25 Dec 2017

Women Who Should Be In Prison: False Rape And Sexual Assault Allegations

Jordan Holbrook: Merry Christmas to one and to all!
Here be another video where I discuss recent cases of false allegations that should have landed the liar in prison but, did not!
Have a merry and festive holiday period and I will see you in the new year!

Jewish Israeli Death Forces (IDF) Clash With Christian Palestinian Santas On Christmas In Bethlehem

By Tyler Durden: On Christmas Eve, Palestinians, many of them dressed as Santa Claus, staged a rally in the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank protesting against to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Israeli death forces used tear gas and stun grenades against the father Christmases from one of the many Israeli military towers in Bethlehem - the ancient town widely acknowledged as the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
Throughout Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the West Bank pilgrimage and tourism was noticeably down over the Christmas holiday season as protests and clashes over President Trump's December 6th announcement continued, which also included plans to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem in order to reflect the change in US status.
via Reuters
The AFP reported that even many locals have stayed away from centrally located Christmas celebrations at traditional gathering places this year due to the clashes:
On Bethlehem's Manger Square, hundreds of Palestinians and tourists gathered in the cold near a huge nativity scene and Christmas tree to watch the annual scout parade.

Feminist Christmas Songs You Need In Your Life


How Palestinians Can Transform Statelessness Into Strength

'the power of their [Palestinians] moral claim,
a fact recognized by civil society through BDS.
Israel is an apartheid statethat ought to be
the only context for Palestinian tactics and strategy.'
By Ahmed Moor: Trump’s Jerusalem decision hurts. But it takes time to know why. 
The Palestinians have spent an age coping with reality. The reality of wilting leaders, of capricious allies and an endlessly raw deal. They’ve learned the reality of being broke and on the dole to one or another prince or “career diplomat at State.” More than a hundred years into Zionism, they’ve learned the emotional reality of being weak.
Disappointment, heaving, despairing rage, cynicism and a black outlook jockey for space behind the brows of a boneheaded people. Fool me once, shame on you; but fool the Palestinian leadership as many times as you like.
Unerringly, Palestinian leaders seem to place the hopes of an entire people on a faithless set of actors. Europe, America, and Arab “leaders” consistently violate commitments. It’s nothing personal – it’s just real-world interests leave little room for the considerations of the weak. Nor are the Palestinians particularly special. In a world of great powers, justice is more often a drab retrospective, long after the virtuoso has died.

Bad Science And Believe All Women

The DUMBEST #MeToo Video Ever Made!

Regards, Bearing.

Dear #MeToo, I’d Like To Introduce You To #MikePenceRules

By : Welcome to the calamity now popularly known as #MeToo.
Now, I did a talk on the current sexual assault and sexual harassment hysteria back in November when all the attention was on Harvey Weinstein. I did that in anticipation of all the high profile liberal asshats and cuckservatives who would go right under the bus as the femifrenzy went into overdrive.
Some people felt that talk was a little heartless. And you know what? They’re right. I have grown a little heartless about the self-inflicted blue pill misery of pompous blowhards who never gave a rat’s ass what was happening to their fellow man as long as they were fat with cash and living in the dream-state of being above it all.
These are the same people, rich and powerful movers and shakers, who have buried their noses in feminist ass till cheeks met cheeks, for politics and popularity at cocktail parties, while good men died like dogs right at their feet.
So yeah, watching these prigs fall over like so many dominoes doesn’t exactly qualify as a bummer in my life. Matter of fact, I am enjoying the show.
I am particularly enjoying the outrage of Tavis Smiley, who is now railing publicly about being fired by PBS without any kind of fair hearing. He is moaning about how this, “…has gone too far,” to anyone who will listen, which isn’t very many people.

God Was A Sex Offender Says Feminist

'Consent is never mentioned': Feminist says she 'struggles' to teach her daughters the Christmas nativity story - because the Virgin Mary was 'raped' by God
By Molly Rose Pike: A feminist mother has sparked outrage by arguing that the Virgin Mary was 'raped' by God when she conceived the baby Jesus.
Mumsnet user Huppopapa says she is trying to teach her daughters about consent but 'struggles' to understand the Christmas story because of Mary's immaculate conception.
She asked if someone could give her 'an explanation of how God's treatment of the Virgin was in any way acceptable.'
Other users on the forum were shocked by her thoughts, with one questioning her sanity.
Huppopapa explained that her daughters' father is religious and so they will be taught the story of Christmas. 
The mother said Mary's experience was 'utterly and clearly rape' and questioned how she would teach it to her girls.
She posted: 'The Virgin Mary was made pregnant by a man/God/spirit she had never met and without a single word of consent being spoken or even discussed. To my mind that is utterly and clearly rape.

Magical Thinking, Whimsical Robots & Melting Alaska

Max and Stacy discuss magical thinking, whimsical robots, and melting Alaska. In the second half, Max continues his interview with author Jim Rickards of Meraglim.com about predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence… and bitcoin and gold.