8 Nov 2017

Washington Corruption Is Unparalleled In History

By Paul Craig Roberts: Dr. George Szamuely, a distinguished member of the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University, is a British citizen and not a partisan of US politics. He has carefully investigated the so-called Russian dossier and reports that it was entirely the work of the Hillary Democrats.
This fact was known at the beginning both to former CIA director John Brennan and to former FBI director James Comey. Yet both went along with the DNC-invented story of Russian election hacking and Christopher Steele’s fake “dossier” on Trump’s imagined relations with Russians. 
The presstitute media told the lies that they were supposed to tell. The consequence of this plot has been to waste the first year of Trump’s presidency and to prevent President Trump from reducing the dangerously high tensions with nuclear power Russia. This is a disservice not only to President Trump but also to the American people and the planet itself.
Dr. Szamuely delivers the sordid details of the plot by a corrupt American establishment to destroy a president selected by the people and not by the ruling interest groups.

Everyday Israelis Express Support For Genocide To Abby Martin

Empire Files: On the streets of Jerusalem, Abby Martin interviews Jewish Israeli citizens from all walks of life. In several candid interviews, disturbing comments reveal commonly-held views about Palestinians and their future in the region. Israeli-born human rights activist and anti-Zionist, Ronnie Barkan, explains why these attitudes dominate Israeli society.

10 Ways Donald Trump Acts Like Bibi 'The Baby Butcher Of Gaza' Netanyahu's Prison Bitch

This pathetic groveling has got to stop
By Michael Bateman: From Middle East policy to Russia policy, and just about everything else, like a trained monkey, when Israel says 'jump!', the Donald rushes to oblige.
Taken from a longer article entitled: Netanyahu & Israel lobby lead Trump to war with Iran on behalf of Israel at the excellent blog: If Americans Knew

  1. After many years, Israel and ‘the 52 Presidents’ finally made the US withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because of its detailed documentation of Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.  Trump complied with their demands.
  2. Tel Aviv demanded a Zionist fanatic and backer of the illegal Jewish settler occupation of Palestinian lands, the bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman, be appointed US Ambassador to Israel. Trump complied, despite the ambassador’s overt conflict of interest.

The Balfour Declaration - One Hundred Years Of (Goyim) Solitude

A talk given at Keep Talking gathering in London,  7 November 2017
By Gilad Atzmon: In Heidegger and the Jews, the French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard points out that history claims to narrate the past but, in practice, what it does is conceal our collective shame. The Americans conceal slavery and imperial genocidal aggression, the Brits conceal their colonial blunders, the Jews turn their eyes away from anything that may have contributed to turning  Jewish history into an extended shoah. The real historian, claims Lyotard, is there to unveil the shame. This week marks 100 years since the Balfour declaration and today I will try to touch upon your shame, my shame, our shame. We will try to figure out what the history of the so-called  Balfour ‘Declaration’ is there to conceal.
Let’s first examine the document. Most noticeably the so-called ‘declaration’ is not printed on official British government letterhead. It is not signed by the British cabinet either. It is, instead, a letter from a sleazy British politician  (Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour) to a very rich Jew (Lord Walter Rothschild). As such, the Balfour ‘declaration’ is actually a statement  with somewhat limited significance.  What it does is  “declare[s] sympathy with Zionist aspirations.”

Feminists Try To Shut Down ICMI 2018

Ewan Jones: Following a ridiculous blog piece on the site Football 365, Birmingham City FC have stated they will not host the International Conference on Men's Issues 2018, even though they've signed a contract saying they will host it. In this video Ewan Jones discusses the furore concerning ICMI 2018 with the man who's trying to put on the event, Mike Buchanan, head of the political party Justice for Men and Boys.

100 Years Of Humiliation & Unintentional Self-Parody

Max and Stacy discuss 100 years of humiliation and unintentional self-parody as one empire goes and another, perhaps, rises again. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson of michael-hudson.com to discuss the Democratic party in an era of dodgy pee-pee dossiers and no economic policies.

HACKS - William Banzai7

Is The Real Imbalance Our Gender Belief System? - Tim Goldich

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

Larry David On Jewish Predators And Romance In The Camps

By Gilad Atzmon: Larry David is subject to some harsh criticism and not for the first time. Two days ago he admitted on Saturday Night Live that “a very disturbing pattern is emerging… many of the predators…not all,.. are…Jews.” He then cracked some jokes about the Holocaust. American Jews are upset.
In my recent book, Being in Time - a Post Political Manifesto I elaborated on Jewish humour and the fascinating transition from 19th century Yiddish jokes to modern Jewish American comedy industry:
 “Jewish humour is always political, in that it always conveys a message. 19th century  Yiddish humour allowed the Jewish, Eastern lower classes to transcend their existential burden. In their jokes they could identify with the Western, Jewish, cognitive elite and remove from their hearts and minds the huge distance between the gifted and the retarded, between Tevye the Milkman and Baron de Rothschild.