13 Dec 2017

The Feminist Mafia Hit Squad

Lamar Campbell: I'm here to save my brothers.
"The hit squad are going to come for the man, take his children away and put him on child support for 18 years. If times get hard the hit squad are going to hit him with a warrant and take his licence away or put him in jail and eventually make him a felon. Women have so much power in today's gynocentric world and we don't have an idea of how much power they truly have. ...Women have sold their soul to the devil to destroy men, brothers. We have to be aware of this, because we're in danger. ...In 2017 we're in bad shape and we have tyo look past the bullshit, we have to wake up."

The President Who Stole Christmas

'How can one man decide to take our historical capital away and give it to another country?'
James M. Wall writes: Below is an email from a close friend, Laurie Salameh. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband Estephan, and their three children.
By Laurie Salameh: President Trump stole our Christmas. And he did it standing in front of Christmas trees.
In what was an unusually polished speech (for him), President Trump announced the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has plans to relocate the U.S. embassy to there from Tel Aviv. We sat on our couch watching, our hearts pounding and our fists clenching, wondering whether it was ignorance, lunacy or plain hubris that drove him to make this announcement.
How can one man decide to take our historical capital away and give it to another country? How can he do that without acknowledging the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who live in Jerusalem? Who live in the city of their birth without access to services, without basic human rights, who live unacknowledged? What happens to them?

Amnesty International In Ireland Will Fight Order To Return George Soros’s £137,000 Donation For Pro-Abortion Activism

By : A piece in The Irish Times. George Soros is, of course, infamous for funding ‘progressive’ causes and organizations. Breitbart too has published a piece on the Amnesty International in Ireland story. It ends: 
Soros’s organisations have been working across the world to undermine nations’ cultures, autonomy, and laws, with Hungary most notably hitting back by pushing for legislation on greater transparency of foreign-funded NGOs and universities – both directly affecting Soros interests.
In response, the European Union has threatened Hungary with probes and legal action. Leaked documents reveal that at least 226 Members of European Parliament are considered “reliable allies” of Soros. 

In late 2015, while we were searching for a venue to host ICMI16, we approached an Amnesty International venue in London which, on the face of it, could have been perfect. The venue staff refused to even have a phone conversation on the matter, denying us the opportunity to host a conference at the venue on the basis J4MB is an anti-feminist organization, and Amnesty a pro-feminist one. Amnesty were making it clear it didn’t give a damn about the human rights of men as a class.

Kremlin Treats Trump's Tweets As Official Announcements

As well as material to be referred to the KGB's psychiatric evaluation team.
By RIA Novosti: The Kremlin considers the messages on Twitter by US President Donald Trump as official statements, it was reported by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Tuesday via the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.
"I do not consider myself in a position to comment on the actions of the President of the United States of America. But in any case, everything that comes out of his authorized Twitter account is perceived in Moscow as his official statement, in no other way, and, of course, is reported to President Putin along with other information about the constant statements of politicians and heads of state," Peskov said.

Jewish State Airstrikes Only Kill Civilians Here's Why

It’s Time To Rethink Education - Indoctrination

Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned. - Mark Twain
By Michael Krieger: As a father of two young children, my thoughts have increasingly started to center around their young lives and the future world they’ll inhabit. Such considerations quickly lead to stressful questions such as, what are the best schools in the area? Which option can provide the best environment in which to thrive? If the best options aren’t public, can we afford them? Is it worth the money? All these questions and more have filled the minds of my wife and I over the past couple of years, but lately we’ve started to ask even bigger questions; such as whether the compulsory education system as it exists in the U.S. in 2017 makes any sense in the first place. I’m increasingly starting to conclude that it doesn’t.
Before I get into that, let’s take a step back. A lot of what I do is highlight what’s perverse and destructive about human behavior at this time, and how things can be made dramatically better in the future. If I had to summarize my worldview concisely, I’d state that human beings at the moment are living under highly centralized, hierarchical power structures which are gamed by unethical, greedy and corrupt people at the top who exploit the masses ruthlessly.

Bitcoin Futures & Future Of Cryptocurrencies

Max and Stacy discuss the introduction of bitcoin futures and what it means for the future of cryptocurrencies. In the second half, Max continues his interview with the former head of the North Carolina Democratic party about the latest in the fight for net neutrality and a platform for the Democratic party.

Bread, Butter And Brotherhood

Gilad Atzmon addresses Keith Kahn-Harris’ criticism in the Forward
By Gilad Atzmon: Every few months The Jewish Forward, a New York so- called progressive outlet, appoints one of its less gifted writers to destroy Gilad Atzmon. This week, Keith Kahn-Harris, a London-based sociologist, took on the mission.
“Cloaked In Pretensions, Gilad Atzmon’s Anti-Semitism Soldiers On” is the title  Khan- Harris gave to his article. As we will see, Khan-Harris desperately tries to present yours truly as a pretentious masturbatory writer, but instead he takes us on a spectacular journey through a hollow Jerusalemite mind. Khan-Harris fails to substantiate any of his claims. Actually, it seems that by the time Khan-Harris reaches the end of his piece, he has become something resembling an avid converted ‘Atzmonite.’ Read for yourself:
“Atzmon’s diagnoses of the pathologies of the ‘post-political’ age certainly resonate with the zeitgeist in a time when extraordinary new alliances and ideological fusions emerge on a daily basis. Atzmon can offer a patina of philosophical respectability, a thrilling sense of intellectual discovery, to fellow adventurers – and even if he might wish it to be otherwise, his disavowed Judaism provides a useful alibi to anti-Semites.”
I can assure Khan-Harris, that his paragraph would make my Israeli mother proud.

Trump Serves The War Gods

Ex-Jew Nathanael: