6 May 2018

Feminist 'TalkTalk' Blocks William Collins’s 'MRA-UK' Blog Under Its KidsSafe Initiative

By : Followers of this blog will be aware that many ISPs block sites which cover men’s issues sympathetically, and/or are anti-feminist, while they don’t block even the most misandrous feminist sites. Users of those ISPs have to contact them to remove the blocks on a site-by-site basis. Followers will also be aware of William Collins’s outstanding blog, The Illustrated Empathy Gap. Earlier this morning I tried to access it through a TalkTalk link, and was blocked. The key text:
KidsSafe has blocked this site.
The site you tried to access was detected to contain content that falls into the category Violence & Weapons, which your KidsSafe settings won’t allow.

If you still want to, you’ll need to remove the relevant block in My Account. Please remember, any site no longer blocked can then be seen on any device using your home broadband.
A screensave of the message is here.
Feminist manipulation of the internet goes much further. Wikipedia is rigorously policed by feminist editors, and it’s a highly unreliable source of information on the Men’s Rights / Gender Equality Movement, and individual activists.


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