21 Nov 2017

Greetings From Washington - William Banzai7

Women’s Superiority: The Silliness Of Talk About Gender Equality

: In 384 GC, the Patriarch of Constantinople Gregory of Nazianzus wrote to the young bride Olympiada. She was a wealthy descendant of the Roman imperial family. Gregory knew her personally and acted as her spiritual father. As a wedding gift, he gave her a 111-verse poem of fatherly advice. That poem shows that an extraordinarily wise man recognized, about 1600 years ago, that talk about gender equality is silliness relative to women’s actual gender superiority.
Gregory’s poem for Olympiada indicated the extraordinary privilege of elite women relative to ordinary men. While ordinary men commonly worked on the verge of starvation, elite women led lives of luxury and feminine vanity. Gregory warned Olympiada against adorning herself with gold, precious stones, fancy dresses, and cosmetics. He urged her to distinguish herself from other elite women:

The expensive and fancy dresses must remain for those women that have no desire for the life beyond and do not know what the meaning of spiritual struggle and attainment of virtues is all about; this type of woman cannot possibly comprehend the spiritual radiance and brilliance of a life in Christ. You have aimed towards greater goals and for a higher purpose for your life. … Stay away from conceited and ostentatious women whose mind is preoccupied with external appearances and social circles, all for the purpose of vainglory and public display.

No Nobel Prizes For Women???

Men Are Good!: For the second year in a row there were no Nobel prizes given to women. Groans came from many feminist leaning media pundits about why that could be. Scientific American had their own ideas about the reasons. Ugh.

Reconstructing Ancient Songs For Schoolboys: Juvenal v Sugar & Spice

: Surviving manuscripts in Europe from the tenth through the twelfth century include musical notation for Latin texts by Virgil, Lucan, Horace, Juvenal, Statius, and Boethius, and other classical authors. The musical notation seems to have been intended to help medieval schoolboys learn how to recite classical Latin verse.[1] Today those classical works are read as literary poems. Schoolboys singing Juvenal’s satire 6? That’s inconceivable today. Any schoolboys doing that would be immediately expelled from the gynocentric-totalitarian educational complex and probably incarcerated for committing a gender-transgressive singing crime.

Once Again NYC’s 100 Worst Landlords List Looks Like My Bar Mitzvah Guest List

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: The list of NYC’s 100 worst landlords is, once again, overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish names. Naturally, I  wondered whether this bar mitzvah guest list quality also applies to the list of NYC’s 100 best landlords. If it does, problem solved. We would assume that since Jews are overrepresented in the NYC rental business, they are amongst the best landlords as well as the worst.
A quick search reveals that there is no official NYC best landlord list. The  Yelp search engine offers something that resembles such a list and it doesn’t approximate my bar mitzvah guest list in the least.
Since the demography of the list of NYC 100 worst landlords is obvious, the list raises the following questions:
1.  How is it possible that there are no academic texts that examine this serious anomaly of extreme over-representation of one ethnic group in this gruesome list?
2.  How is it possible that not one social science graduate student has dedicated his/her PhD to the study of the 40 times over-representation of one ethnic group in the shameful list of abusive landlords?  I ask because an over-representation of 1.3 of an ethnic group in crime statistics has justified academic research and even institutional study.

Peterson, Yiannopoulos And Hitler

johntheother: A gay, Jewish, Catholic sausage-enthusiast gadfly, and a Psychology Professor are both Hitler.

Jonathan Haidt Is Optimistic About College Campuses

Why Do Feminists Protest Men's Rights Events?

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.