18 Jan 2018

Safe, Bareback Babymaking

"You cant always get what you want [babies], but that doesn't matter to Jessica, because she has the internet and Craigslist. The request was posted on Craigslist a website better known for second hand goods. The potential father needed to be over 5'9", that's very important because she just wants a baby you see, under 40, again very important, because the only thing important to her is having a baby. ...He would also be required to have a few days of frequent sex, because that's classy on a Craigslist advert." Said 5hadowfax.

College Course Slams White Heterosexual Masculinity

Ohio State University course
finds white heterosexual masculinity problematic.

The Rassam Ali Case And Alison Saunders’ Credibility

Rassam Ali – falsely accused
By William Collins aka MRA-UK: I continue to compile cases of false allegations of rape and sexual assault. I am confining attention to UK cases. It’s looking like there will be around 130 or so, without going back very far in history, and that’s before I add in cases involving celebrities and politicians, which I will treat separately. My intention now is to do more than just compile the case histories (there are compilations elsewhere). Since there are so many it is meaningful to extract data from these cases. For example, what proportion of them involved failure to disclose evidence or failure of the police to gather evidence? (A lot). What was the chief source of exculpatory evidence? (I can tell you now: CCTV and social media). How frequently did the prosecution offer no evidence – either at first or subsequent trials? Was the false accuser prosecuted? How often did cases involve serial false accusers? How much prison time was served before exoneration? And so on. It’s coming.
In due course I will also have something to say about ‘victim’ compensation.
But for now…
On the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme on 18/1/18, the DPP, Alison Saunders, was interviewed about the rash of failures of disclosure in recent rape cases. Sarah Montague opened with the simple direct question, “Is it possible that there are people in prison today because of failures of disclosure by the police and CPS?”. Alison Saunders replied, “I don’t think so because of the safeguards which are in place”.
One can immediately assert, with confidence approaching mathematical certainty, that the DPP’s reply was false.

The Power - A Review

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Now I’m frightened. But it’s not the book that I find frightening. It’s the reaction of many women to it in the real world which terrifies. The author’s own position, too, seems paradoxical.
It’s not what you’d call fine writing, but if you are happy to judge a book by its page turning qualities, then this is a good book. My own personal criterion of quality is whether you find yourself thinking about a book for some days after reading it. The Power by Naomi Alderman passes that test also.
But I didn’t say it was nice. It’s not nice. It’s really quite nasty. It’s odd, isn’t it, that the safe-space and trigger warning generation seems simultaneously to have sensibilities so jaded, so inured to depictions of violence, that the datum of normality is on an ever-escalating ratchet. The resolution of this paradox is that novels of this type have one foot in the world of computer games. No great insight is required to make this observation given that Naomi Alderman also writes game scripts. This hybrid of novel-cum-game potentially allows the gamer’s cartoonish levels of violence to be imported into the novel format, to the detriment of the novelistic element, in my opinion. To an antediluvian brought up on the gentility of E.M.Forster and AndrĂ© Gide, it is all rather brutish.
Is it a feminist novel? I was almost poised to declare it an anti-feminist novel. How can the violent excesses of the second half of the book be regarded as presenting female power in a favourable light? Unfortunately, those in thrall to a sufficiently powerful feminist lens can do so, it seems.

Too Dreadful Even For Metro...

Russians - William Banzai7

"Do Not Take The Flu Vaccine Or Give It To Your Children. It Could Kill You." - Dr. Rima Laibow MD

#MeToo And Feminists' Male Chastity Crusade - Part 1

"We somehow seem to have produced a generation of really vulnerable women and they're being allowed to present their own reactions to normal male behaviour as reasonable as appropriate whereas in fact they're women who seem to have come out of the Victorian era, ...wilting wallflowers."
Bettina Arndt talks to Karen Straughan about the century-old feminist campaign to crush male sexuality. Part 2 coming soon!

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