8 May 2018

Man Seeking Compensation For Wrongful Attempted Rape Conviction After Serving 17 Years In Prison

‘It Is An Impossible Burden On Anybody’
Victor Nealon, 54. 
Via Sean, J4MB: A particularly shocking case of its type. The start of the piece:
An Irish man who spent 17 years in prison before his rape conviction was overturned is now seeking compensation in the UK Supreme Court.
Victor Nealon, 54, who is originally from Dublin, was found guilty of attempted rape and was given a life sentence after his trial at Hereford Crown Court. 
He served 17 years in jail – 10 more than the seven-year minimum term – after he persisted in asserting he was innocent. [J4MB emphasis]
He suffered a defeat at the High Court and then lost his case in the Court of Appeal.
Now, former postman Mr Nealon is appealing the decision in the Supreme Court in London.

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