6 Jan 2018

Christmas Debt

Max and Stacy discuss paying down Christmas debts for the next five years and how the US going off the gold standard explains the global credit binge. In the second half, Max continues his interview with bitcoin maximalist and entrepreneur, Richard Heart about the latest in the bitcoin markets.

Tribal Patriarchy - Feminist Nightmare

Oginos: This videos features...3 pairs of B-cups, 4 pairs of C-cups, 1 pair of A-cups and I think 1 pair of D-cups.

The Silence Of The Dogs

By MRA-UK: In November 2017, Kathy Gyngell published an article in The Conservative Women titled “The Silence of the Males”. I wrote a response which I never published. Since TCW have just re-published Mrs Gyngell’s original piece, I take the opportunity to finally publish my response.

In the context of the ongoing Parliamentary pogrom, Kathy Gyngell notes “The Silence of the Males”. She asks: “Where’s their protest? Will they not speak out even in self-defence?”
Only Mrs Gyngell’s surprise surprises me.
Is it their innate chivalry? Do they not like contradicting women? Or are they genuinely scared?” she further asks.
Yes, yes and yes.
As regards fear, there are many examples of men being sacked for voicing even the mildest of heretical opinions. There is a reason why men’s rights advocates “live on the internet”, often using pseudonyms, or are older men and safely retired.
Male privilege is indeed a myth. So is male power. It always was. Except for a very few.
What is power?
Is the muscle-bound oaf powerful because he can, briefly, intimidate you? Do the truly powerful typically sport the finest physique? Yet feminists, obsessed with domestic and sexual violence, conflate muscles with power. Or they pretend to do so. Misdirection?

Stephen Lendman On Michael Wolff's New Book On Trump & Why Zionist Media Doesn't Protect Trump

All You Need To Know About Israel, The Lobby, Yinon Plan & Trump

Gilad Atzmon: 10 minutes interview on the most popular political show on Turkish TV.

The Evolution Of #MeToo

Time to paint some happy little trees.

New York Times Pulitzer Prize Reporter Says New York Times Is A Whore For Washington

'The New York Times has no credibility whatsoever.
It is a lie factory for Washington, the CIA, and the FBI.'
RT: The New York Times was “quite willing” to quash stories at the behest of the government, writes Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter James Risen. He warns that America’s press has been muzzled by “hyped threats” to national security.
In an in-depth retelling of his experience as a national security reporter for the New York Times (NYT), published in The Intercept, Risen explains how, on more than one occasion, the NYT yielded to government demands to withhold or kill his stories – including a bombshell report about the NSA’s secret surveillance program under President George W. Bush.
Jaded by previous experiences of US government interference in his work, Risen writes that his NSA story set him on a “collision course” with his editors, “who were still quite willing to cooperate with the government.” His editors at the Times had been convinced by top US officials that revealing the illegal surveillance program would endanger American lives, Risen said.
Bill Keller, the then executive editor of Times, said the newspaper’s decision to shelve the explosive report, which detailed how the NSA had “monitored the international telephone calls and international e-mail messages of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people inside the United States without warrants

The Rockefeller System

WeAreChange: Jason Bermas discuses the revelation of the secret Rolodex system that David Rockefeller personally used to categorize over 100,000 individuals with over 200,000 cards. Some of his globalist ties are exposed through these revelations.