5 Jan 2018

Iran In 2018

By Paul Craig Roberts: In 1953 Washington and Britain overthrew the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh and installed a dictator to rule Iran for the benefit of Washington and the British. In declassified documents, the CIA has admitted its role in overthrowing the Iranian government. The overthrow pattern is always the same. Washington hires protesters, then introduces violence, controls the explanation, and unseats the government.
Ever since the Iranian Revolution that overthrew the Washington-installed dictator in1979, Washington has been trying to regain control of Iran. In 2009 Washington financed the “Green Revolution,” which was an attempt to overthrow the Ahmadinejad government.
Today Washington is again at work against the Iranian people. It is difficult to believe that any Iranian, after watching what Washington-organized protests have done to Honduras, Libya, Ukraine, and Syria, have attempted to do to Iran in 2009, and is attempting to do today to Venezuela, could possibly in good faith go out into the streets against their own government. Are these Iranian protesters utterly stupid or are they hired to commit treason against their country?
Why does Iran permit foreign-funded operatives to attempt to destabilize the government as Ukraine did and as Venezuela does today? Are these governments so brainwashed by the West that they think that democracy means permitting foreign agents to attempt to overthrow the government?

A Jew Transcends Self Examination

Stacy King - His Future His Choice - An Argument For Paternal Surrender

15 Tricks Only Cucks Fall For

Turd Flinging Monkey:
Just treat them like you're not trying to sleep with them.

Hollywood Raises Money For Jewish IDF Israeli Death Forces

If Americans Knew: Once a year, some of the biggest names in Hollywood get together with prominent leaders in business and politics, to raise millions for charity. Some of the celebrities attending this year’s event were Gerard Butler, David Foster, Joanna Krupa, Katharine McPhee, Paul Reubens, Melissa Rivers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. With performances by Seal, David Foster, and Gene Simmons, the night was truly star studded and spectacular. In total, 53.8 million dollars were donated (http://iakn.us/2Ct0p68), including 16.6 million by Oracle co-founder and CTO, Larry Ellison, 6 million by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, 5.2 million by GUESS co-founders, Paul and Maurice Marciano, and 5 million by host, and entertainment mogul, Haim Saban. Past attendees to this event include Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Larry King, and Barbra Streisand. So what is this worthy cause that garners such glamour and generosity? Feeding the hungry? Curing disease? No.

Witch Hunters United - Gerry Downing Speaks With Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon: Gerry, you were accused of Anti-Semitism.  Along with thousands of other Labour Party members, you were labelled anti-Semitic and expelled from the party for expressing universalist ideas and opposing all forms of racism including Jewish racism. 
Q: What is anti-Semitism?
GD: Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews as Jews. Full stop. Nothing else. It is not criticism of the state of Israel or Jewish institutions.
Q: Under this definition of anti-Semitism are you or your organization anti-Semitic?
GD: No. Not Gerry Downing or Ian Donovan nor any member or supporter of Socialist Fight, past or present, are in any way anti-Semitic. We are members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and are well-known defenders of Palestinian rights and opponents of the state of Israel. There is not a single act or political stance alleged that is in any way racist or anti-Semitic except in the minds of those who want to appease the Labour Party bureaucracy of Ian McNichol. These same people also attempt to prove that they are not revolutionary socialists and agree with McNichol that Trotskyists should not be afforded any democratic rights in a throwback to the Great Purges in the USSR in the 1930s and 1940s.

Misconceptions Around Non Feminism/Anti-Feminism..

By Jordan Holbrook: The latest video from @ZoeDoesLife, I recommend giving her a follow. From the video description:
Misconceptions Around Non Feminism/Anti-Feminism. When you say you aren’t a feminist. Myself and some other creators discuss what it means to not identify as a feminist and what other people assume of you when they find out. What do you think?
I feature near the end.

Rise Of OG Cypherpunks

Max and Stacy discuss the cypherpunks who created and nurtured bitcoin and what this origin tells us about the future of the cryptocurrency. Max interviews bitcoin maximalist and entrepreneur, Richard Heart, about how it is that bitcoin ‘grew up’ so fast to reach a $300 billion market cap by its ninth birthday and whether or not bitcoin is a payments system or a store of value.