25 Jul 2018

The Jewish State Israel's "Exceptional" Evacuation Of White Helmets And Militants From Southern Syria

Vanessa Beeley: Just did an interview on Al Mayadeen and this is what I learned from the other guests in Damascus and Jordan about #WhiteHelmet exodus from S. #Syria - Dr. Turkie Hassan from Damascus ( a researcher ). Dr Hayat Atiyah al-Houwaiyek from Jordan ( a writer and researcher ). :
1. Out of the alleged 800 White Helmets who were given "exceptional assistance" by Israel - only 442 have actually arrived in the camps in Jordan.
2. According to intelligence on the ground, reality is that more than 3000 "exceptional" refugees have actually transited into Israel.
3. Does this mean that more than 2,500 were either Israeli affiliates & proxies who have been repatriated to Israel, EU Special Forces who will return home from Israel or Gulf State intelligence and military entities who will also return home from Israel without needing to transfer to Jordan?
4. Nationalities involved are said to be UAE, Qatar, Saudi. Most were not Syrian.
5. These "exceptional" refugees would not accept Amnesty and be evacuated to the North as this would mean they would have to undergo inspection of their equipment and nationality which would expose the regime change coalition states who were controlling them. 6. Of the 442 who have arrived in Jordan, Germany has committed to taking 50, Canada has suggested it will take 250... so how many will France and the UK take?

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