, International Day of the Girl Child, International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, International Widows Day, International Day of Rural Women, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
These are all the days pertaining to females recognised by the United Nations.
There are none for men and/or boys. In fact, the unofficially recognised International Men’s Day (19th November) is celebrated by the U.N. as World Toilet Day. Apparently the contribution men and boys have made to the world are unremarkable and  the following issues are unworthy of being marked and struggled against:
7 males are circumcised for every female globally.
Globally, of 72 million children out of school, 46% are boys. In the developed world,  boys struggle more at school, are more likely to be excluded or drop out and less likely to go to university, boys born in 2016 are 75% less likely to go to university than girls (U.K.), they also can be expected to see less success there if they do.
They are the majority of workplace  and combat deaths, homicides and suicides.
They die younger and yet far less money is spent in researching “male illnesses” as compared to “female illnesses”.
Men are the majority of the homeless.

Rapper Trick Daddy Talks About His Mom Having 11 Kids By 10 Men & Conspiracy To Remove Dads!

Tommy Sotomayor
"Mama usually gets all the props and all the respects and all the attention in the ghetto, because remember
daddy can't live there."

Mike Buchanan And Sue Fish Former Chief Constable Of Notts Police, Discuss Sexual Harassment

Mike Buchanan: "I spent 30 years in the business world and never once came across an example of women claiming to be sexually harassed. This is women claiming to be sexually harassed, not who have been harassed. If we believe them we are basically saying that men are guilty."

Promoting Mediocrity

"Science itself is asocialy constructed tool of patriarchal opression
and must be called into question."

Israel And Saudi Arabia Regimes Lash Out At Hezbollah Freedom Fighters After Getting Spanked In Syria

Facing defeat in the proxy war in Syria, the Israeli-Saudi tandem is planning a new front against Hezbollah
By Alastair Crooke: It seems that matters are coming to a head in the Middle East. For many states, the coming period will likely prove to be the moment in which they determine their futures — as well as that for the region as a whole.
The immediate peg for “crunch time” is Russia’s fast-track proposal of a conference to be held in Sochi, with the near-full kaleidoscope of Syrian opposition invited, which, if all goes as planned, might mean 1,000 delegates arriving in Sochi as soon as Nov. 18.
The Syrian government has agreed to attend. Of course, when one hears of attendance in these numbers, it suggests that this is not intended as a “sleeves rolled-up” working session, but rather as a meeting in which Russian thoughts will be mooted on the constitution, the system of government, and the place of “minorities” – with a chaser that Russia wants fresh elections pretty darned quick: which is to say, in six months’ time. In short, this is to be the “last chance saloon” for opposition figures: come aboard now, or be shut out, in the cold.

"I'm A Nigga"

Deek Jackson
"I'm A Nigga and I demand safe space special snowflake protection for my self proclaimed identity!"

Palestine In Pictures: October 2017

The Electronic Intifada: During the month of October a Palestinian man was shot and fatally wounded by Israeli soldiers while driving in a car with his sister in the central occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Authority accused Israel of “extrajudicially executing” Muhammad Musa, 26, whose sister Latifa, 33, was also shot and injured.
Palestinian mourners in Bureij refugee camp carry the bodies of three fighters killed when Israel detonated a tunnel along its boundary with Gaza, 31 October. Mohammed Asad APA images
In a separate incident, a Palestinian man was shot and critically injured by soldiers as he ran across a highway. Video shows that the man appeared to pose no immediate danger when he was shot.
Twelve Palestinian fighters were killed when Israel detonated a tunnel along its boundary with Gaza. An Islamic Jihad military wing commander was among those killed. At least a dozen others were injured.