15 May 2018

Al Mayadeen's Nakba Special Featuring Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon

Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In this interview with Al Mayadeen's Zeinab Al Saffar I elaborated on The Right of Return, the racism that is inherent to the Jewish State, the Jewish solidarity spin and the inevitable future One Palestine from the river to the sea. 
Six years ago 20 Palestinians called for my disavowal as I was touring America raising funds for The March to Jerusalem.  At the time some Palestinians were happy to serve their 'solidarity meisters.'  But recent events  reveal how wrong they were. Their people are actually more determined than ever. 
The Right of Return is the core of the Palestinian plight. It puts Gaza in context, it brings Israeli crude racism to light. It unites the Palestinians, it unites the rest of us behind them.

This interview was filmed in Maroun al Ras, Southern Lebanon 

جلعاد آتزمون, الجندي الذي تخلّى عن جنسيتِه الاسرائيليةِ والكاتب السياسي المثير للجدل،، والذي أنكرَ أي انتماء لإسرائيل وثارَ عليها وهجرَها. من بلدة مارون الراس الجنوبية والمحاذية لفلسطين المحتلة يحدثنا من الداخل عن حق العودة كنداء عالمي وكيف يتم إخراجه عن مساره وتعطيله ومن المستفيد؟

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