29 Jan 2018

Swift Shows Social Failures Of Men’s Literature & Enlightenment

Drawing upon a highly respected epic of the ancient Roman poet-scholar Lucretius, Jonathan Swift early in the eighteenth century continued the long literary effort to enlighten men. Swift wrote poems about Cassinus and Peter, and Strephon and Chloe. Though brilliant, they were social failures.
Cassinus and Peter were sophomores at the University of Cambridge. Witty young men steeped in classical learning, they enjoyed idle friendship, playing flutes and smoking pipes with each other in their rooms and discussing beloved women. One day Peter found Cassinus disheveled and distraught. With deep concern, Peter sympathetically inquired about Cassinus’s troubles. Cassinus explained that his beloved Caelia had betrayed him:
Oh Peter! Beauty’s but a Varnish,
Which Time and Accidents will tarnish:
But, Caelia has contriv’d to blast
Those Beauties that might ever last.
Nor can Imagination guess,
Nor Eloquence Divine express,
How that ungrateful charming Maid,
My purest Passion has betray’d.

The Massive Racial Discrimination In America Against Whites And In Particular Men

By David Duke: The main argument for affirmative action is that institutions should reflect racial percentages of population, if not there must be de facto racial discrimination.
Here is the breakdown of students by race at America’s premier university, Obama’s alma mater, Harvard. Even though non-Jewish White Americans are about 65 percent of the population and are 70 percent of the highest performing students, non-Jewish Whites are only about 20 percent of the Harvard student body.
So what race is really the victim of racial discrimination? For those who are truly dedicated to stopping racial discrimination, what are you going to do about this massive discrimination, or does it not matter to you because White people happen to be the victims?
The massive racial discrimination that goes on in America against Men and White people!

A MESS - Fatherlessness


Four Pillars For A Better Future: Knowledge, Consciousness, Innovation, Local Action - Part 2

By Michael Krieger: My earlier post covered two foundational pillars for creating a better paradigm for humanity, knowledge and consciousness. Knowledge is key because if we don’t know how the world really works and how we’re systemically being preyed upon, there’s no incentive to get to work changing things. Consciousness is also critical, because knowledge without wisdom, thoughtfulness and heightened awareness will simply result in a destructive and counterproductive revolution after which we’ll find ourselves back in the exact same place.
Let’s now move on to exploring one of the avenues by which we can manifest consciousness in the physical reality.
It’s impossible to look at how much the world’s changed since the advent of the internet and social media and not recognize the colossal impact of innovation and technology on how human affairs are conducted. The inescapable impact of technology has led to a split amongst many of us. Some are completely terrified of what’s to come. Robots, AI, driverless cars, crypto assets…it all seems so overwhelming and dystopian to many.
In contrast, there are those who swear technological advancements will invariably lead to a utopia that can free humanity from the drudgery of bullshit jobs and other tedious tasks, allowing us to focus on the higher nature of what makes us human.

Serve Women, Or Else + 'Presumption Of Innocence Is Strictly For Courts'

Is METOO a system deserving your respect and service?

Institutionalized Discrimination Against White Men - Feminist Women Complicit With Identity Politics Goal - White Genocide

By Paul Craig Roberts: In the United States today defense of white people is illegitimate. Identity Politics permits you to say whatever you want to about white people. You can turn white people into untermensch by discriminating against them, teach hatred toward them, demonize them, tear down their historical monuments, and set them up for the gas chambers, but one word in their defense makes you a “white supremacist” like David Duke.
Note that youtube twice tries to discourage you from watching the video.
Here is the complete analysis of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data: http://whitenationalism.com/div/Diversity.html
Note that Harvard’s own reporting on the racial composition of its student body does not report separately on Jews and non-Jewish whites but combines the two into a white representation of 45.1%: https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/harvard-university/student-life/diversity/


Wives Disparaging Husbands With Female Privilege: The Case Of Humayda

Ḥumayda bint Nu‘mān ibn Bashīr (Humayda), who died in 684 GC, was a daughter of a Companion of the Prophet. Humayda was a woman close to the ideal woman of our time: “She was a poet with tongue, contrariness, and evil, and she would satirise her spouses.” She had at least three husbands. In disparaging her third husband, Humayda sounded common notes of female privilege and viciously applied them to abusing him.
Humayda’s third husband was named Fayd. That name literally means in Arabic “overflowing.” It’s typically understood in the sense of generosity. Fayd’s wife Hamayda declared in Arabic poetry:

Your name is Fayd but you overflow with nothing
Save your excrement between door and dwelling
That’s like calling your husband a piece of shit. At least such abuse doesn’t disparage men for their gender disadvantages. However, Humayda also declared in Arabic poetry:

Fayd does not overflow with gifts for us
Rather he is overflowing with loose stool for us

A scowling ill-tempered lion when he sets on us
Yet in wars he is timid of bosom and menstruating

Four Pillars For A Better Future: Knowledge, Consciousness, Innovation, Local Action - Part 1

'What the corporate media does. It ensures people endlessly bicker about all the stuff oligarchs dont really care about.'
By Michael Krieger: For many years now, my message has been that tweaking around the edges of a systemically corrupt and discredited economic and political system is not good enough. Rather, what we need is a full scale, species-wide paradigm shift in the way human affairs are conducted on this planet. No small task I know, which is why this series of posts will zero in on four key areas, or pillars, we need to focus on if we’re to evolve and leave this earth meaningfully better than when we arrived.
Let’s kick things off with the low-hanging fruit, knowledge. This is the area I’ve focused on the longest, and my desire to acquire knowledge and share it is what inspired the creation of this website and my dedication to it in the first place.
In this case, the knowledge I’ve been accumulating relates to how the world around us actually functions, as opposed to how we’re told it functions. Some people inform us we live in a Democracy where our vote matters, but overwhelming evidence and life experience demonstrates this to be total nonsense.

Rape - Part 2 - Case Histories Of False Allegations + Two More False Rape Cases

This isn’t a story of a few rogue cops gone bad, or a crumbling, underfunded criminal justice system overwhelmed by national austerity (though both get blamed daily in courts and the press to cover a wider, more difficult truth).  This is a story of a state funded system designed with political ends in mind to convict those accused of crime, because once a person is charged they must be guilty, if only the Crown can prove it. Solicitor Matthew Graham, 24th January 2018
Purpose and Motivation
In this post I present a set of 146 case histories of false sexual assault allegations and extract data from these example cases. The matter is topical in the media.
On the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme on 18/1/18, the DPP, Alison Saunders, was interviewed about the rash of failures of disclosure in recent rape cases. Sarah Montague opened with the simple direct question, “Is it possible that there are people in prison today because of failures of disclosure by the police and CPS?”. Alison Saunders replied, “I don’t think so because of the safeguards which are in place”. One can immediately assert, with confidence approaching mathematical certainty, that the DPP’s reply was false.