10 Aug 2018

UK, France, Saudi, UAE, USA Slaughter Dozens Of People, Including 'At Least 50 Small Children On A School Bus'

"Women labour MPs, feminist labour MPs broke a three line whip in defence of Saudi Arabia. ...I know for whom people are working, I know from what they say, I know from the way that they say it."
There can be no case, for selling weapons to the Saudi Regime
By ICH and Agencie: "According to local officials a total of 50 people were killed and 77 were injured this morning. Of these, the ICRC hospital in Al Talh received 30 dead and 48 injured, of which the vast majority were children," Johannes Bruwer, the head of an ICRC delegation in Yemen, said in a Twitter post.
Al Masirah, a pro-Houthi rebel TV network, said the bus, which was carrying a group of students attending summer classes learning the Holy Quran, was targeted.

The official spokesman of Ansarallah, described the justifications of the US-Saudi aggression as Absurd. "Justifications of the spokesman of the US-Saudi aggression for his crimes are clear disregard for the lives of civilians. The stike targeted a school bus in the center of the city of Dahyan and between shoppers and pedestrians on the highway in Sa'ada."


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