27 Nov 2018

Kindergarten Kommunism Klass + Victim Fight

It's only as hard to come up with new ideas for videos
as it is for reality to keep outdoing itself. Here's to infinity...


Victim Fight: Cornerstore Caroline
DoctorRandomercam & SkepTorr
With thanks to the human race. At street level.
And thanks to Skeptorr. Behold his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/skeptorr

1 comment:

  1. DoctorRandomercam, ...are you really having a go at a group of Semitic people who have had their land stolen and been incarcerated in a concentration camp for decades by the Zionist Jews? Or did I miss an ironic angle to your statement about 'Palestine', because what is Palestine has had a state dumped on it called the Jewish [apartheid, says anyone who's cool, Tutu, Pink Floyd, Mandela, Mandela's grandson and even the fucked up UN] state Israel?

    It's so obscure that I'm not sure your readers will fully understand your point. I certainly feel like it's either unclear, or I'm missing the point, possibly due to the fact that I told the BBC to sod off after the bogus coverage of the infamous 2014 Jewish summer napalm etc., bombing campaign against one of the world's most populated cities that slaughtered 600 little Palestinian children and babies, thousands of adults and maimed tens of thousand more and so I'm outside the loop of brain-rinsed lunatics.

    Please elaborate.

    FYI here's the UN's report on your apparently new bathroom buddies, the Zionist Jews slaughter of civilians: https://www.ohchr.org/en/hrbodies/hrc/coigazaconflict/pages/reportcoigaza.aspx

    Please tell us in plain English what side you are on. If you've got balls, because now I've just been forced to imagine you haven't. Bearded lady, yuk! Yes, I've seen Goys will be Goys, but that's a different issue.

    Simply put, are you against the literally beleaguered multi faith Palestinian people and for the colonialist Zionist apartheid self-proclaimed Jewish state Israel?