30 Dec 2017

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Church Of Sweden To Start Using Gender Neutral Terms For God

The phrase "in the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit" will now be "in the name of God and the Holy Trinity".
By : The Church of Sweden is to start using less male-orientated words like "Lord" and "He" when referring to God in a bid to inject more gender neutral language during services.
The move is one of several taken by the national Evangelical Lutheran church as they update a 31-year-old handbook setting out how services should be conducted in terms of language, liturgy and hymns.
The decision, passed last month by the church's members, takes effect on 20 May, the Christian holiday of the Pentecost.
The updated handbook will give clergy new options on what to name God during services should they desire.
This includes swapping the phrase "in the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit" used at the start of a service for "in the name of God and the Holy Trinity".
The Church said while traditional Christian expressions remained in the handbook, "gender neutral ways of referring to God" had been added to some prayers.

How Much Death And Destruction Awaits Us In 2018?

'Central banks, which are supposed to provide
economic stability, have created a massive fraud.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: The New Year is one full of economic, political, and war threats.
Among the economic threats are stock, bond, and real estate markets artificially pumped up by years of central bank money creation and by false reports of full employment. It is an open question whether participants in these markets are aware that underlying reality does not support the asset values. Central banks support stock markets not only with abundant liquidity but also with direct stock purchases. The Japanese central bank is now one of the largest owners of Japanese equities. Central banks, which are supposed to provide economic stability, have created a massive fraud.
Throughout the Western world politics has degenerated into fraud. No government serves the public’s interest. (See: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/29/eric-zuesse-explains-americas-worst-enemy/ ) Except for some former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, European governments have defied the will of the people by admitting vast numbers of refugees from Washington’s wars and others pretending to be refugees. The European governments further imperil their citizens with their support for Washington’s rising aggression toward Russia. The universal failure of democratic politics is leading directly to war.

The Great Moral Panic Of 2017: Asymmetries & False Narratives

Propaganda Aiming To Prove Iran Supplied Missiles Backfires

Closer look shows we are more vulnerable to ballistic weapons than we think. Here's why.
By Scott Ritter: On December 12, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave a press conference on the grounds of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C. The subject of this briefing: the threat posed by Iranian-supplied missiles employed by the Houthi rebels of Yemen in their ongoing fight against a Saudi Arabian-led coalition.
As a backdrop for this dramatic presentation, Haley had assembled various components and debris recovered from two previous missile attacks by the Houthi on Saudi Arabian targets. “If we do nothing about the missiles fired at Saudi Arabia, we will not be able to stop the violence,” Haley warned. “There is clear evidence that the missiles that landed on Saudi Arabia come from Iran,” she said, adding: “The evidence is undeniable. The weapons might as well have had ‘Made in Iran’ stickers all over it.”
The facts of the matter, however, are quite different.
According to Haley, the weapons in question were Iranian-made Qiam-1 missiles, possessing a range of up to 800 kilometers. Haley was parroting the claims of the Saudi Arabian government, which had previously released a press statement about the Houthi missile attacks and their links to Iran. The Commanding General of U.S. Central Command, Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigian, backed up the Saudi claims, without providing any new evidence.

Feminism And ‘Gender Narcissism’

By : Named after the Greek mythological figure Narcissus who saw his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with himself, the modern concept of the narcissism is a familiar to most of us. We see it in both men and women in varying degrees, and in the worst cases we call them Narcissistic Personality Disorders. Most instruments designed to test people’s score on narcissism scales tend to rate males (as a group) as more consistently narcissistic than females. Yet intuitively most impartial observers would rate women as equally if not more narcissistic than males. Why do we get these skewed findings; is it really a fact that males are more narcissistic than females, or might it be that the instruments and thier factor structures are biased in favour of finding male-preferred expressions of narcissism?
Whatever the case it’s an anomaly worth exploring, and one psychoanalyst has added a theory of narcissism that might help to broaden the conversation. Gerald Schoenewolf proposed an alternative called Gender Narcissism (article below), a gender neutral construct that brings a female example of narcissism more sharply into focus. Explored through the lens of psychoanalytic concepts the hypothesis of female gender narcissism resonates with insights from the men’s movement, and we can only hope future researchers begin to study it and other expressions of female narcissism (the posture of ‘victim narcissism’ for example) and incorporate them into the factor structure of testing instruments.

Nikki Haley: De Facto Jewish State Of Israel Agent

Haley is inevitably a hardliner on Syria and Iran, reflecting JSIL [Jewish state of Israel in the Levant] bias.
BY Philip Giraldi: The most recent claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “running” Donald Trump as if the U.S. president is a Russian intelligence asset comes from former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper. “[Putin] knows how to handle an asset, and that’s what he’s doing with the president,” Clapper told CNN last Monday. 
Clapper, who served as DNI under President Barack Obama, and who has repeatedly disparaged Trump both before and since the 2016 election, called the Russian president a “great case officer,” which might be the only nice thing said about Putin by a former senior U.S. official in quite some time. 
Clapper was asked by CNN’s Jim Sciutto, “You’re saying that Russia is handling President Trump as an asset?” He responded “That seems to be... that’s the appearance to me.” Later in the conversation, Clapper backtracked slightly, clarifying his remarks by adding “I’m saying this figuratively.” 
It was not the first time that a former senior intelligence official rendered a judgment that Trump is an intelligence asset being exploited by the Russians. Back during the campaign, former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell wrote an op-ed for the New York Times entitled “I Ran the CIA: Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

Story - Swallowed By A Snake

'The gift of the masculine side of healing'
Men Are Good!: Have you ever been swallowed by a snake? I bet you have. This story, which has that title, is about the experience we have when we face trauma. It's about a man who intentionally is swallowed by a snake and how he gets out. His experience offers us a template for the crappy experience of being traumatized and also offers some hope of getting out. The protagonist found that repeated cuts to the snake's belly eventually got him out of the trouble. What do you do to take a chunk from the snake's belly?