17 Jun 2018

Are IQs Really Dropping?

corbett: Some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Story #1: War Stocks Plummet After Trump-Kim Summit https://bit.ly/2yfLxdw Whatever Happens Next, The Trump-Kim Summit Is a Win https://reut.rs/2JNkXNt Read The Trump-Kim Memorandum – The Devil Is In The Details https://bit.ly/2JWbzrf The Trump-Kim Summit Statement: Read the Full Text https://nyti.ms/2JJEHOR Story #2: Politicians Fear For Safety As Threats Against Congress Skyrocket https://nyp.st/2JL5Sw5 Wikipedia: New York Post https://bit.ly/1UFhxL7 Corbett Report: Interview 944 – Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception https://bit.ly/1WY7YJF Story #3: Researchers Find IQ Scores Dropping Since The 1970s https://bit.ly/2JNzVTO Dumb And Dumber: Why We’re Getting Less Intelligent https://bit.ly/2sZTFZR ‘Flynn Effect And Its Reversal Are Both Environmentally Caused’ https://bit.ly/2l2scDp Wikipedia: Flynn Effect https://bit.ly/2mXlv8n The Flynn Effect: A Meta-Analysis https://bit.ly/2l8r4yb One Century of Global IQ Gains: A Formal Meta-Analysis of the Flynn Effect (1909-2013) https://bit.ly/2JGOZiU Lucifer Curves: The Legacy of Lead Poisoning https://bit.ly/2JOWE1T Prenatal Exposure to Common Chemicals Linked to Lower IQ in Kids https://bit.ly/2wHZZ8m

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