27 Jan 2018

Jordan Peterson v Cathy Newman - FIXED

DoctorRandomercam: The carcass of the dead horse is too scant to be beaten. So I'm going to gather the splattered scraps and look at them under a microscope.

Samsung Phone - William Banzai7

How Much Longer Until The Pitchforks Come Out?

The Pie Is Shrinking So Much The 99% Are Beginning To Starve
By Charles Hugh Smith: Social movements arise to solve problems of inequality, injustice, exploitation and oppression. In other words, they are solutions to society-wide problems plaguing the many but not the few (i.e. the elites at the top of the wealth-power pyramid).
The basic assumption of social movements is that Utopia is within reach, if only the sources of the problems can be identified and remedied.  Since inequality, injustice, exploitation and oppression arise from the asymmetry of power between the few (the financial and political elites) and the many, the solution is a reduction of the asymmetry; that is a tectonic realignment of the social structure that shifts some power—economic and/or political—from the few to the many.
In some instances, the power asymmetry is between ethnic or gender classes, or economic classes (for example, labor and the owners of capital).
Social movements are characterized by profound conflict because the beneficiaries of the power asymmetry resist the demands for a fairer share of the power and privileges, while those who’ve held the short end of the stick have tired of the asymmetry and refuse to back down.

Latest In AI & Blockchain

Max and Stacy discuss Amazon’s HQ2 finalist cities and Apple’s massive post-GOP-tax-cut investment plans. In the second half, Max interviews Maja Vujinovic, investor and founder of OGroupLLC, about the latest in AI and blockchain.

The Women's March 2018

Ewan Jones and Adam Bulford discuss the women's march 2018. An event organised by the lame-stream media and the US Democrat party that presumes all women across the first world - Are against Donald Trump. - Believe that women are victims of oppression by patriarchal, controlling men. - Are in favour of multi-culturalism and open borders. - Think people will take them seriously if they dress up in pussy hats and full body pussy costumes.

Forced Feminist Speech In Canada

"An ideological opinion forced on licensees! ...They mean equality of outcome! ...The law society is saying that if you do not embrace equality of outcome then you are a racist! The regulator has become an ideological bully."

All UK Rape And Serious Sexual Assault Cases Are Being Reviewed After Trials Collapse, CPS Reveals

By Mike Buchanan: Up to now only the Metropolitan Police and Surrey Police had committed to reviewing all current rape and serious sexual assaults cases. Our thanks to Mike P for this. The piece starts:
Every rape and serious sexual assault case in the country is under review following the collapse of a number of high-profile trials in recent weeks, the Crown Prosecution Service has admitted.
Last night Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions, revealed that that the review would involve every force in the country in an attempt to improve public confidence in the justice system.
Hopefully the review will reveal the truth that “public confidence in the justice system” is utterly misplaced, that the CPS and police are deeply corrupt in this area, and have been for years.

The Real News About Domestic Violence In Australia

By : Here’s some good news that passed unnoticed late last year – our official statistics reveal there’s no epidemic of domestic violence. In fact for the last decade there’s been no increase in women being abused by their partners. That was the story that dropped through the cracks when the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the results of their 2016 Personal Safety Survey last November.
Our lame-stream media failed to report this vital fact, highlighting instead the few areas where violence against women still shows some slight increase – like sexual harassment and abuse.
Somehow it also escaped the media’s attention that the big news in the latest survey results was all about men. The Bureau’s figures reveal that since 2005 the proportion of men reporting violence in the last year from their current partners has risen more than five-fold while those experiencing emotional abuse have more than doubled.
These results emerged despite efforts to encourage more female victims to disclose by using only female interviewers to conduct the latest survey – a move which required Gillian Triggs at the Human Rights Commission to give the nod to this discriminatory move. But surprisingly it ended up revealing the true extent of women’s violence against men.

Jordan Peterson On Tucker Carlson

What Feminists Say Happens To Women After Divorce v What Actually Happens + Jordan Peterson's Warning To C4 News