8 Jan 2018

Moving The Goal Posts - BBC Pay Gap Edition

Independent Man: The BBC helps to muddy the waters and shift the goal posts on the pay gap narrative.

Stop The Press, “JVP Now Feels The Pain Of Exclusion.”

By Gilad Atzmon: On Sunday Israel identified 20 activist groups from around the world whose members will be banned from entering the country because of their calls to boycott the Jewish state.
Believe it or not, this is a positive development. For the first time in its history, Israel has transcended its racist makeup and proved that it hates everyone: equally and globally.
But JVP is not happy. “JVP is banned from Israel” announced the headline of today’s JVP’s newsletter signed by Rebecca Vilkomerson.
“I’m equal parts furious and sad, Vilkomerson wrote, “the Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry put Jewish Voice for Peace on the list of organizations now officially banned from entering the state of Israel.” 
I wonder why the JVPs are outraged. Did they expect to be excluded from Israel’s blanket ban just for being Jews? Is vilkomerson furious because she accepts that the Jewish State is her state?  Is this the kind of ‘solidarity’ the peace loving Jews are promoting?

Keep Feminist Pressure Groups Out Of Schools

By Joanna Williams: According to a newly published report from the National Education Union (NEU) and UK Feminista, sexism in schools is ‘endemic’. From their first days in uniform, girls apparently run a daily gauntlet of unwanted touching, name-calling and up-skirt photos. In the classroom they face a barrage of misogynistic language and sexist attitudes. Sexual harassment, sexist stereotyping and sexist language are all, apparently, ‘highly prevalent’. To quote the report’s title, when it comes to sexism in schools, ‘It’s just everywhere’. But it is worth asking a few questions before teachers are packed off for re-education, playgrounds are policed, and boys and girls segregated for their own protection.
According to the report, over a third (37 per cent) of female students have personally experienced some form of sexual harassment while at school. Of course, any such incident is unacceptable. But do these figures really demonstrate that sexual harassment is ‘highly prevalent’ and ‘endemic’? The label ‘female students’ encompasses young girls in infant schools right up to 18-year-old young adults. Yet there’s a world of difference between playground kiss-chase, the antics of hormonal teenagers, and young adults negotiating first-time relationships. The report fails to differentiate, however; all are lumped together.

Yet Another Man Has Spent A Year In Jail After White Knight Cuck UK Police Withheld Crucial CCTV Footage

Judge's blast for police as ANOTHER rape case collapses
By Rebecca Camber: A judge has blasted police and prosecutors after a man who spent a year behind bars was acquitted of a sex attack due to withheld CCTV evidence.
The man escaped a conviction after it emerged mid-way through his trial that police had failed to hand over crucial footage of him and his alleged victim.
It is the latest sex attack case to collapse due to failures by police to hand over evidence which showed the suspect to be innocent.
Recorder Bruce Houlder, QC, said: ‘Incidents of failure in the disclosure process are daily becoming more apparent’. 
Mackele Tekleliaimanot spent a year in custody awaiting trial for the attempted rape of a woman who claimed she was attacked on her way home after a night out in London.
The 29-year-old, who had no previous offences, was accused of pouncing on the drunken woman after she fell asleep on the Tube, dragging her into a park and attempting to rape her against a tree. He claimed their sexual encounter had been consensual.
But mid-way through his trial at the Old Bailey it emerged police had failed to hand over CCTV showing the alleged victim walking hand-in-hand with the suspect in a ‘happy frame of mind’ as the pair strolled to the park

Russiagate Turns On Its Originators

'Why is the media not disturbed by its close relationship to the FBI and CIA? When did it become the function of the media to help the CIA and FBI control explanations?'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Russiagate originated in a conspiracy between the military/security complex, the Clinton-controlled Democratic National Committee, and the liberal/progressive/left. The goal of the military/security complex is to protect its out-sized budget and power by preventing President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. Hillary and the DNC want to explain away their election loss by blaming a Trump/Putin conspiracy to steal the election. The liberal/progressive/left want Trump driven from office.
As the presstitutes are aligned with the military/security complex, Hillary and the DNC, and the liberal/progressive/left, the Russiagate orchestration is a powerful conspiracy against the president of the United States and the “deplorables” who elected him. Nevertheless, the Russiagate Conspiracy has fallen apart and has now been turned against its originators.
Despite the determination of the CIA and FBI to get Trump, these powerful and unaccountable police state agencies have been unable to present any evidence of the Trump/Putin conspiracy against Hillary.

Employing The Falsely Accused

Diana Davison: The first attack on defence against false accusations is demands for unemployment. Lighthouse Project is setting the bar for integrity from employers, in principle and according to the rule of law.

Ecloga Theoduli: Subtle Social Protest To Popular Medieval Schoolbook

: Arising within roughly the same eleventh-century Germanic literary context as the gynocentric Latin romance Ruodlieb, Ecloga Theoduli {Eclogue of Theodulus} provides a subtle, sophisticated protest against socially devaluing men relative to women. Medieval and modern scholars with the skills, interest, and courage to discuss such a work have numbered few. Hence Ecloga Theoduli became merely a popular medieval schoolbook teaching pagan myths and Christian history. It was one of the most widely read books in medieval Europe.[1] With public reason disintegrating and ideals of gender equality being a farce in practice, reading Ecloga Theoduli well is now more important than ever.
Ecloga Theoduli starkly contrasts female and male shepherds. A female shepherd introduced in its prologue guides a flock of sheep; a male shepherd, a flock of goats. In the gospel of Matthew, the judgment of God upon the world is figured as separating the sheep from the goats. The sheep will inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the time of the world’s creation. The goats will be sent into eternal fire prepared for the devil and his helpers. In modern terms, the prologue of Ecloga Theoduli figures females as wonderful and males as demonic.[2]

Yet Another US Gov't Agency Spending Big To Spread Foreign Policy Lies - The GEC

Viable Opposition: Buried deep inside one of the last bills signed into law by President Barack Obama, we find an interesting glimpse into the anti-Russian mania that has gripped Washington since mid-2016.
'How stupid do you think the American people are?' - Jiminy Cricket
This little-discussed addition to the bureaucracy that exists in the hallowed halls of the Federal Government is the latest addition to helping Main Street America determine the "real truth".
In March 2016, President Obama created the Global Engagement Center (GEC) under Executive Order 13721 which ordered that:
"The Secretary of State (Secretary) shall establish the Global Engagement Center (Center) which shall lead the coordination, integration, and synchronization of Government-wide communications activities directed at foreign audiences abroad in order to counter the messaging and diminish the influence of international terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al Qa'ida, and other violent extremists abroad, with specific responsibilities as set forth in section 3 of this order.
The executive director of the Center shall be the Special Envoy and Coordinator for Global Engagement Communications (Coordinator), who shall report to the Secretary through the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy."

Real News On Domestic Violence

Bettina Arndt: Bettina Arndt talks to Greg Andresen from www.oneinthree.com.au about the latest Australian domestic violence statistics showing the increasing numbers of male victims. One in Three campaign aims to raise public awareness of the existence and needs of male victims of family violence and abuse, and to reduce the incidence and impacts of family violence on Australian men, women and children. One in Three is a diverse group of male and female professionals – academics, researchers, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, lawyers, health promotion workers, trainers and survivor/advocates – who work as volunteers for the organisation which receives no government or corporate funding.