9 Nov 2017

The Rape Culture Created By Corbyn's Left

By Laura Perrins: So how is that whole sexual revolution working out, then? I like to ask this question now and again because to listen to the feminists who started the revolution you would think it was the end of days.
No sooner had the Harvey Weinstein scandal confirmed what we had known for some time, namely that predatory sexual behaviour went unchecked in Hollywood, than social media was flooded with testimony that sexual harassment was everywhere.
It is true that the Hollywood casting couch was around a long time before the 60s (I am not suggesting that it was not) but I thought the great revolution was supposed to fix it.
I thought the great sexual revolution would do at least three things: 1) stop the objectification of women; 2) reduce pornography, and 3) liberate women to be just like men.
So how is it going? The objectification of women seems to continue, according to the feminists, even if it is women exploiting their own sexual capital for financial gain. The Mayor of London is going to ban advertisements of women in bikinis on the Tube. Mary Whitehouse would be proud.

The Zionist Jew Screams In Pain As She Assaults You

Israel is a rapist state.

I Take @thinktankfeed's Quiz To See If I Contribute To Rape Culture

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Polish Government Advises Couples To "Breed Like Rabbits"

By In order to counteract one of Europe's lowest birth rates, the government of Poland put out a pair of videos urging citizens to breed like rabbits.
Rabbit Video Number One

The Real Lenin: Traitor, Parasite, Failure, Jew

By : Despite not performing a single day’s worth ofproductivework in his life, Lenin loved to call all sorts of people parasites. For instance, those well-known exploiters, peasants.
There is a general consensus that Stalin was a sadistic tyrant. But the ghost of his predecessor remains “handshakeworthy” on the left hand side of the political spectrum.
The SWPLy bobos of Seattle, who would not have been long for the Communist world, erected a statue to him in the city center. The New York Times “celebrated” the centenary of the Russian Revolution with odes to the Bolsheviks’ progressivism on the environmentsex, and race (not that Terell J. Starr with his strange ideas of how the USSR “centered the Russian slav” would appreciate it).
Westerners, at least, have a good excuse for subscribing to the self-serving Trotskyite belief that Stalin “betrayed” Lenin’s revolution – after all, the bacillus that Germany unleashed upon Russia during its moment of weakness and disarray did more than anyone else to derail De Tocqueville’s prophesy and ensure that the 20th century would be an exclusively American one.
And yet, as of the centenary of Red October, 56% of Russians – up from 40% in 2006 – maintained a positive view of the grandfather of this dismal experiment.

Finally A Jewish Supremacist Reviews Being In Time

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: When Being in Time was published four months ago  I was  surprised by the silence my detractors imposed on themselves.  Even Dershowitz bailed out. The rest of the Zionist league pretty much just ignored the book. That was a clever move on their part. They must have decided not to repeat their past mistakes that rewarded  me with free publicity. They got it that it played into my hands when I was attacked by the racist CST or chased by that fan of ethnic cleansing Dershowitz. But I guess they just couldn't hold back any longer. 
Zionist caricature David Rich just published a review of Being in Time on the CST' blog ( CST is a Jewish  body that looks after the safety of one people only).  The review tells little about the book. However, it provides a precious window into Rich's duplicitous inclinations and also the general panic within British Zionist ranks.   
Rich, doesn't provide any references to the actual text -- for a reason, of course -- He obviously wants  to mislead his readers.  Lying for the cause appears to be a kosher procedure for him. 
Here is one example. Rich cites a statement copied and pasted  from Being in Time;  “Jewish power is the most effective and forceful power in America and beyond.”

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