8 Dec 2017

"On Jerusalem, Trump Is Purchasing Israel's Protection To Save His Presidency." Paul Craig Roberts

"Trump wants to stay in the good graces of the Israel lobby, because they are very powerful politically in the United States and Trump is under attack from so many quarters that
if he doesn't have the Israel lobby on his side he's dead meat. So I would speculate that he is doing everything he can
to make himself valuable to the Israel lobby,
because he's purchasing their protection."
Said Dr Paul Craig Roberts.

Laurier University President Bullshits The Sheeple On Lame-Stream Prime Time

Regards, Bearing.

"God Is Weeping"

Protests Lead To First Post-Trump-Speech Deaths, Victims Of Jewish State IDF Bloodlust.
By Tyler Durden: At least two rioters have been killed during clashes with the Israeli Death Forces along the border of the Gaza strip on Friday. And of course, the media didn't hesitate to blame their deaths on President Trump.
Demonstrations were organised in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip on Friday after Hamas, the freedom fighters that until recently universal support all over the Gaza Strip, called for Palestinians to rise up in a third Intifada against the Israelis while also declaring Friday a "Day of protest following Trump's Wednesday decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and ordered the State Department to begin preparations to move the US embassy there. While most of Israel's administrative services are based in West Jerusalem, most embassies and foreign diplomats are based in Tel Aviv.
While Trump's decision sparked outrage among leaders of the Muslim world and even drew a rebuke from the UN Security Council, the president pointed out in a late-night tweet that every former US president since at least Bill Clinton has promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital.

Campaign Against Antisemitism Is Grooming British Police Forces

By Gilad Atzmon: Please see yourself invited to review the intimate correspondence between the ultra Zionist Campaign Against Antisemitism and our British police forces. Documentation here.
Listen  to the great Richie Allen elaborating on the above.

Sean Connery On Women And Life


MGTOW Ghosting - Avoid Relationships, Not Women

The Flip Side Of Trump's Embassy Move

"I grew up as a Jew and know something about campaign promises to the Israel lobby. Cash in advance always expects cash back on delivery." Said Nathanael.

Expect Desperate And Insane Behavior From Government In 2018 - Part 3 - War

By Michael Krieger: In the first two installments of this series, I discussed the potential for the U.S. federal government to make some spectacularly foolish moves against its own people in the realms of cannabis and Bitcoin. My basic assumption is that government tends to despise freedom, and that “leaders” of an empire in decline like the U.S. are particularly vulnerable to very bad decisions.
Government propagandists constantly instruct the public that they need to be fearful of their neighbors or some guy in a cave overseas (who they probably funded in the first place), when they themselves tend to be the most unethical, corrupt thieves of all. It’s a very clever scam.
With that in mind, today’s post will zero in on what I consider to be the greatest threat to world peace going into 2018. While I remain unsure as to what the U.S. government may attempt when it comes to cannabis and Bitcoin, I’m far more concerned about the prospects of Donald Trump entangling this nation in an escalating and increasingly disastrous conflict in the Middle East. The signs are everywhere, and it’s all becoming very obvious.

Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement Means The U.S. Can Kiss Its Remaining Moral Authority Goodbye

It’s not just that the move makes ISIS and Iran and Hezbollah happy. It means the United States has no moral basis to object to dictators seizing land by war. Nice day’s work, Don.
In what is almost certainly the low point of his administration’s foreign policy performance thus far, President Donald Trump announced today that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will begin the process of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv. This is almost certainly a mortal blow to any peace plan Jared Kushner and his team have been working on for the past 10 months, and, in all likelihood, a massive setback in efforts to develop fledgling new relationships between Israel and Gulf Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Palestinians, in particular, will be outraged, and for good reason. This is a colossal betrayal by the guarantor of the peace process, the Oslo agreements and all of the understandings and treaties that have been entered into since 1993. All of them, without exception, hold that the future of Jerusalem is a final status issue to be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians.
The United States has just removed, in effect, that issue, even though Trump insists it has not.

The Chromosome Crusaders

"The Creepy Vagina Cult!"
Rejoice fellow sisters the evil men will not take our sacred gold