16 Dec 2017

The State Of Free Speech On Australian Campuses

Who Wants To Have A Smaller Penis?

Bonobo3D: Fearless Franny Max asks OBGYN's attending the ACOG Conference (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) "Who Wants to Have a Smaller Penis." So far Franny has yet to meet a single man (or a woman for that matter) who wants to have a smaller penis. OBGYN's are responsible for carving baby boys smaller penises.

American Empire Entering Decline

Max and Stacy discuss the proposal to send Erik Prince’s private army to secure the trillions of dollars worth of national resources of ... Afghanistan. And while the elite like Prince rig the system at the top to dole out free money for oligarchs, so too must the bottom 99% game the complex Obamacare system in order to get free healthcare. In the second half, Max interviews Marshall Auerback of the Levy Institute. They discuss ice hockey and economics of MMT.

Not Dealing With Your Feelings?

Men Are Good!: There is a huge lack of understanding in our culture of the way men heal from loss and difficulties. This leaves men vulnerable to the bizarre notion that they need to emote more like women. This short video gives a quick glimpse into the basics and tells the story of how Tom came to understand this.

Antisemitism, The Holocaust And Palestine

'If you feel guilty about Hitler, stand for Palestine and the Palestinians!'
A Statement Delivered By Gilad Atzmon At Babylon Theatre Berlin
In the last few days, in advance of the NRhZ’s humanitarian award ceremony, like Ken (FM) Jebsen and others, I have been subject to an insane defamation campaign. None of it was substantiated. It was comprised of fabricated quotes: I was called a ‘holocaust denier’ and a ‘holocaust relativist.’ Yet, not a single genuine reference was made to my writings or talks.  In my work I criticise reducing the holocaust into a crude religion, an intolerant dogma. In my writing I protest against all history laws (Nakba laws, Armenian Genocide laws, Holocaust laws etc.) History for me, is the attempt to narrate the past as we are moving along. As such, it must be sustained as a dynamic discourse, subject to constant change and revision, even if this change happens to be slightly uncomfortable. For me, history is an ethical message --Only when we revise the past may we be able to, once again,  rethink our future and destiny.

UK Institutionalised Gynocentrism & Misandry: Innocent Student Liam Allan’s Two Years Of Torment

By : A piece in Times:

Liam Allan had planned initially to take a law degree but later decided to study criminology because he was interested in the wider aspects of the criminal justice system.
Four months into his course at Greenwich University the 19-year-old student from Beckenham, south London, who had never been in trouble with the police, was to get a brutal lesson in the failures that can lead to innocent people being convicted. He was warned he faced up to 20 years in jail after a woman he had previously known, who cannot be identified, accused him of a series of brutal rapes and sex assaults over a 14-month period.
He turned for help to a local solicitors’ office where he had completed work experience and relied on the police investigation to collect the evidence. He was cleared of all charges yesterday when it was revealed that detectives had failed to reveal evidence from the woman’s telephone that proved his innocence.
“I can’t explain the mental torture of the past two years,” he said.

UK University Entrants 2017

This is the first end-of-cycle report from UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) since Mary Curnock Cook retired as CEO. Each year for several years Curnock Cook took some pains to publicised, in the national press, the failing fortunes of males in university entry. I do not expect a similar response from the new CEO, Clare Marchant.
This article reports on data from UCAS and relates to the UK. UCAS accounts for the overwhelming majority of applications to full time undergraduate higher education courses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and about two-thirds of those in Scotland.
In 2017 the number of men applying to HE institutions was less than the number of women by just short of 100,000.
Yes, women do dominate in STEMM, as claimed previously, though not in STEM, which I have never claimed – despite the implications from some quarters 
In 2017, application rates via UCAS for men and women were 32.5% and 44.0% respectively. Entry rates were 27.8% and 37.7% for men and women respectively. The number of women exceeded the number of men by 36% as regards both applications and entry.

It’s Time To Rethink Education - Part 3 - The Future Of College

By Michael Krieger: Over the next ten years, I suspect the concept of a college education will be questioned to such an extent, and by so many people, that all assumptions we currently hold dear will be discarded. The spark for this momentous shift will start, as is so often the case, with simple economics. Too many young people have taken on too much debt to get jobs that didn’t require this education they were told they needed. We quite literally have an entire generation that understands this intimately, and this understanding will shape the way they see college, and education in general, as they raise kids of their own.
As I write this, I’m excited to say we live in one of the most extraordinary times in human history. The old way of doing things in virtually every aspect of human civilization has either broken down, or is breaking down as I write this. Communications, media, finance, money itself, etc. The list is seemingly endless, and education is no exception. In fact, I think education is an example of extremely low-hanging fruit and will be disrupted and decentralized in unimaginable ways in the years ahead.