29 Nov 2017

News: It's The Thot That Counts

You can't argue with the numbers.

Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault Tucker Carlson Fights Back Tears


Hook-Up Culture

By Jordan Holbrook: In last week’s post, I discussed sex-differences in the estimation of sexual intention and misprediction bias between men and women. To briefly recap: “In line with previous research, the authors found women’s ratings of their own sexual intentions were 23% lower than men’s average estimates of female intent based on the same behaviours and comments.
Women report significantly higher own sexual intentions when they are asked about other targets’ intentions before their own, suggesting that 48-69% of the overestimation bias is attributable to women underreporting their own sexual intentions.
There seems to remain a substantial gap in how women and men interpret dating situations, which could lead to problematic misunderstandings between dating partners’ intentions in actually wanting to have sex.”
The article was a discussion of a study I found and I wanted to explore how much miscommunication there was between men and women in sexual/romantic settings in an attempt to shed some light on how sexual/romantic faux pas (if one could call them that) occur. Finding that men overestimate women’s interest and women underestimate their own came as no surprise to me. Finding that much of 48-69% of the overestimation bias is attributable to women underreporting their own sexual intentions even caught me a little off-guard; I did not anticipate it being so high, to be entirely honest.

Rituals Under Scrutiny Once Again

By Gilad Atzmon: The ultra Zionist settler outlet Israel National News reported yesterday that “Russian Jews slam ‘anti-Semitic myth’ that the country’s last tsar  “was murdered by Jews for ritual purposes."
Marina Molodtsova, a senior investigator for a special ministerial committee on the 1917 slaying of Nicholas II of Russia, said on Monday during a conference in Moscow that her committee will conduct “a psycho-historical examination” to find out whether the execution of the royal family was a ritual murder.
At the same event, Father Tikhon Shevkunov, a Russian Orthodox Church bishop, said that, according to “the most rigorous approach to the version of ritual murder, a significant part of the church commission [on Nicholas II’s killing during the Russian revolution of 1917] has no doubt that this murder was ritual.”

Egalitarianism: The A-Religious Origin Of Western Decay

Young Woman On American Circumcision

Bonobo3D: After the Seattle screening (Nov.19, Social Justice Film Festival) of Brendon Marotta's award winning documentary film, 'American Circumcision' Jeanine Comstock shared her thoughts about the film and the issue.

China Supercomputer Power

Max and Stacy discuss China’s supercomputer power beating out all the competition, by far, and America’s show of force in the Pacific displaying military might… at a huge price. Max interviews Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about the state of the economy in China.

Laurier University President Bullshits Everyone About Freedom Of Expression

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American Beauty: The Red Pilling Of Lester Burnham 2/3