29 Apr 2018

Men Need To Wake Up

It's somewhat of a PSA, or at least an observation I have about the MGTOW community. I follow the MGTOW reddit forums at and r/MGTOW2. Recently a girl posted in the forums praising the men from r/MGTOW2 on being the nicer half of MGTOW. Saying stuff like the main thread r/MGTOW is full of bitter men spewing their toxic hate against women. Of course I'm paraphrasing, she said it in a much nicer way. I was immediately suspicious of this person Sandman. A women coming onto a MGTOW forum, praising us for being kind and "supporting" our community. I call baloney. She was attention seeking. And lo & behold Sandman, MGTOW men were praising her and thanking her for her support. It was like seeing red-pill men going blue-pill the instant a girl pats them on the head. What happened to internalized validation?
Am I reading too deep into this? Perhaps. But I think this is just the start of something more to come Sandman. Like you've predicted many years ago, women will start infiltrating the MGTOW community with praise and perky melons. When women are increasingly isolated from the dating market and learn that shaming men doesn't work, they will come out in droves, wearing aprons with a sandwich in hand. I wonder Sandman, how many men will go back to the plantation? And is it our place as fellow travelers to tell them not to led astray? I think many men are compromising with MGTOW in the current climate. I'm trying to internalize respecting individual sovereignty Sandman, at the same time I want to tell these men to wake up. I have to keep telling myself when in doubt, freedom is the right answer. So I guess it's their free choice to head back to the plantation. What do you think Sandman? Thanks and have a pleasant day." Well Henry thanks for the topic request. To me it looks as though women on Reddit are rewarding the nicer half of MGTOWs. Women as Jordan Peterson has mentioned on numerous occasions tend to be more agreeable than men. So if you want an environment that is inhospitable to woman than you make it emotionally inhospitable. You make it an environment that is emotionally uncomfortable for them. It doesn't matter how physically comfortable it is if it's emotionally bad they won't go there. So Henry when you describe a woman giving men validation for making an environment warm and hospitable for them than to me it signals that they are trying to convince men or reward men that make such environments fertile ground for women to hang out in. Women have a smaller Amygdala which means they have a harder time dealing with unpredictable or negative emotions. For men that were bullied their entire young lives they tend to have an Amygdala that's larger than usual guys. That leads to a lack of trust with other humans and means those men have a harder time forming new friendships and have more social anxiety as a result. I tend to be in that camp. Guys like that tend to be more suspicious of those around them, including women.

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