5 May 2018

EXPOSED: Ben Swann Reveals Who Funds The White Helmets Propaganda

Ben Swann does a "Reality Check" on the founding and funding behind the war propaganda producing Syrian "White Helmets"
: Ben Swann is one of the boldest journalists to emerge from the fringes of American MSM and today he investigates the "Syrian Civil Defense" group known as the "White Helmets".
Swann has been an Alt-Media favorite ever since his work on "Pizzagate" while at CBS46. His groundbreaking work on that "Pizzagate" segment was punished by a vengeful deep state reaction as Mediaite details:
"Ben Swann, the evening anchor at CBS46, has apparently taken down his ‘Truth in Media’ website and social media accounts in the wake of his news segment in which he defended the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and said that it needed to be investigated.
He also deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He had over 75,000 Twitter followers when he took it down. The Truth in Media website, which he had active since 2012 and he’d been running while working for CBS46, is now locked from public view. The site was dedicated to questioning the mainstream media’s coverage of certain topics and issues.
Swann had been using his ‘Reality Check’ segments on CBS46 to delve into controversial subjects he felt needed to have more attention placed on them, especially when it came to providing different angles. It is unclear at this time if the station will allow him to continue hosting the segments."
Swann is not someone who backs down from controversial subjects and his most recent segment overviews the controversial backing of the White Helmets in Syria. Most people already know this shady group has been accused of both creating fake war propaganda, as well as having terrorist links. The White Helmets are a primary source used by Western MSM such as New York Times and Washington Post to support accusations against the Assad government.
The legitimacy of this group is very suspect. Here's a recap of recent articles we wrote about the group:
April 18th- Roger Waters of Pink Floyd Denounces 'Fake Organization' White Helmets (Video)
April 23rd- Russian TV Shreds Syria Gassing Fraud - Finds Kid Who Took Part in Hoax Video
Watch aboe video as Swann gives a Reality Check investigating whether White Helmets are a legitimate organization, or if they are just propaganda pawns pushing for regime change. Hint: it's not a legitimate organization. 

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