9 Jan 2018

White Male Ministers Risk Being Unfairly ‘Hoofed Out’ In Feminist Theresa May’s Reshuffle, Says Philip Davies MP

By White male ministers risk being 'hoofed out' to make way for women and minority ethnic MPs in the reshuffle, Tory MP Philip Davies has complained.
Theresa May’s reshuffle has created a "legitimate concern" that white, male ministers have been "hoofed out" to make way for women or minority ethnic MPs "because they are a white male", the Shipley MP told The Telegraph.
The Prime Minister is mid-way through a "refresh" of her Government which is expected to increase the number of female MPs and those from a black or ethnic minority background.
Mr Davies, a member of the House of Commons Women and Equalities committee, said the reshuffle had created “a legitimate concern that some people may feel they have been hoofed out or not promoted simply because they are a white male”.

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