31 Dec 2018

The World Known To Me Is Fading Away

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: In a few hours it will be another new year, 2019. I can remember when 1984 seemed far in the future, both as a calendar date and George Orwell’s predicted dystopia, to which 9/11 and the digital revolution gave birth in the 21st century. Now I find myself 25 years past 1984 and a stranger in a strange land.
Over these holidays two occurrances brought the strangeness of the present time home to me.
One was the arrival of the memoir, From the Cast-Iron Shore (University of Notre Dame Press, 2019) by my friend and onetime colleague, Francis Oakley, an historian of the medieval era and past president of Williams College. The other was the report that a Japanese man had married a hologram.

My Trip Through The Polypharmacy Blender

By : I agreed to write this story but have been surprised how hard it was to sit down and do it. I knew it all. The words were in my head, yet I avoided getting started. Perhaps it was because of the painful emotions I knew it would bring to the surface. Or maybe because it reminds me of the pain and suffering my family had to endure, how much we lost and the fact that I may not be able to do anything about it. Or it could be my frustration from the cognitive difficulties still affecting me, making writing a difficult task that drains what little energy I have.
My trip started this way: I was ill, injured and in pain. I went to my doctors for help, and they proceeded to drug me into oblivion. My PCP or “family doctor” diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I don’t think he really knew what I had, but once he put a name on my symptoms, he started throwing drugs at them. I was in constant pain, chronically fatigued and began to have severe bouts of anxiety. For four years I saw doctor after doctor but none of them could tell me what was wrong, or why I was getting worse not better despite all the drugs. It turns out I had autoimmune arthritis. I’d had it for 30 years, and since it was misdiagnosed and untreated for so long, my spine was a total wreck.

5 More US Campus Free Speech Controversies Of 2018

'Entire class punished for
'microaggressive' comments'
Authored by Grace Gottschling: This year was full of liberal elites on college campuses doing their darnedest to try to silence conservatives. The list made coming up with just five quite the tall task. But, as with anything else, Campus Reform is always up for a challenge.
That said, here are the five insane college campus free speech controversies of 2018. 

1. Gonzaga cites Christian mission in rejecting Ben Shapiro event

In November, Gonzaga University, a Christian college, refused to allow conservative pundit Ben Shapiro from speaking at the college. 
Shapiro had been invited by Gonzaga’s College Republicans chapter, but was ultimately rejected from being able to speak because of the perceived likelihood of protests. The college also argued that Shapiro’s speech would go against the university’s mission statement.
“Mr. Shapiro’s appearances routinely draw protests that include extremely divisive and hateful speech and behavior, which is offensive to many people,

Bad Man


Inside The Integrity Initiative, The UK Government's Information War On The Public

Moderate Rebels: Journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss Britain's Integrity Initiative and the information war it is waging on the public, with propaganda expert Professor David Miller.
We address the scandal surrounding this UK government-funded think tank, which has attacked Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-war left and laundered disinformation through the lame stream [corporate] media under the guise of countering Russia.

Bill Burr Goes Off On Outrage Culture - Joe Rogan

"The future is feminine!?"

30 Dec 2018

Jewish Zionists And Their Shabbos Goyim Have Even Taken Over UK's Islington Council

"Israel’s leaders speak openly of genocide and murder, yet they celebrate and promote Israel as if an icon of civilization, democracy and human rights.”
Gilad-AtzmonBy Richard Hugus: Jazz saxophonist and writer Gilad Atzmon was recently banned from playing at an assembly hall in Islington, a borough of London, by order of the Islington Town Council. This came about as a result of an e-mail from one person — Martin Rankoff — saying nothing more than that if Atzmon was going to be at the venue on December 21 he would give a ticket that was given to him to someone else. Rankoff wrote, “Mr Atzmon’s news and beliefs I personally find repulsive and do not wish to be in the same place as him, let alone listen to his music.” Rankoff included links to ADL and Israeli news outlets accusing Atzmon of antisemitism. Incredibly, on the basis of this letter alone, the Islington Council went way out of its way and contacted the show’s promoter to get Atzmon banned — something Rankoff didn’t even ask for.
Imagine the situation in reverse: Gilad Atzmon writes a letter to the Council saying he is uncomfortable with Martin Rankoff appearing in the audience at Islington assembly hall. He refers to Mr. Rankoff’s pro-Israel Twitter page where Rankoff calls Jeremy Corbyn “A Fucking Antisemite and Racist” and where Corbyn is pictured on a bike with a comment suggesting Corbyn should be rammed by a car.

Jazz Saxophonist Gilad Atzmon v ZOG Book Burners

"Zionism is a symptom of a way bigger problem."
Everything you need to know about Zionism,
Controlled Opposition, The Post Political and
Athens v Jerusalem so you are ready for 2019.

To sign a petition in support of Gilad click here - Lodge a formal complaint with Islington - Council: https://www.islington.gov.uk/contact-us/comments-and-complaints?status=inprogress

"Designer Idiocy" - The Euro - Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis is an economist, author, and politician who served as the Greek Minister of Finance in 2015. Since then, Varoufakis has launched the pan-European ‘Democracy in Europe Movement 2025’. In this talk, he will argue ‘the Euro has never been more problematic’.

Problems With Men: Pathos

The Glass Blind Spot: Considering how Gynocentrism and the Gender Empathy Gap contribute to the problems we all have with men.

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Enrages Pro-Israel Chickenhawks

The U.S. press, in its war against Trump, is pushing an illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Syria whose stated primary objective is to remove a terrorist organization which is already mostly gone – and a less frequently acknowledged goal of regime change for the legitimate government in Damascus and the expulsion of that government’s principal allies… there is no way to “win” and no exit strategy.
Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Enrages Pro-Israel ChickenhawksWashington Post Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt has a record of promoting Mideast wars for Israel.
That anyone would regard Boot and Nuland as objective authorities on the Middle East given their ultimate and prevailing loyalty to Israel has to be wondered at…
By Philip Giraldi: President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw from Syria has been greeted, predictably, with an avalanche of condemnation culminating in last Thursday’s resignation by Defense Secretary James Mattis. The Mattis resignation letter focused on the betrayal of allies, though it was inevitably light on details, suggesting that the Marine Corps General was having some difficulty in discerning that American interests might be somewhat different than those of feckless and faux allies like Israel

Meltdown By Vape Shop Employee Triggered By Trump-Supporting Customer

By Tyler Durden: An Atlanta vape shop employee with a prominent neckbeard is out of a job after getting megatriggered by a customer wearing a Trump t-shirt and a "Make America Great Again" hat.
The employee of Xhale City denied service to the Trump-supporting customer, screaming "If you do not stop recording in my store, I’m going to call the police and ask you to leave," to which the customer encouraged the employee to call the cops.
"Fuck off dude! Fuck off! Get the fuck out of here!," screeched the employee, who then went on a rant calling President Trump a "treasonous asshole," before assaulting the customer.

29 Dec 2018

2018 Snowflake Of The Year - Julia Banks

Independent Man:
MP Julia Banks has my vote for 2018 Snowflake of the Year.

Chris Hedges & Seymour Hersh On The Whorehouse Called The US Media

The investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, in his memoir “Reporter,” describes a moment when as a young reporter he overheard a Chicago cop admit to murdering an African-American man. The murdered man had been falsely described by police as a robbery suspect who had been shot while trying to avoid arrest. Hersh frantically called his editor to ask what to do.
“The editor urged me to do nothing,” he writes. “It would be my word versus that of all the cops involved, and all would accuse me of lying. The message was clear: I did not have a story. But of course I did.” He describes himself as “full of despair at my weakness and the weakness of a profession that dealt so easily with compromise and self-censorship.”
Reporters embedded with military units in Iraq and Afghanistan routinely witness atrocities and often war crimes committed by the U.S. military, yet they know that access is dependent on keeping quiet. This collusion between the press and the powerful is a fundamental feature of journalism, one that even someone as courageous as Hersh, at least a few times, was forced to accept. And yet, there comes a time when reporters, at least the good ones, decide to sacrifice their careers to tell the truth. Hersh, relentlessly chronicling the crimes of the late empire, including the widespread use of torture, indiscriminate military strikes on civilian targets and targeted assassinations, has for this reason been virtually blacklisted in the American media.

1371 Days Of Quantitative Easing

Max and Stacy discuss the more than seven thousand euros per citizen of the EU created out of thin air by the ECB in its 1371 days of Quantitative Easing. Unless each citizen received the equivalent in asset price gains or cash, they have been robbed through inflation. They look at the conversation Stacy had online with an academic and a central banker about this very inflation. The academic couldn’t see inflation anywhere, whilst the central banker admitted that the point of QE was, indeed, to “cause” asset price inflation – i.e. house prices and stock markets.



The Mock Democracy

Authored by Rainer Mausfeld, translated by Terje Maloy: The citizens are disenfranchised and conditioned to be politically apathetic consumers. In recent decades, democracy has been replaced by the illusion of democracy. New forms of organization of power and psychological methods for manipulation of our consciousness protect the powerful against the risks of democratic empowerment and strengthen their position.

Democracy and freedom. Two words that are charged with unheard-of social promises and that can release tremendous energies of change to achieve them. Today, hardly more than a shadow remains of the hopes originally associated with them. What happened? Never before have two words, to which such passionate hopes were attached, been emptied of their original meaning in such a socially far-reaching way. They have been falsified, abused, and turned against those whose thoughts and actions are inspired by them.
Democracy today really means an elected oligarchy of economic and political elites, in which central areas of society, especially the economy, are fundamentally removed from any democratic control and accountability;

The Marriage Carnival Scam - MGTOW

Hate Speech Without Hate: Britain And The United States

By Eve Mykytin: Gilad Atzmon is fighting a battle for free speech in England. Here’s why it matters in the United States. Atzmon was prohibited by a local council, Islington, made up almost entirely of Labour Party members, from playing the saxophone with his band the Blockheads. The ban followed a complaint from a far right Zionist, who in his own social media posts frequently disparaged and threatened the Labour Party and its leader as anti Semitic. 
The complainant submitted a number of quotations from Atzmon taken out of context and cut and pasted for the desired effect. In fact, Atzmon is not an anti Semite, although he is critical of identity politics and particularly of Jewish identity politics (for example, the group Jewish Voices for Peace, why not All Voices for Peace?). The council concluded that Atzmon’s views were “at the lowest provocative and distasteful or at the highest anti-Semitic and racist”.
England has hate speech laws and with that conclusion one might have expected the council to file a complaint. But Atzmon has never been charged or even questioned under such laws.

28 Dec 2018

Kevin Spacey Is Right About Something

Diana Davison: An honest look at why Kevin Spacey got more up votes than down this Christmas.

Angela Merkel: Nation States Must "Give Up Sovereignty" To The New World Order

Submitted by Tapainfo: Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.
No this wasn’t something Adolf Hitler said many decades ago, this is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin. Merkel has announced she won’t seek re-election in 2021 and it is clear she is attempting to push the globalist agenda to its disturbing conclusion before she stands down.
In an orderly fashion of course,” Merkel joked, attempting to lighten the mood. But Merkel has always had a tin ear for comedy and she soon launched into a dark speech condemning those in her own party who think Germany should have listened to the will of its citizens and refused to sign the controversial UN migration pact:

Merry Christmas, Jewish Colonialists Are building 2,191 New Housing Units For Themselves On Stolen Palestinian land

Merry Christmas, Israel is building 2,191 new settlement housing units on Palestinian landIn 2018, the government advanced thousands of housing units, including most which can be found in isolated settlements deep inside the West Bank, outside Israel’s pre-1967 borders. These are settlements that, in any two-state solution, Israel will have to evacuate. According to Peace Now, those who build these places have no intention of achieving peace and a two-state solution.
The latest announcement, which as an aside was cynically passed on Christmas while most Western governments are on holiday, shows that Netanyahu is willing to sacrifice Israeli interests in favor of an election gift to the settlers in an attempt to attract a few more votes from his right-wing flank.

Rough Death - MRA-UK

Paul Williams was found frozen to death by a homeless-outreach officer on the streets outside the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham on December 17, 2017, aged 38
1. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Database
Data here have been taken from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, who obtain their data via crowd sourcing. Their data is summarised at the end of this article as Table 2. What this includes, which ONS data lack, are the names of the deceased (where available), and, in some cases, a brief biography.
The date given in Table 2 is the date of death, or more generally the date at which the body was found, which, in a few cases might be rather later than the death.  (This contrasts with ONS data which often give the date of the coroner’s inquest, which can be very much later). Northern Irish dates are labelled “sometime before”, but I interpret that as meaning the date the body was found.

Blessed Are The Warmongers

'To have peace so devalued in a world
of hypersonic thermo-nuclear weapons
is evil’s triumph.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: As life on planet Earth enters its recorded year of 2019 the world has only one leader. He is Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. There are in office nowhere in the West any real leaders, only servants of the Oligarchy and vassals of the servants. Donald Trump intended to be otherwise and might yet break out of the orchestrated existence the military/security complex, Democratic Party and presstitute media have created for him.
Putin’s humanity and self-control, has maintained peace despite Washington’s aggression and provocative actions against Russia. It is Putin who has accepted insults that in the past would have resulted in war.
Putin has paid a price for his self-control. He has maintained peace at the expense of his standing in Russia, if a poll published on fort-russ.com is valid. According to the poll, Russians have “a lost sense of belonging to a great power.” https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/12/new-poll-66-of-russians-feel-nostalgia-for-ussr/
According to the poll, a large majority of Russians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union. Capitalism has brought economic insecurity, and the loss of Russian territory has brought a sense of defeat.

Christmas Headlines From Occupied Palestinian Territories

Christmas headlines from the Occupied Palestinian territories
In Bethlehem, Palestinian protestors demonstrate against Israeli settlements, Dec. 23, 2014
The International Middle East Media Center reports on the ongoing acts of Jewish Israeli injustice and violence that most other media don’t bother with. Not a day goes by – including holidays – without abductions, settler brutality, shootings, and often even deaths.
Abridged from IMEMC:
Christmas Eve incidents:
Illegal Colonialist Settlers Demolish A Palestinian Room In Hebron, Bulldoze Palestinian Land in Nablus Area; Soldiers Bulldoze Palestinian Lands In Qalqilia
A number of illegal Israeli colonialist settlers demolished, Sunday, a room which was built by a local Palestinian youth group in Tal Romedia neighborhood, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

27 Dec 2018

Fathers, Too, Can Vote With Their Feet

Paul Male


Max and Stacy discuss the cryptocurrency markets reacting to news that one exchange has moved 25% of all Litecoin in existence. The good news was that it was able to transfer so much value for barely any fee at all. The bad news: If an exchange is able to move customer coins that means those same customers do not actually own the coins! It’s barely one step above PayPal, but without the protection against theft. In the second half, Max interviews derivatives trader and analyst Tone Vays of Unconfiscatable.com about the future he sees for bitcoin - both technical and fundamental - and why you should hold your own keys.

The Self-Genocide Of The West

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Stephen Cohen and I are branded “Russian dupes” and “Putin agents,” because we object to the highly orchestrated and false portrayal of Russia as a threat to the West, a portrayal that is leading to war. The purpose of this orchestration is to prevent President Trump or any future president from reducing the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that have accumulated since the Clinton regime. The military/security complex has resurrected its Cold War enemy so necessary for its outsized budget and power and intends to keep Russia as The Enemy. The Democrats have an interest in the villification of Russia as “Russiagate” explains Hillary’s loss of the 2016 Presidential election and gives Democrats hope of removing President Trump from office. The media lacks independence, knowledge, and integrity and is the tool used by the military/security complex to control explanations, a prostitution of the media that has made the term “presstitutes” an accurate description. As strategic and Russian studies are largely funded by the military/security complex, the universities are also complicit in the march toward nuclear war. Republicans are as dependent as Democrats on funding from the military/security complex and the Israel Lobby.
All of this self-serving is driving America and its vassals to war with Russia, which might also mean with China. The war would be nuclear and be the end of the West, an act of self-genocide. The US national security establishment is so crazed that Trump’s efforts to get off the war track and onto a peace track are characterized as treason and a threat to US national security.

Project Fear: Brexit Under Threat

The people can only be controlled
if they are scared...
Authored by Mark Angelides: The only way to effectively control a population without resorting to violence is to keep them subdued through fear, and this is exactly what is happening to the people of the U.K. as they try to get their democratic rights enacted.
On June 23, 2016, the British people took part in the largest ever democratic exercise in the nation’s history: They voted to leave the confines of the European Union and all of its institutions. The people voted, and the politicians acted. Unfortunately, the Westminster parliamentarians acted in none but their own interest.
More than two years later and Britain is still shackled to a supranational organization that is all too happy to punish the country as an example to others who dare to try to leave.

I Own My Words!

Transcription: Hello Everybody, The smear campaign against me didn’t stop for Christmas. However, it is becoming clear that thousands of people are behind me. So far almost 5000 people have signed a petition expressing their disgust with the Islington council’s decision against me. We are winning this essential battle for freedom.

Don't Leave Nude Pics On A Work Computer

Terrence Popp: I guess it was inevitable someone would do something this dumb at Abu Ghraib. But at least it boosted morale.

26 Dec 2018

Apparently Men Being Helpful Is Sexist Now

"A wierd feminist rabbit hole.
...Let me tell you about benevolent sexism."

The 10 Daily Habits Of Highly Prepared People

Authored by Daisy Luther: For some people, preparedness is about the big things: the well-stocked retreat home, buying yet another firearm, or getting a super-fancy generator. While these things can certainly be classified as preparedness endeavors, it isn’t the expensive and dramatic gestures that make us truly prepared people.
The way prepared people spend their time before an emergency is the real key to survival, and this is something that no amount of money can buy.
It’s the small daily habits that become an innate part of our everyday lives – habits that may not even be noticeable to someone outside the lifestyle.
Real preppers, the ones you should look to for advice if you happen to be new to preparedness, are the ones who quietly conduct their daily lives with an eye towards readiness. Not only are these the qualities you should strive for yourself, but they are also the qualities that can help you to determine whether someone is the “real deal” or an armchair survivalist.

Jewish Israeli Death Forces IDF Target Children At Christmas

"It's inconceivable that a child this young could be taken by force by armed soldiers, held alone and then not even notify the parents. A human rights watch report documented how Israeli Death Forces [IDF] have choked children, thrown stun grenades at them, beaten them in custody and as with 6-year-old Zaeed, threatened and interrogated them without the presence of parents or lawyers and also failed to let their parents know about their whereabouts."

10 Politically Incorrect Jokes

TheLaughPlanet: The original purpose of comedy was to shed light on the very real issues that plague society. It is a humorous way of facing the less-than-humorous facts of life. Political correctness restricts our ability to face these realities, and by consequence to find humor in them. For the entire history of humankind the funniest stories, jokes, and anecdotes have typically been at the expense of other people. Political correctness prohibits making “fun” of any person unless that person is a straight white male. No other category of human being can be made fun if without someone claiming “foul”! Comedians that want to prosper will be forced, therefore, to only prey on straight white males for their comedic material. That is going to get very boring in a very short period of time.

The Jewish Grinch That Ruined Christmas By Bombing Syria

USA: Merry Christmas, Fellow Inmates

Let Nothing Dismay
By Paul Edwards: ‘Twas some nights before Christmas and all through the House and Senate not a creature was stirring, not even the rats. They bailed and turned out the lights. On the country...

A cluster of shocks to the body politic has made for a holly, jolly Christmas in which big honkin’ lumps of coal will be stuffed in stockings of some high-octane Federal clients accustomed to gold, frankincense, and more. Oddly, in these times, Santa will be dumping mainly on those who deserve it.

Where to start? You got your Dow and S&P tanking, the smoking jalopy of government shut down, SpecOps purportedly yanked out of Syria, Dear Leader spread-eagled on His Wall, and gored oxen bellowing Holy Cow.

Okay, the market bleed was overdue and predicted. The Big Hitters jacked their stock prices with tax scam buybacks so the popping of their magic money balloon claws a little back. Shall we bitterly mourn? The Bigs do as little as they possibly can for the real economy the rest of us live in anyhow.

John Pilger Visits Assange

Pilger: ‘Julian is a touchstone for opposition’  
John Pilger Says Assange Denies Meeting Manafort

By Joe Lauria: WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has vehemently denied that he ever met Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, according to journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, who met with Assange at Ecuador’s embassy in London last week.

Pilger said Assange told him the story published by The Guardian on Nov. 27 was a “total fabrication.”  Pilger told Consortium News in an interview for the Unity4J vigil on Friday that “I personally can confirm that did not happen. He said it was a fabrication. It was not possible. The way internal security works at that embassy, it was not possible.”

Pilger called The Guardian story “an indication of a kind of degradation of the media today and especially of the ‘respectable’ media. We discussed that a great deal.”

Pilger said Assange had been the target of attacks “over the years” that have come “thick and fast.” He said:  “And for one man to cope with them is an extraordinary feat. Only occasionally does he express anger—he does it as anyone of us would feel—say on an attack like The Guardian‘s utterly false story.”

25 Dec 2018

Taibbi: We Know How Trump's War Game Ends

'We’ve destabilized the region to the point of abject chaos, inspired millions of Muslims to hate us, and torn up the Geneva Convention and half the Constitution in pursuit of policies like torture, kidnapping, assassination-by-robot and warrantless detention.'
Authored by Matt Taibbi: Nothing unites our political class like the threat of ending our never-ending war ...
So we’re withdrawing troops from the Middle East.
What’s the War on Terror death count by now, a half-million? How much have we spent, $5 trillion? Five-and-a-half?
For that cost, we’ve destabilized the region to the point of abject chaos, inspired millions of Muslims to hate us, and torn up the Geneva Convention and half the Constitution in pursuit of policies like torture, kidnapping, assassination-by-robot and warrantless detention.
It will be difficult for each of us to even begin to part with our share of honor in those achievements. This must be why all those talking heads on TV are going crazy.

Fairytales And Snowflakes

'None of us are any better than the Greek and Roman sculptors who carved their genius marbles of naked splendor. None of us are better people than Rembrandt or Michelangelo or the ancient Greek sculptors just because we live later in time then them.'
Rembrandt van Rijn Bathsheba at her bath 1654 (see video at the bottom)
By : There are not many things that I’m allergic to. But there are some. Here’s a good example: bigotry. Behold, in the article quoted below, the danger of political correctness in all its glory. A 30-year old Christmas song, Fairytale of New York, it is claimed, must be censored or banned. For a reason I’ll explain, such things always make me think of Rembrandt’s painting “Bathsheba at her Bath” (the painting above), which hangs in the Louvre.
No doubt there are those who are offended by her nakedness.

What Goes Up...

Max and Stacy discuss
the need for many many losers.

Jewish Israel’s War Against A Widow

'The invading soldiers had modern weapons; the local youth had rocks and Molotov cocktails.'
By Budour Youssef Hassan: It was a few minutes past midnight when hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed al-Amari refugee camp. They had come to demolish the house of Latifa Abu Humaid, a widow in her seventies.
Latifa was expecting the raid from Israel’s forces of occupation. The previous day, she had been instructed to evacuate her home within 24 hours.
She decided to stay put. Youth from the camp – situated south of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank – had joined her, determined to resist the invaders.

Vanessa Beeley Interviews Hostages Liberated By The Syrian Arab Army - Hostages Of Jewish Israel's Bedfellow ISIS

Let Me Be Frank - Kevin Spacey Charged For Allegedly Groping An 18-Year-Old Man

Published the same day Kevin Spacey was charged for allegedly groping a feminist fake-newscaster's 18-year-old son whilst they were drinking together at a bar.

24 Dec 2018

#Me Too: God Accused Of Raping Virgin Mary On Lady Day!

Five US Professor Statements Of 2018
Authored by Grace Gottschling: Campus Reform rounded up five of the most outrageous instances of college faculty and staff who have made statements describing violent acts and inflammatory rhetoric...

1. Yale law prof encourages people to ‘hide immigrants from ICE’

In July, Campus Reform reported on a Yale University professor, Gregg Gonsalves, who suggested on Twitter that “we hide immigrants from ICE if we have to." 
The law professor, who did not have a law degree at the time of this initial report, insisted that this would be an act of “civil disobedience,” rather than aiding and abetting criminals.
Gonsalves had made multiple social media posts at the time in support of publicly releasing ICE agents' personal information, an act commonly referred to as "doxxing," stating: “I have no qualms about showing up at ICE regional directors’ homes. They can leave their jobs at the office and feel free from scrutiny at home. Lucky them.”

Springtime Of Peoples: Europe Is In Revolt And It's Wonderful

'It isn’t the 1930s that our era looks and feels like – it’s the 1840s. In particular 1848.'
By Brendan O'Neill: The emptiest, dumbest platitude of our time, uttered both by establishment stiffs like the Archbishop of Canterbury and by self-styled radical leftists, is that the 1930s have made a comeback. Treating that dark decade as if it were a sentient force, a still-extant thing, observers from both the worried bourgeoisie and the edgy left insist the Thirties have staggered back to life and have much of the West in their reanimated deathly grip. Looking at Brexit, the European turn against social democracy, the rise of populist parties, and the spread of ‘yellow vest’ revolts, the opinion-forming set sees fascism everywhere, rising zombie-like from its grave, laying to waste the progressive gains of recent decades.
This analysis is about as wrong as an analysis can be. Comparing contemporary political life to events of the past is always an imperfect way of understanding where politics is at. But if we really must search for echoes of today in the past, then it isn’t the 1930s that our era looks and feels like – it’s the 1840s. In particular 1848.

"Sax Discrimination" ...A Christmas Miracle In Islington, UK

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Background: 
On 4 December, Richard Watts, ‘Labour’ politician and leader of the impoverished Islington Council, rapidly acquiesced to a request from Martin Rankoff, director of Likud-Herut UK, that I be removed from the Blockheads’ Christmas concert at the Islington Assembly Hall. It seems Cllr Watts bought into the absurd idea that Jews would be upset by my sax playing. I was vaguely amused by Watt’s ludicrous decision...

Listening To God & Persistent Asking: Don’t Under-Interpret The Bible

shoot from stumpAgain the Lord spoke to Ahaz, “Ask a sign of the Lord your God; let it be deep as the underworld or high as the sky.” But Ahaz said, “I will not ask, I will not put the Lord to the test.” And he said, “Hear then, O house of David! Is it too little for you to weary men, that you weary my God also? Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”
{ ויוסף יהוה דבר אל־אחז לאמר׃
שאל־לך אות מעם יהוה אלהיך העמק שאלה או הגבה למעלה׃
ויאמר אחז לא־אשאל ולא־אנסה את־יהוה׃
ויאמר שמעו־נא בית דוד המעט מכם הלאות אנשים כי תלאו גם את־אלהי׃
לכן יתן אדני הוא לכם אות הנה העלמה הרה וילדת בן וקראת שמו עמנו אל׃ }

How does a person weary God? Ask and it shall be given to you.
The prophet Isaiah, not Ahaz, declares “Hear then, O house of David! ….” The prophet Isaiah addresses Ahaz, the ruler of the Judah in the line of the house of David. Ahaz is wearying God not by nagging God, but by not asking God for help. Ahaz is putting God to the test by testing God’s patience with them — his people who don’t understand their relationship to him. They don’t seek the Lord. They don’t cry out to God. They don’t expect the Lord to come to their aid.

The Pentagon Failed Its Audit Amid A $21 Trillion Scandal ~ Yes, Trillions!

By Lee Camp: New York Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was ruthlessly attacked recently, and I feel a bit responsible. I might have accidentally tainted her Twitter feed with truth serum.
But that sounds weird—so let me back up.
A few months ago, I covered the story of the $21 trillion that has gone unaccounted for at the Pentagon. That’s right—trillion with a T—an amount of money you can’t possibly come to terms with, so stop trying. Seriously, stop. It’s like trying to comprehend the age of the earth.
(The earth is 4.5 billion years old. To put that into context, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we have 11 years left to completely change our ways or climate change will make the earth uninhabitable. If you were to take the age of the earth and lay it out on the span of a calendar year, this means we would have less than a millisecond left on Dec. 31 to utterly change our ways or all is lost.)
Anyway, the $21 trillion includes $6.5 trillion unaccounted for at the Pentagon in 2015 ALONE.

The End Of The Sexual Revolution


US Withdrawal From #Syria Will Trump Really Do It?

"Everyone is ecstatic, except the neo-con-artists."

23 Dec 2018

Gaza Concentration Camp Goyim And Shiksas (AKA Christians) Celebrate Christmas Despite Jewish Siege

For the 11th year, Gaza concentration camp’s Christians celebrate Christmas under siege by the Jews, unable to join family in West Bank concentration camp. Travel requests are mostly denied or ignored by the Jews who claim to promote freedom of religion and worship.
Next year in Bethlehem: Gaza Christmas celebrated despite siege
Gaza concentration camp has been under
a Jewish-Egyptian-imposed siege since 2007
By Walid Mahmoud & Muhammad Shehada: For yet another year, Gaza’s Orthodox Christian commmunity will not be able to celebrate Christmas with a visit to Bethlehem in the West Bank concentration camp.
With the ongoing Jewish slow motion genocide and siege, all Goyim and Shiksas in Gaza concentration camp are prohibited from uniting with family members in the West Bank concentration camp, and are barred from visiting Bethlehem, where the Nativity Church is located.

Tapering A Ponzi

Max and Stacy discuss the ‘worst December since the Great Depression’ for financial markets. And as the Fed raises interest rates against the back drop of market decline, for how much longer can the taper the global ponzi? In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com about why the Fed raised rates and how soon they will have to cut them once again. And will 2019 bring more quantitative easing as the market sell off continues?