27 Nov 2017

Where Is Jewish Zionism Taking Us?

By Lawrence Davidson:
The Inevitable Apartheid Nation
We know where Zionism has taken Israel. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 led the way. In that imperial and colonial document, the British promised the World Zionist Organization a “Jewish National Home” in Palestine. They did so, as Edward Said put it, in “flat disregard of both the presence and wishes of the native majority residents in that territory.”
Right from the start the Zionists understood “national home” to mean an eventual Jewish state. Actualizing that assumption has had enormous implications not only for the Palestinians but also for the Jews. And, as it turns out, for the rest of us as well.
You cannot introduce one people, in this case a large number of Europeans who happen to be Jewish, into a territory populated by hundreds of thousands of non-Europeans, without negative consequences.

The Female Gaze, Gender Oppression And Men Putting Meat On The Table

: Over recent decades, literary scholarship has extensively discussed the male gaze and its role in gender oppression. But the female gaze has been marginalized and largely ignored. That blindness has hindered seminal work to penetrate the gender divide. The female gaze must be included within a broad-based effort to thrust forward to a better future.
The problematics of the female gaze are clearly apparent in the mid-fifteenth-century case of an elite, young, newly married Italian couple. He was a young and handsome nobleman. She was a member of an eminent and distinguished Florentine family. A feast for the couple was arranged for a few days after their marriage. At that feast, rather than being full of happiness and smiles as most newly married women are, this woman appeared sad and downcast.
Her mother took her aside for a private talk about her distress. Her mother sympathetically inquired:
Surely the thing was healthy enough to satisfy?
{ Nunquid res sint satis salvae? } [1]

Franken Pelosi + Liberty & Non-Disclosure Agreements - WB7

90% Of Street Homeless People Are Men. How Does Shelter Respond?

...Now Polly Neate (ex CEO, Women’s Aid) Is In Charge
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to Tony for pointing out that the home page of the homelessness charity Shelter consists of a photograph of a British Asian women, with her children, and a request for a donation – here. Polly Neate (above) is clearly carrying on where she left off at Women’s Aid. What a loathsome woman. The ‘Support us’ page is here, at the top is a photograph of a girl, with the headline:

Every day in Britain 150 families become homeless.
The ‘What we do’ page has at the top a photograph of a mother and her baby – here.

Husband’s Sexual Obligation To Wife Is Matter Of Life & Death

: A wife having sex with her husband when she doesn’t feel like doing it is now regarded as her husband raping her. In the more enlightened Middle Ages, the situation was much different. Christian spouses had an obligation to grant each other’s requests for sex, even if one didn’t feel like doing it.[1] The Christian marital sexual obligation was know as the marital debt. But this marital sexual obligation wasn’t merely understand in contractual-commercial terms. A medieval husband’s sexual obligation to his wife included action saving her life and preserving her mental health.
In medieval Italy, a young, newly married woman was gravely ill. She lay on her back, her eyes closed, scarcely breathing, and looking like a corpse. Everyone thought that she would soon die. The young, newly married husband despaired greatly of her mortal illness. Showing manly initiative, he rose into action:

The husband was lamenting that his wife, with whom he had been sexually intimate so few times and whom he loved greatly, was being so soon snatched away from him. He therefore decided to have sex with her before she expired. After having sent away all bystanders by mentioning vaguely the performance of some secret act, he engaged in sexual intimacy with his wife.

How To Reject Women

MGTOW 101: How To Reject Women Jerry Seinfeld says ‘no thanks’ to hug from Kesha (no free hugs)

Jews And American Wars

By Gilad Atzmon: In an interview with Hadashot news deputy FM Tzipi Hotovely emphasised that she cares for American Jews and sees them as her extended family. She also confirmed that American Jewish youngsters fight for Israel. “To all those Americans who are lone soldiers,” she said,  “or those who have grandparents who fought in World War II, I salute you all.” Some Diaspora Jewish youngsters do join the IDF and participate in Israel’s criminal wars. However, the one thing Hotovely didn’t do is retract her accurate observation that American Jews don’t send their kids to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.*  Despite the American Jewish Lobby pushing relentlessly for immoral interventionist conflicts (Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq etc.), American Jewish youngsters are 7 times under represented in the USA military as shown in the table above.
They may support wars, but they expect others to fight them.
But what about WWII, how many Jews gave their lives on Omaha Beach?
Wouldn’t you expect a large number of young Jewish Marines to jump into the freezing water of Normandy on June 6, 1944 (D-Day) in support of the liberation of Europe so the can save their Jewish brothers in the old continent?

Farrakhan Washington, D.C. Press Conference

"Every black man of consequence
was called an anti-Semite."
Said Farrakhan.

Justin Trudeau: Housing Is NOT A Human Right