11 Dec 2017

Defending Daniel Holtzclaw

"You need to know about Daniel, because what happened to him could happen to any of you."
Feminism KEK: Find out how an innocent man was turned into a public villain. Every day Daniel Holtzclaw remains in prison is another day your own liberty remains at risk.

Petition: Male Domestic Violence Victim Support Services In Wales

Via N4M: Please consider signing this petition for Male Domestic Violence victim support services to be independently run and funded in Wales. 
e-Petition: Male domestic violence victim support services to be independently run & funded 
Male domestic violence victim support services to be independently run & funded separately from Women's Aid Cymru & all associated.
The cross-government definition of domestic violence and abuse is: "Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality." 
Domestic Abuse can effect anyone. With more Male victims/survivors seeking help, advise, support & safety than ever before. It is important that Male victims deserve independent support & funding from such gender bias groups as Women's Aid Cymru & all associated.
Male victims/survivors deserve support/help specific to their needs, while still maintaining their dignity, & providing them and their children safety equal & parallel to that which women currently receive.

CNN Exposed As Propaganda Ministry For The DNC And Military/Security Complex

By Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Glenn Greenwald, one of the few real journalists that still exist in the West, none of whom work for CNN or any of the US or European media, has given us the story of the latest mass lie told to the world by CNN. https://theintercept.com/2017/12/09/the-u-s-media-yesterday-suffered-its-most-humiliating-debacle-in-ages-now-refuses-all-transparency-over-what-happened/
Allow me to be unequivocal. CNN is not a news service. It is a shit hole. There is no one at CNN who has any integrity or any intelligence. CNN is a collection of corrupt morons. If you added up the entire IQ of everyone at CNN and multiplied it by one million it would not equal an IQ of 10. CNN integrity is deep into the negative depths. These morons are paid to lie to the American people and to the world. That is all that they do. Anyone who sits and listens to CNN is stupid beyond repair and cannot possibly have any idea of what is happening in the world.
Read Greenwald’s account of this massive lie spread around the world by the utterly venal and corrupt American media. You will see that the United States does not have a media. It has a propaganda ministry that manufactures lies to serve the One Percent.

Desperate Wives Should Try Farting To Get Sex From Husbands

Leading newspapers have reported that a huge number of husbands have raped their wives. Allegations of inappropriate words or touching of a sexual nature are enough to have a man fired from his job and to ruin his reputation for life. Men seducing women has long been criminalized. Now university officials are earnestly teaching students and faculty that they must get affirmative consent for each step in a sexual interaction and that consent can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Not surprisingly, many husbands are now fearful of sexually accosting their wives. That’s raising public concern because wives are becoming unhappy. Some wives are even showing signs of madness. Fortunately, medieval Latin literature offers a solution.
While a young couple was walking through a meadow, they saw a flock of sheep. The wife had an active mind:

seeing that the rams mounted only certain ewes, she questioned why certain ones rather than others were copulating.
{ conspectis nonnullis ovibus quas arietes subigebant, quaesivit cur potius cum illis quam cum aliis coirent. }

The Unexamined Brutality Of The Female Libido

By : Snow White is a rapist, claim the Seven Dwarfs. Video confirmation follows below. 
In a bizarre and intensely sexist article in The New York Times entitled “The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido“, Canadian (of course) soy boy Stephen Marche posited all male sexuality was brutal and, echoing dead feminist Andrea Dworkin, that men need to have sex only with flaccid penises, if at all. Marche fulminated unironically against “the often ugly and dangerous nature of the male libido.”
Oh, please.
Feminists like Laci Green and even Jessica Valenti reacted with savage libidinous rage of their own.
Green tweeted dear , please do not compare men as a whole to the harvey weinsteins and bill cosbys of the world ever again. just because your writers are rape-sympathizing creeps doesn’t mean all men are. thx bye.
Valenti, who otherwise never met a problem she didn’t blame on men, nevertheless jumped in as if fearing a backlash. She tweeted

This is bad & dangerous: Men’s sexuality is not inherently predatory and claiming it is normalizes assault

Labour Councillor Adam Langleben Was Lord 'Kiddie Fiddler' Janner’s Chief Of Staff

Reported by Gilad Atzmon: I learned this morning from the Jewish Algemeiner that Labour councillor Adam Langleben, who recently  doctored Laura Stuart’s tweets in a clear attempt to defame her as an ‘antisemite’, worked as Chief of Staff to Lord Greville Janner. For those with short memory, Lord Janner was accused of some extensive sex predatory behaviour. He was allegedly molesting British children in his marital bed at the time he was the head of the Jewish community*.
The Algemeiner also reveals that our Labour councillor  Langleben "sits on the National Council of the Zionist Federation UK and is on the board of Pro-Zion, the Reform Zionist organisation of Britain."  Monitoring the British Zionist league and its political affairs doesn’t leave you with a single dull moment. 
*Lord Janner was the chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) between 1978 to 1984. The BOD claims to represent the British Jews.

Mohammad Saleh Abu Haddaf

If Americans Knew: Palestinian deaths are largely ignored by the lame-stream media. We want people to learn about these human beings. Mohammad Saleh Abu Haddaf died December 6th, 2017; attached is a 1-minute video about him.

"You Grow Up Wanting To Be Luke Skywalker, Then Realize You've Become A Stormtrooper For The Empire"

By Garret: Shocking account of how U.S. Iraq War veterans had their 9/11 patriotism crushed & replaced with something far more alarming…
Someone asked:

How do you Americans as a people walk around head held high, knowing that every few months your country is committing a 9/11 size atrocity to other people. Imagine if the 9/11 terror attacks were happening in america every few months. Again and again, innocent people dying all around you. Your brothers and sisters. For no reason.
Daniel Crimmins from U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division answered:
“Many of us are unable. Many of us watched 9/11, and accepted the government and media’s definition of the attack as a act of war rather than a criminal action. A smaller portion, drifting along passively thought a major war was coming, that people we knew were going to fight and die. Some of us maybe worried about our younger brother being drafted, despite being in college.

God Just Became Gender Neutral In Sweden To Appease Feminists