17 Jan 2018

‘A Genuine Revolution Of Values’…

By Michael Krieger: Earlier today, I read Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1967 speech on Vietnam at Riverside Church. It was both uplifting and depressing.
Uplifting in the sense that he so eloquently expresses the timeless spirit necessary for humans to take the next evolutionary step forward into a more conscious paradigm. Depressing in the sense it’s crystal clear the American public quite spectacularly rejected his plea, further descending quite enthusiastically into a culture defined by depravity, violence and selfishness over the past 50 years.
While the entire speech is illuminating, the following paragraphs really connected with me on a deep level, as they reflect many of the themes I’ve been exploring over the past year or so.

A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies. 
This call for a world-wide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s tribe, race, class and nation is in reality a call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all men.

Women & Equalities Committee Sesh On ‘Women In The House Of Commons’: Davies Grills Cable And Butler

By : Somewhat belatedly, we bring you the video of the 15.11.17 session of the Women and Equalities Committee on ‘Women in the House of Commons’ – here (86 minutes). It was a predictably turgid affair, with the four witnesses virtue-signalling shamelessly. It was, of course, a given that there should be more female MPs. From left to right:

Ian Blackford – Leader, SNP Westminster Group
Vince Cable – Leader, Liberal Democrats
Dawn Butler – Shadow Minister for Wimmin & Equalities
Amanda Sater – Deputy Chairman, Conservative Party
The Labour pary has, of course, employed all-women shortlists for many years, giving us geniuses such as Jess Phillips, who was her customary self in this session – a gurning schoolgirl, shamelessly interrupting the witnesses, and probably taking up more time that all the other members of the committee combined. Maria Miller even asked her to start the questions, as if she needed encouragement to speak, when she needs encouragement to shut her trap.
Blackford and Cable both spoke with pride of their party’s adoption of all-women shortlists – in the case of the Lib Dems, only for winnable seats. Presumably in unwinnable seats all-men shortlists will be the norm.

Can Women Be Chivalrous? Damn Right They Can

By : Is chivalry attractive to most women? According to a recent study the answer is, unsurprisingly, yes.
A 2013 study on benevolent sexism by Matthew D. Hammond of the University of Auckland1 found that a high sense of entitlement disposes women to endorse chivalric customs, for example that women need to be protected, cared for and pampered by males.
Hammond and his colleagues had more than 4,400 men and women complete psychological evaluations to measure their sense of entitlement and adherence to sexist beliefs about women. The beliefs included statements such as, “Women should be cherished and protected by men” and “Women, compared to men, tend to have a superior moral sensibility.”2 This group of individuals was tested again one year later. The researchers found a sense of entitlement in women was associated with stronger endorsement of benevolent sexism. Women who believed they deserved more out of life (and who likely received more out of life) were more likely to endorse benevolent sexist beliefs and their adherence to these beliefs increased over time. The association between a sense of entitlement in men and endorsement of benevolent sexism was weak, by contrast, and did not increase over time.

North And South Korea Piss Off The Warmongering US Neo-Con-Artists By Agreeing To Form Joint Olympic Team

By Tyler Durden: In a decision that Yonhap called an "unprecedented breakthrough", North and South Korea have agreed to form their first joint Olympic team and will march together under a unified flag during the opening ceremony. The two Koreas agreed to form a joint women's ice hockey team to take part in the Winter Olympics to be held February 9-25 in Pyeongchang, the two countries announced Wednesday.
Seoul's Unification Ministry said the agreement was during talks on Wednesday at the border village of Panmunjom, after the North agreed to make its first appearance in the Olympic games in the South. North Korea boycotted the last Olympics held in the South in 1988.
The Seoul ministry said athletes from the two Koreas will march together under a 'unification flag' depicting their peninsula during the opening ceremony.
The rival nations have formed joint sports teams only twice before, both times in 1991, when they participated together in a youth soccer tournament and a table-tennis championship. Previous negotiating sessions designed to send a joint team to the Olympics were not successful the VOA reported.
The International Greek Olympics plagiarising committee is slated to meet on January 20 at its Switzerland headquarters to discuss the details of the joint team as well as the North's participation in the Games.

Translation Of French Anti #MeToo Manifesto +

6oodfella: This had to be said, and I'm glad it was 100 women that said it. Enjoy.

Identity Politics v Straight Men & White People: Who Will Win?

'How does a country in which blacks are taught to hate whites, women are taught to hate men, and whose history is explained as white oppression successfully deal with the defining issues of our time?'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Identity Politics is the ideology of the liberal/progressive/left and the Democratic Party. Identity Politics teaches hatred of white people and men, all white people and men. An article last November in the student newspaper at Texas State University declared that white DNA is an abomination.
Americans, assuming that they are aware of this hostile statement toward white people, dismiss it as student silliness. They do not understand that it is the logical conclusion of the reigning ideology in America today. Naomi Klein, for example, writing in the current issue of Sierra, takes for granted the explanations of Identity Politics when she writes that the stakes in the 2016 election were enormously high for “those targeted by racist attacks as Trump fanned the flames of rising white nationalism . . . to the prospect of women losing the right to decide whether or not to become mothers, to the reality of sexual assault being normalized and trivialized at the highest reaches of power.”
Formerly, the liberal/progressive/left and the Democratic Party stood for the working class. In those days societal conflict was understood in class terms, and the capitalist was seen as the exploiter. Today the conflict is identity driven, with the white heterosexual male placed in the role as the exploiter of blacks, homosexuals and women.

The Most Commonplace Form Of Paternity Fraud - Women Lying About Contraception

By : In 2011 the Mail published a piece by one of their columnists, Liz Jones, The craving for a baby that drives women to the ultimate deception. In the piece she admitted she’d tried to become pregnant by using the contents of both her ex-husbands’ condoms – thankfully, without success.
Our thanks to Mike P for a new piece in the Mail, ‘Child support is 18 years of easy money’: Women reveal the REAL reasons why they’ve lied about being on the Pill – and many DON’T regret what they’ve done. A selection:

I’m having unprotected sex with my friend’s crush tonight, I lied and said I was on birth control. I’m desperate for a baby.
I slept with a guy I knew who was rich & told him I was on birth control (I lied) now I am 5 months pregnant. He rented a (sic) 🙂 apartment for me he pays for everything. I don’t feel guilty one bit.
I lied to my boyfriend about being on birth control because I got tired of getting a shot every 3 months.
I lied about being on birth control because I really wanted a baby. I was scared about being alone forever.

Case Review - Child O

By Jordan Holbrook: I have been reading through the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) Case Review Repository and, in doing so, stumbled through this one.
I cannot describe it, words fail me.

A serious case review (SCR) takes place after a child dies or is seriously injured and abuse or neglect is thought to be involved. It looks at lessons that can help prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.”
With this case, the timeline seems a bit off. Perhaps it’s a recording error. I don’t know.
I’ll be reviewing the chronology of the case then will look at the lessons learned, recommendations, etc, which have come out from the case.

Natalie Portman Is A Hypocritical Cunt!

Regards, Bearing