19 Jan 2018

Jordan Peterson Interviewed On British Brainwashing Cunts Radio 5 Live

Mike Buchanan: The interviewers in this programme were Sarah Brett and Nihal Arthanayake.

Good News: The BBC Could Be Bankrupted By Women’s Pay

It has dug itself a very deep hole
and is calling for more shovels to finish the job
: I hope you are enjoying the BBC drama series Hard Sun. It is described as pre-apocalyptic science fiction, set in the present day UK. The head of MI5 is a Nigerian woman and everybody else in it lives in a mixed-race family — so, if you are a racist, you might well query that aforementioned description pre-apocalyptic: it’s upon us! The rest of us will simply think it’s ludicrous and bears no relation to the country in which we live, and might become irritated by the BBC forcing this PC social engineering down our throats at every possible opportunity. Although we may already have filled up our beakers of irritation on the leaden, portentous dialogue, the sadistic revelling in violence, the grim and annoying characters and the imbecilic plot.
Hard Sun presages an earth which will be destroyed by a solar cataclysm five years from now. I suspect there is an element of schadenfreude on the BBC’s part here: it will surely have lost its licence by then. These are hard times for Auntie: it staggers like a dog with a broken back from one self-imposed catastrophe to the next, urged on its fervent quest for extinction by those who are its enemies for either commercial or ideological reasons. The latest crisis is women’s pay, where it has dug itself a very deep hole and is currently calling for more shovels to continue the job.

Men Desiring Women Must Swerve From Dream Vision To Bodily Reality

In his first, seminal experience of sexuality, a young man commonly dreams of a beautiful woman who is naked and warmly receptive. Lucretius, the classical Roman dispeller of delusions and superstition, described in De rerum natura {On the nature of things} the natural outcome: the young man ejaculates and soils his bedsheets.[1] Men’s dream vision fails to show them women’s bodily reality. Now is the time to swerve completely. In our age of mass sexual persecution of men, men must turn from the deification of women to perceive that women are beastly beings just as men are.
Throughout history, men in love have been like those who are thirsty and dream of water. Dream water cannot satisfy men’s natural needs. Lucretius in De rerum natura explained:

As a thirsty man will dream of drinking water, but
No water is there to quench his parching body —
he strives for the shadow of water and struggles for nothing,
gulping the rush of the river and yet still thirsty,
so lovers fall for a Love Goddess and shadows.

{ ut bibere in somnis sitiens quom quaerit et umor
non datur, ardorem qui membris stinguere possit,
sed laticum simulacra petit frustraque laborat
in medioque sitit torrenti flumine potans,
sic in amore Venus simulacris ludit amantis } [2]

UK CPS Failings: Misandric Feminist Prosecutions Chief Alison Saunders Is Part Of The Problem, Say MP And Judge

Via Mike Buchanan J4MB: A piece by David Brown in Times, emphases ours:
The director of public prosecutions was criticised by politicians and lawyers yesterday after insisting that innocent people were not in jail despite admitting there were “systemic issues” in disclosing evidence.
Alison Saunders was described as “part of the problem” by one Tory MP and “complacent” by a part-time judge after saying that the justice system was working despite failures with evidence leading to a string of trials collapsing.
She met senior police officers, senior representatives of the judiciary and legal professionals yesterday to discuss concerns that vital material is not being disclosed.
Ms Saunders acknowledged in a statement before the meeting: “It is clear that there are systemic issues across the entire criminal justice system. We will be considering what role each of us — police, prosecutors, and judiciary — should play in disclosure and immediate action we can take. We will also discuss whether any changes to systems, legislation or guidance might help address the issues we face.”

The Fear I Learned During The Jewish Cast Lead Slaughter Of Palestinians Has Never Left Me

By Muhammad Shehada: The morning of 27 December 2008 was as any other. My 14-year-old self put on a worn pale-blue school uniform, prepared my heavy bag and ran – late as usual – to catch the bus.
The bus stopped near my home in the Tal al-Hawa area of Gaza City, and there was the normal hubbub. Schoolchildren were crossing the road, young kids were crowding by the bus, hustling to get in.
On the short ride to our UNRWA school, I was chatting to my younger brother Salah, who was 9 at the time, about the cake we’d enjoyed the day before for our older brother Mahmoud’s birthday.
Just as we walked out of the bus the earth literally shook beneath my feet. Unbelievably loud explosions drowned out the screams and cries of those around me. My heart skipped several beats and all I really remember during the confusion was pulling my brother into the bus and down to the floor and holding on to him tightly.
I didn’t know it then, but at that moment – 10 minutes before our usual school assembly and 30 minutes ahead of the Saturday noon start for lessons – Israel had struck dozens of targets around the Gaza Strip in 100 near-simultaneous airstrikes. At least four were in the vicinity of the school.
Children poured out of the school, a human deluge of panicking students and teachers. Our bus driver ordered us back into the bus and tried to rush us all home. But traffic jams paralyzed the unpaved streets and people ran in all different directions.

Visions Inspired Daughter To Reject Life Of Female Privilege

: About 1700 years ago, Christian monks recorded a story memorializing female privilege and urging young women to turn from it. The setting is straight-forward:

A good man, who was very simple and God-fearing, every day labored in the fields and with the work of his hands earned a mediocre living. His wife, in contrast, stayed all day long in the home, eating and drinking with dissolute companions. Whatever her husband was able to acquire, she consumed in self-indulgent living.
{ homine bono, qui simplex erat valde et timens Deum, et cotidie laborans in agro de labore manuum mediocriter vivebat. Uxor autem in domo remanens tota die cum leccatoribus manducabat et bibebat, et, quecumque maritus ejus poterat acquirere, luxuriose vivens consumebat. }
Many wives throughout history have been reluctant to share the burden of working outside the home. Today, many wives work outside the home. However, many of them consider work outside the home to concern their personal fulfillment rather than fulfilling an obligation to reduce the burden on their husbands. These wives often withdraw temporarily or permanently from the workforce while denying their husbands similar opportunities to quit their jobs. Those wives thus betray ideals of gender equality and set a bad example for their daughters.

Can We Do It?

"We're now at a point where the monetary system is going to
change again, but this time the Jews aren't in control. ...A supranational global governance, that supersedes corporatocracy. ...Washington is not stupid, as Paul Craig Roberts says, it's sinister,
it's a tool of international Jewry!
...Bolshevics were Jews, but isn't there a conflict between
capitalism and communism? Not for the Jews, it's Kabuki theatre
for the Goyim to distract them from seeing who's really
pulling the strings!" Said Ex-Jew Nathanael.

Liar, Liar - Accountability Gap Exposed

karen straughan: The Badgers lock down another aspect of the gender gap in accountability standards and their impact on gender issues!

Haunted By The Horrors Of The Jewish Cast Lead Slaughter Of Palestinians

Refaat Alareer and Ahmed Abd El-Al: The clock was approaching 11:30 in the morning. For children in Gaza, it was the last day in school before a new year holiday. The bell was due to ring shortly.
At 11:27 am on 27 December 2008, Gaza was bombarded by Israeli warplanes. Instead of the anticipated school bell, the children heard the horrifying sound of bombs.
Operation Cast Lead – which began that day – was Israel’s most comprehensive onslaught on Gaza in decades. Israel used its air force, navy, infantry and artillery against a population that already had a long experience of being under military occupation and, more recently, under siege.
By the end of the offensive more than three weeks later, Israel had committed numerous massacres and used phosphorous bombs to target heavily populated areas and even shelled United Nations schools and the main UN food aid warehouse.
Israel paid $10.5 million in “compensation” for some of the damage caused. Yet it never apologized for slaughtering the innocent or targeting the UN schools that harbored hundreds of Palestinian families.
In 23 days, Israel killed more than 1,400 Palestinians, including more than 1,100 civilians, of whom 326 were children and 111 were women. It also injured about 5,300, some of whom remain disabled to this very day, and destroyed or damaged thousands of homes.

Tesla Moonshot

Max and Stacy discuss the calls for ‘bold calls’ from Elon Musk for Tesla. And, is Tesla to GM and Ford as Apple once was to IBM and Dell? They also interview Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen about the latest in Trump administration energy policy.

“Why Did Cathy Newman Lose To Jordan Peterson?”

Sargon of Akkad: The feminist problem with equal treatment is that they are being treated like men.