24 Jan 2018


Max and Stacy discuss the ‘highly inappropriate pay packets’ for the bosses at a 200-year-old infrastructure company that went down in flames following a very dubious public investment model. Max also interviews Arry Yu, COO of StormToken.com, about the gamified micro-task market where people can earn rather than buy cryptocurrencies.

Jordan Peterson Analyzes Misandrist Cathy Newman

GeenStijl: Jordan Peterson responds in full to the Channel 4 interview and its aftermath. He also elaborates on what we think are the five strongest points of his philosophy on "how to be in the world", namely: 1- The centrality of the archetypical hero's myth 2- The central role of the Logos during the hero's narrative 3- Making the right sacrifices when bargaining with the future 4- Orienting yourself towards the highest possible good you can conceive 5- Minimise your persona, cultivate your essence, and live in its closest possible proximity Enjoy! We sure did.



Feminist Who Wants To Batter Peterson Key Voice Supporting Firing Of James Damor - Appeared On Misandric 4 News

By : We’ve had an amazing response to our article debunking Cathy Newman’s spin on alleged Twitter threats, in which we showed fans of Newman had sent 30 times more violent and sexist abuse to Peterson than vice-versa. The article is already the most viewed article on this site with 84K views in two days and our work was the basis of an article by Paul Joseph Watson on Infowars.com. Further exposure came thanks to Milo Yiannopoulos who read out much of the article word for word on his new Youtube show and Jordan Peterson himself even kindly tweeted a link to our research. Finally, on Tuesday, James Delingpole wrote about our research in his third Breitbart article on the Peterson/Newman fiasco. Such was the popularity of our initial piece, it would be rude not to produce a follow-up investigation and to detail the fall-out from our expose.
While many of the Tweets we highlighted are still visible, user RJonesUX’s “die in a fire” contribution has been removed. He’s also posted a number of apologetic tweets, yet still isn’t being entirely honest about the matter, stating “I deleted it about an hour after I posted it.” We know this statement to be untrue because the Tweet was posted on the 19th January 2018 at 10.07PM and we archived it over 48 hours later! He goes on to say “I don’t appear to be trying to wriggle out of it” and even claims to have deleted the content before reading our article.

Cathy Newman’s Feminist Fans Aimed 30 Times More Violent Sexist Abuse At Peterson & His Supporters Than Vice-Versa

By : By now you can’t have missed Cathy Newman’s car crash interview with the amazing Jordan Peterson. Newman was utterly humiliated, throughout and was made to look even more foolish than in her 2016 “interview” of Milo Yiannopoulos, after which we exposed an elected Labour Member of Parliament advocated punching Milo. Ironically, that same MP, Anna Turley,  is also the lead figure behind a proposed “social Media Malicious Communications Bill!”
Newman and Channel 4 are using the age old feminist tactic of crying “abuse” when they lose a debate,  a tactic used superbly by jess Phillips to divert attention away from her sexist and childish campaign to try to stop men’s issues being debated in Parliament. Later, in 2016 Philips again played the victim when Youtuber Sargon of Akaad said he wouldn’t rape her, and she somehow counted every retweet or reply or disagreement as examples of abuse, making an impressively nonsensical total of 5,000.
We documented Phillip’s lies in 2015 and given the complete lack of evidence cited by Newman and Channel 4 pertaining to supposed abuse, it’s worth examining this case too.
We searched Twitter for a number of violence-related keywords which included the username @cathynewman and the results were everything you’d expect:

Wamen's March 2018 - Still Stupid & Confusing

Regards, Bearing.

Why Does Jewish Run Washington Hate Bashar Al-Assad?

Destroying Syria For The Zionist Jews
: The Donald Trump administration is planning to install a 30,000 strong armed “security force” in northern Syria along the borders with Turkey and Iraq. This presumably will tie together and support the remaining rag-tags of allegedly pro-democracy rebels and will fit in with existing and proposed US bases. The maneuver is part of a broader plan to restructure Syria to suit the usual crop of neocon geniuses in Washington that have slithered their way back into the White House and National Security Council, to include renewed demands that the country’s President Bashar al-Assad “must go,” reiterated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last Wednesday. He said “But let us be clear:
The United States will maintain a military presence in Syria, focused on ensuring ISIS cannot re-emerge.” Tillerson also claimed that remaining in Syria would prevent Iran from “reinforcing” its position inside Syria and would enable the eventual ouster of al-Assad, but he has also denied that Washington was creating a border force at all, yet another indication of the dysfunction in the White House.
A plan pulled together in Washington by people who should know better but seemingly don’t is hardly a blueprint for success, particularly as there is no path to anything approximating “victory” and no exit strategy. The Syrians have not been asked if they approve of an arrangement that will be put in place in their sovereign territory

Dublin Hotel Bills Elle 'Booty Shaker' Darby £4.6 Million For ‘Publicity’

By Eleanor Rose: The owner of a Dublin hotel has billed a video blogger for nearly £4.67 million (€5.3 million) after refusing her a free stay she asked for in exchange for social media posts.
Paul Stenson, owner of the Charleville Lodge Hotel and White Moose Cafe, said he was sending an invoice after "social influencer" Elle Darby, 22, accused him of bullying for exposing an email she wrote asking for free accommodation.
"I’ll be posting out this invoice today..." he wrote on the White Moose Cafe Facebook page alongside a picture of the invoice, which details charges for: "The provision of features in 114 articles across 20 countries with a potential reach of 450 million people." 
In the terms section of the bill, it says: "Mentions in videos will not qualify as payment."
Mr Stenson sparked a public row last week when he posted to Facebook an anonymised email from Ms Darby, who has 87,000 YouTube subscribers and 76,000 Instagram followers, proposing a "possible collaboration".
She asked for a free stay over Valentine's Day weekend, writing: "I would love to feature you in my Youtube videos/dedicated Instagram stories/posts to bring traffic to your hotel and recommend others to book up in return for free accommodation." 
But he declined and wrote a scathing riposte, saying: "It takes a lot of balls to send an email like that, if not much self-respect and dignity.

I Exist [Zombie Cops] - Dimitris Poulikakos & The Music Brigade

Perseus999: Mitsos Poulikakos coached Stelios Kazantzidis with Jimmy Panoussis's Musical Brigade by Nikos Zervos (1983), an allegorically pernicious interpretation of power as a zombie with a cops' uniform to threaten that as long as "there is" "we will exist ".

Liar, Liar - Accountability Gap Exposed

The Badgers as lock down another aspect of the gender gap in accountability standards and their impact on gender issues!