4 Feb 2018

Get Off The Grid Girls

DoctorRandomercam: What's disturbing about all this is its trajectory. We left the slippery slope some time ago, now we're careening without a wingsuit.

Terrorist Jews Murdered Ahmad Ismail Jarrar From Janīn

If Americans Knew: Another Palestinian death the media ignored, this one a young man. Please share this 4-minute video so Ahmad’s death won't be forgotten. To see the Palestinians and Israelis killed since 2000, go to iakn.us/2i9VONR

Hamas Freedom Fighters Warn Attack By Terrorist Worse Than Apartheid Jewish State Israel Will Happen "Within Days"

By Tyler Durden: Next week a significant war drill will be conducted across Israel by Israel Death Forces (IDF) together with the Neo-Con-Artist directed American military, as part of the biennial Juniper Cobra military exercise, which this year will imitate a simultaneous missile attack on Israel from both its northern and southern fronts.
Meanwhile, as Israel prepares for armed conflict, Al Hayat, an Arabic-language London-based newspaper, writes that Hamas' chief Yahya Sinwar has ordered the Gaza-based Islamist militant group on high alert, indicating that war is a “95 percent probability” and it could erupt in hours or within days.
According to Haaretz, Hamas’ chief in Gaza anticipates Israel will use the upcoming military exercises in the south to spark new conflict, and as a result Hamas has started preparing the Gaza Strip for a military incursion by Israel forces:

Sources that have met with Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ political leader in Gaza, say that Palestinian factions believe that Israel will use a training exercise planned on the southern front to open a military operation against Hamas.

‘Release The Memo’ Is A Political Stunt, I Want It Out Anyway

By Michael Krieger: Before I get started, I want to put my cards on the table. I don’t trust Republicans like Devin Nunes for a moment. He doesn’t care about the civil liberties of Americans, and it’s become clear to me the whole “release the memo” thing is largely a political stunt. I’m not claiming there isn’t anything important in there, but rather that they don’t have the best interests of the U.S. citizenry in mind.  Nevertheless, I’m very much in favor of it being released for a variety of reasons.
First, I want to offer a little advice. It’s always tempting to immediately take a side on whatever issue happens to be dominating the news cycle at any given moment, but this is typically a poor decision. One thing I’ve learned over the years is you should always wait at least a few days before coming to any sort of conclusion on most big stories being aggressively hyped by partisan pundits in the media.
From my seat, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are being dishonest about the memo, which makes perfect sense because the vast majority of politicians in Washington D.C. are corrupt liars who pretend to hate each other while consistently passing bipartisan legislation to abuse the American public. If that’s not obvious to you by now, I don’t know what it’ll take.

Hylas And The Nymphs

Those who see ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming – Oscar Wilde
By MRA-UK: Until a few days ago, the above painting by J W Waterhouse hung in the Manchester Art Gallery. No more. It has been replaced by a disorderly collection of post-it notes. This is more like valid art, the gallery appears to think. But not their visitors. Not judging by the contents of said post-it notes.
The 1896 painting depicts an episode from Greek myth, “Hylas and the Nymphs”. The pre-Raphaelite painting usually hangs in a room of 19th century art called ‘In Pursuit of Beauty’.
But Clare Gannaway, the museum’s curator of contemporary art, has called the ‘In Pursuit of Beauty’ collection a cause for “embarrassment.” Gannaway said that recent anti-sexual harassment campaigns such as Time’s Up and #MeToo had an influence on the decision to remove the painting. She said, “For me personally, there is a sense of embarrassment that we haven’t dealt with it sooner. Our attention has been elsewhere.”
She added “it wasn’t about denying the existence of particular artworks.” Hmm.

Mangina Of The Year Awards 2017: Cast Your Votes!

Banality Of Good Part 6: Jewish Power And Identity Politics

By now, we are all Palestinians. Like the Palestinians we aren’t really allowed to dig into the true meaning of our oppression. Our opposition is shaped by the sensitivities of our oppressors.
By Clara S and Gilad Atzmon: Jewish Power and Identity Politics
Clara:   You show how Jewish institutions influence US policies, that it all happens in the open and that the Zionist lobbyists boast about their power. So, are Jews, in fact, controlling the world, just as the Nazis claimed they were?
Gilad: This is another multi layered question for which we must first clarify the terminology. Do the ‘Jews’ (the people) control the world? Absolutely not. But a few segments within the Jewish elite are certainly dominant and vastly over-represented within media, finance, culture, academia, politics, political lobbying, Hollywood and so on.  I elaborate on this volatile topic in my new book ‘Being in Time – A Post Political Manifesto. The book was partially inspired by ‘The Jewish Century’, the monumental text by Yuri Slezkine that attempted to explain what it was within the Jews that made the 20th into their century: What is it about Jews and their culture that made them dominant in the West?  In Being in Time I offer a few of my original ideas. I also attempt to examine some other theories that have been largely rejected, but that I find  helpful.
My study suggests that the Jewish elite is extremely sophisticated as well as gifted.

The Virtue Signal Awards

SugarTits: Can the Grammys outdo the Golden Globes on the Cringe Scale? Enjoy! Love Sugar.T xox

Born In A Man

The Feminist Heist At The BBC

Sargon of Akkad:
It'll cost millions and they aren't even finished.