9 Dec 2017

'Manufactured Homes'

Max and Stacy discuss the rising cost of ‘manufactured homes’ – previously known as ‘mobile homes’ – pricing out the poor as hurricane victims and baby boomers vie for limited supply. In the second half, Max interviews former head of the North Carolina Democratic Party about the latest in the fight for net neutrality and a platform for the Democrats.

A Decade Of FKN Newz

RIP Mahmoud Zaal Odeh

If Americans Knew:  Palestinian deaths are largely ignored by US media. We want people to learn about these human beings. Mahmoud Za'al Odeh was killed November 30th, 2017; attached is a 90-second video about him.

Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority

'we are surrounded by very real threats created by Washington that receive no attention from Western governments and the presstitute media'
By Paul Craig Roberts: Michel Chossudovsky, a distinguished professor in Canada, directs the Centre for Research on Globalization and the website Global Research, a font of important information unavailable from the presstitute Western media. In this article he tells us that if we do not focus on peace instead of war, we are all going to die: https://www.globalresearch.ca/what-you-need-to-know-about-north-korea-and-the-dangers-of-nuclear-war/5615328
Professor Chossudovsky makes an important point, made to me some years ago by my colleague Zbigniew Brzezinski and recently by former Secretary of Defense William Perry (see: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/05/walking-into-armageddon/ ). Professor Chossudovsky reminds us to “bear in mind that mistakes are often what determine the course of world history.” A US attack on North Korea would be a mistake that could precipitate a nuclear war.
There is no doubt that Chossudovsky is correct.
Additionally, the continued demonization of Russia, China, and Iran could precipitate a nuclear war. In other words, we are surrounded by very real threats created by Washington that receive no attention from Western governments and the presstitute media. As I wrote on December 5, we are Walking Into Armageddon.”

CAFE's Proposed Toronto Shelter For Abused Men And Their Kids

US Cop Executes Terrified Man In Cold Blood

The events in the video below took place in January 2016. Every U.S. citizen should watch this and share. It’s horrifying that a person hired to “protect and serve” seems to derive so much pleasure from demeaning and then executing someone he swore to defend.
This police officer acts as if he’s mentally deranged, and based on his statements before killing the terrified, crawling victim, it seems he was looking for any excuse to shoot. Then, after he does shoot and kill, he doesn’t flinch. At all. - Even worse, this cop was just found “not guilty” by an Arizona jury.
The officer’s name is Philip Mitchell Brailsford, which you should be aware of in case he comes looking for a job in your town. The executed citizens’ name is Daniel Shaver.


Introduction by GA: In the following commentary, Laura Stuart points out the duplicitous nature of the arguments that were levelled against her. Stuart shows that Labour councillor Adam Langleben doctored her tweets in order to present a misleading message of anti Jewish bigotry. In Stuart’s tweet, she referred to Israeli film maker Yoav Shamir’s grandmother who was caught on camera being highly critical of her own people’s affinity to money; in Langleben’s ‘evidence’ of Stuart’s ‘antisemitsm’ the reference to Shamir’s film was left out. If Jewish Labour councillor Langleben thinks that justice is on his side, why does he feel the need to doctor evidence?  Is deception in the attempt to defame consistent with Labour Party’s values? 
Quoting with precision is at the core of Athenian methodology and Western scholarly ethics. The Labour Party will have to choose between Athens and Jerusalem.  I wonder how long it will be before the Labour Party openly expresses fatigue with the foreign lobby that is determined to derail Labour ideologically, politically and spiritually. 
By Laura Stuart: As evidence of my being anti-Semitic, Adam Langleben has tweeted a number of screens hots with accusations against posts on the Gaza Boat Convoy Twitter feed.

Women's Sharp Turn Left

Bettina Arndt and Peta Credlin talk about why women in Australia are becoming more left-wing.