12 Nov 2017

Feminist Priti Patel And Jewish Conspiracies

'The CAA is a self-appointed Jewish thought police.
It devotes its energies to the total castration
of the Brits and their ability to think
rationally, morally and independently.'
By Gilad Atzmon: The British Jewish media is upset. Priti Patel, a cabinet minister responsible for international development, had no fewer than 14 meetings with Israeli politicians and political leaders. It seems that Patel didn’t clear any or most of these meetings with the Foreign Office. So Patel had to go and but now the British Jewish media is pressing the panic button.
The ultra Zionist Jewish Chronicle’s (JC) headline warns that the Patel Affair “will set us [the Jews] back 20 years.”  The JC predicts that it will have “a devastating impact on British Jewry.” It may even “bolster antisemitic conspiracy theories and damage relationships with British politicians for a generation.”

Time To Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

By : A friend once suggested that when it comes to marital discord couples fight more over one issue: who is going to play the child in the relationship and who is going to play the responsible parent.
His comment rings true on its face, with men historically being the ones who take on the parental role in marriage. It’s witnessed in the centuries of men taking responsibility for the financial and other security concerns of wives, and also hinted at in the relationship age gap. Males marry younger females — not to control their sexuality (as we are frequently misled to believe), but because women seek an older male to place in the responsible, paternal role, to enhance the child theme they intend to play out in the relationship.
Women collectively spend billions annually to neotenize their appearance, enhancing their efforts to assume the infantilized role.
We see the same theme appear in our language when men are shamed for being ‘Peter Pans’ or ‘man babies’ along with the injunction to ‘man-up’ — which has no counterpart for women; they are phrases intended to jolt men out of any inclination to regress to a childlike state of dependency. Never do we hear women being chastised as immature Wendys, woman babies, nor do we ever hit them with the demand to ‘woman-up.’

ONS to Feminists: Stop Misrepresenting the #PayGap!

By Jordan Holbrook: As readers of this blog, you have evolved to such a state that you no longer rely purely on your limbic system when interacting with the world, you have advanced to such a stage whereby you have grown a prefrontal cortex and developed higher thought. This has resulted in your understanding the so-called #PayGap is nonsense.
I have covered the #PayGap in some detail recently (here and here) and I have also modestly annihilated the concept here but, why should I be the one to deconstruct the myth of sex-based direct-discrimination in the Pay Cheque? Why should I act as the mouth piece of thought and reason when I can ascend myself to a higher being, a voice that is above all when it comes to statistics, data and numbers!?

Yes, that’s right, I am talking about the Home Office’s Office for National Statistics!

I wish to refer the reader to their latest document which discusses the Pay Gap, the document that all feminists run to when they want to prove this alleged discrimination, it’s the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings: 2017 provisional and 2016 revised results. In Section 7, we find Gender Pay Differences, this is what feminists cite when backing up their arguments.

Women Sex Offenders Against Children

Child rapist Nicola Fox
1. Introduction
I have had it in mind to post on the matter of female sexual offenders against children for some time. I was reticent about doing so because of the risk of appearing to wish to deflect attention from male abusers. However, I have decided to go ahead and this decision stems directly from the ongoing pogrom in Parliament – and many other places. We are marinated constantly in stories of male sexual offending, but it is rare that one hears anything about female sexual offending on the broadcast media.
Consequently, I think it is fair game to redress the balance. And the statistics, below, do not disguise male offending.
But ladies don’t do that sort of thing, surely? Well, that’s the conventional social narrative. But it is not true.
The purpose of this article is not to demonise women. Any idea that all women should bear the guilt of a few is just as preposterous as when the same unjust illogic is applied to men. The purpose of this article is not even to cast stones at the guilty women (named below). Its true purpose is twofold.

Fighting To Show The Truth In Gaza

“I want to change my perspective, go and see different places in the world,” says Ezz Zanoun, a Palestinian photographer in Gaza.
“But global politics is really despicable and racist. … My visa applications always get rejected.”
In 2006, Ezz witnessed his brother Mohammad, a photographer, get hit by an Israeli missile that exploded 10 meters from him.

Another Actress Has Accused Tom Hanks Of Being Nice

"The entire time I was on set he repeatedly exposed himself to me"
By Blue Rock Public Radio: In the latest of a series of recent allegations about the Academy Award-winning actor, actress Veronica Warren revealed Thursday that Tom Hanks was extremely kind to her on the set of the 2006 film The Da Vinci Code.
“He gave me half of his sandwich when he saw our food supply was running low,” said Warren, who was only 17 at the time. “And it wasn’t just one instance. The entire time I was on set he repeatedly exposed himself to me as a thoroughly decent human being.”
Warren is just the latest actress to tell her story, coming just days after Zoe Tanowitz recounted the time Hanks entered her dressing room and performed an impromptu song and dance number for her birthday. Actress Georgia Moreno, Hanks’s co-star in The Green Mile, noted last month that the actor would regularly force himself upon the crew, insisting on helping them clean up equipment after shoots.
“We kept saying ‘stop it, stop it, you’re too kind,’” said Warren. “But he persisted.”
In response to the allegations, Hanks’s spokesperson said he was unavailable for comment due to the fact that he was abroad on a humanitarian mission helping drought victims in Somalia.

Kerry 'The Feminist Fraudstress' McCarthy MP Is Trying To Drive Kelvin Hopkins MP To Suicide

By : Kerry McCarthy, 52, has been a Labour MP since 2005. From her Wiki page:

In 2005, McCarthy was selected as the Labour candidate for Bristol East through an all-women shortlist…
She was appointed by Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in September 2015. She argued in a Spring 2015 interview with Viva!life, a magazine for vegans, that meat should be treated like tobacco, with “public campaigns to stop people eating it”…
In May 2009, McCarthy repaid £402 for a second bed claimed in expenses for her one bedroom flat. She stated the claim had been made in error.
In October 2010, McCarthy admitted a charge of electoral fraud, accepting a police caution for revealing on Twitter the number of postal votes cast per party in her constituency at the 2010 election, and apologised for this action.

Feminism & Jewish Mossad - Inside The Black Cube

"Mossad operatives working on behalf of a women's civil rights organisation - to farm information for Weinstein! This is how things are done - and they brag about how they have extensive experience in social engineering!"
WeAreChange: In this video, Jason Bermas break's down Harvey's connection to the Mossad and other intelligence networks.