1 Jan 2018

Woman Who Made Series Of Unfounded Sex Abuse Allegations About Ex-Partner Now Barred From Seeing Four-Year-Old Daughter

By , via Mike P, J4MB: This piece starts:
A woman who made a series of unfounded sex abuse allegations about her ex-partner has been barred from seeing their four-year-old daughter.
A High Court judge made the ruling after she concluded that the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had caused ‘significant harm’ to the little girl.
Ms Justice Russell said the woman had made ‘persistent and unsubstantiated’ allegations about the youngster being sexually abused by her father.
The judge said the little girl had been ‘repeatedly subjected to intimate examinations, solely at the behest of her mother’ and been prevented from having an ‘uninhibited relationship’ with her father.
She said the youngster’s early years had been blighted by her mother’s ‘irrational’ behaviour. [J4MB: Her behaviour wasn’t irrational. It was perfectly rational given her expectation that her false allegations would be believed, as false allegations are in so many cases, and she would therefore end up with sold custody of the child.] It goes without saying that the police / CPS should charge the mother with child abuse, but they won’t.



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