4 Dec 2017

Feminist UK Supreme Court President Baroness Hale Launches Jewish Customs Booklet Promoting The Criminal Offence Of MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation

Via Ray J4MB: This on the Family Law Week website. This makes my blood boil. An extract:

Speaking at the Supreme Court, Lady Hale said that the Board of Deputies “should be congratulated” for producing a document which is “for all those legal professionals seeking to understand the Jewish community”.
In her speech, Lady Hale also praised her counterparts at the Israeli Supreme Court which, she said “deserves our support whenever we can give it to them”.
Hale is by some distance the least capable and experienced of the Supreme Court judges. She was appointed President because vagina, and cannot be unaware that there are no exemptions to the law permitted on religious or cultural grounds. Here we have the UK Supreme Court President promoting the criminal offence of MGM [male infant ritual genital mutilation].

From Israel With Love - I Support The Campaign Against Antisemitism

By Gilad Atzmon: Above: Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position next to the Lebanese border ( 2nd Lebanese War, 2006).
From Israel With Love” the Israeli girl writes to the Semite kid across the border.
What about loving your neighbours instead?

CAFCASS: Learning From Serious Case Reviews


Every so often yours truly suffers from an attack of optimism. Do not be alarmed. Thus far it has never lasted long. Whilst we continue to flounder in the usual ocean of falsity, some odd things have been happening recently. My last post advertised the Ministry of Justice’s ‘fessing up to the greater likelihood of men being imprisoned for the same category of offence as women. And I note that in the 2017 Parliamentary debate for International Men’s Day, Philip Davies was not the only MP who noted that men are both more likely to be imprisoned than women, and for longer sentences. Eh? Eh? But that’s the sort of thing that only hateful, misogynistic, conspiracy nutjobs think, surely?

And now this report from Cafcass: Learning from Cafcass submissions to Serious Case Reviews. There is some even more unexpected ‘fessing up being done. I’ll get to that.

First a brief reprise.

If They Call You An 'Antisemite'...

Gilad Atzmon: Theodor Herzl and the anti-semitic side of Zionism:

Face The Morning Sun + Save The Children


The Curious Case Of Jared Kushner And The Israel Lobby

Kushner crossed the line from using his First Amendment
right to speak freely about government policy into
subverting official US foreign policy in favour of Israel.
By Richard Silverstein: Leaders throughout the region and analysts who’ve devoted much of their lives to pursuing this goal were stunned that the US had charged a young man with no previous experience except negotiating commercial real estate deals with resolving one of the world’s most intractable problems.
Kushner's Middle East policy
Since Kushner, whose family has made significant donations to Israeli settlements, was already known to be heavily pro-Israel in his approach, he determined that the Saudis were the key to unlock the Arab part of the equation.
So he’s made three visits to the Saudi kingdom in the past year. He brought his father-in-law on the latter’s first foreign trip as president to visit King Salman and the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

Scrap Due Process for Men, Burn Everyone At The Stake! #MeToo

Regards, Bearing.

Israel Has A Robot Army - And It Should Scare The Shit Out Of You

By Darius Shahtahmasebi: As Israel prepares for yet another war directly on its border, the truth about Israel’s vast military capabilities has been largely absent in the corporate lame-stream media. 
However, if one were to be fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be able to travel to Israel’s border with Syria in the north and the Gaza strip in the south, they might see what looks more or less like a scene from RoboCop.
Israel is the first country in the world to use unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) to not only patrol its borders but also to replace soldiers on missions, as well. The new Border Patroller model can be armed with remote-controlled weapons, reconnaissance means, and additional components that cannot be fitted on the traditional Guardium model it had been using for years prior.
The robot is also able to patrol underground and gather information for units that are present on the surface. For example, it can help soldiers avoid booby-trapped tunnels.
These robots can be given pre-designated routes for their patrol, making them more or less autonomous.

Crossed Wires And Sexual Signals

Misprediction and overestimation bias in sexual intention.

Israel's Right To Exist Video Debunked

Ryan Dawson: This guy [Dershowitz] is a lawyer? He's throwing up Mythology as History. Imagine if Christians just started saying Noah's Ark was a Historical event or that the Tower of Babble, Story of Samson, Jonah and the Wale, or Moses walking through the red Sea were History and not Religion. But King David and the Giant that's a real one. LOL.